How To Spend a Weekend in Edinburgh

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland 

Last week we was able to spend the most amazing weekend in Edinburgh!

We have never been to Edinburgh before so we were really excited to see the city. We stayed in the most unique little hotel just round the corner from everywhere we wanted to visit. You can book the Grassmarket hotel here (This is not sponsored, they just looked after us extremely well and we can not recommend them enough).

The Grassmarket area of Edinburgh is made up of beautiful old style streets full of little boutique shops and cafes. 

With only a couple of days to see and do everything we had to make sure that we fitted everything in. We had already booked zoo tickets and our time to go and see the pandas. With Edinburgh zoo being the only zoo in the country lucky enough to have pandas on loan. With this in mind the zoo gets really busy with people visiting. However the pandas are not the only reason that the zoo gets so busy with it having a wide variety of other animals including over 80 penguins of different species. This is something spectacular to see. The zoo also do a penguin parade where they give all of the penguins the opportunity to come out of the enclosure and walk in a parade for everyone to see up close.

However if you are thinking about visiting Edinburgh zoo and seeing the pandas bare in mind that Edinburgh is such a hilly place. I never realised how unfit I was until everywhere that we went in Edinburgh involved walking up giant hills or countless amounts of steps. And if you think that is the worst bit walking down a steep hill is just was bad as the going up.
You can book your Edinburgh zoo tickets here

Having spent such an amazing weekend in Edinburgh we would recommend you visit if you get the chance. With so much to see and explore you will love every minute. 

Lots of Love 
Chloe & Megan

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