NYX lip glosses | Review

As you might know everyone is going crazy for NYX at the moment! And it's no surprise when their lip glosses are this gorgeous. 

We was able to pick up a few of our own to review. The glosses come in liquid suede, butter gloss, intense butter gloss and soft matte lip cream.

The liquid suede glosses are cream lipsticks. Designed to give  matte finish the lipsticks are water proof and long lasting.

The butter gloss ones are super shiny and gorgeous. Although the bottle colours can seem a little daunting because the glosses are so shiny the colour isn't too much. 

And then there are the intense butter glosses. These are exactly the same as the butter glosses but have more of a glossy shine to them.

The soft matte lip creams are neither lipsticks or lip glosses. The creams create a matte, long lasting finish which is claimed to be moisturising for the lips.  

The lipglosses start at £5.00 for a butter gloss, £5.50 for a matte lip cream, £5.50 for an intense butter gloss and £6.50 for a suede cream lipstick.

Our swatches are - 
05 creme brûlée02 eclair | 09 vanilla cream pie | 11 milan | 11 tres le ches | 07 tiramisu  |14 madeline | 15 angel food cake | 06 chocolate crepe | 03 toasted marshmallows | 10 monte carlo | 09 tea and cookies 
Lots of Love 
Chloe & Megan

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Exploring Umag | Croatia

On our recent travels we visited Croatia. This is a country that we have been eager to visit for a while now.

Croatia is located across the water from Italy; next to Slovenia.

Although this was a relaxing break we were eager to explore Croatia and go on an adventure!  

The country is unlike any destination we have been to before; where most hot countries are sandy with very little greenery Croatia is the opposite.

Croatia is made up of lots of greenery and rocky beaches.


Upon exploring we visited Umag town. This is a popular tourist destination for those visiting north Croatia.

The town is full of quirky Croatian shops and bars.

Umag is also still very Croatian- this can be an issue if you do not in fact speak any Croatia! However is great if you would like to experience the real Croatia.

Whilst exploring the town we was able to get a drink in one of the little bars (above on the right); explore lots of the little local shops and purchase a few little gifts.

The harbour was located just behind the town. With pretty Croatian buildings it was picture perfect.

Although this is a private/residential harbour there is also a few boats which offer boat trips.

With Croatia being full of rocky beaches and lots of greenery you are able to catch perfect sunset photos.

Everywhere you look you'll find another rocky area of beach or a quaint Croatian building.

Croatia is such a breathtaking country with insane views and gorgeous scenery!  

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our Croatian adventure and it gave you an insight into the beauty of Croatia!

Happy exploring!

Lots of Love
Chloe & Megan

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Spectrum Brush | Review

When applying make up the most important thing is what you are using to apply it. Using the right brushes and sponges can make your make up look amazing! After all we all want perfect blended contoured skin, don't we?

Spectrum brushes are perfect to achieve your desired make up look. First of all their pink blending sponge. This is perfect for blending any foundation into the skin- your base layer. The sponge is great for blending your foundation and it is so easy to use and doesn't require too much rubbing. This is my favourite spectrum accessorie- a perfect base is key to an amazing contour look. 

The spectrum brow power is also an essential for your make up bag. With 2015 and now 2016 being the years of high definition brows you need an eyebrow accessorie. Spectrums brow power is perfect to tame your brows and prepare them for make up application. Paired with Benefit brow zing you are able to achieve perfect brows. Surely this is something you would like to achieve for your summer look. After all you want to have flawless brows?

The first brush (from the left) B01 in the buff is for buffing your foundation cream or liquid products onto the skin. Due to the shape of the soft bristles foundation can be buffed lightly onto the skin. This brush can be used in conjunction with your blending sponge or A03 so oval you' brush. This brush can be a multitasker, you can also use it to contour. You are able to contour different shades of foundation using the brush. 

The second brush is the C03 flawless finish designed for applying your final powder finish. Due to the shape of the brush bristles being a point it is perfect for a contoured powder finish. You are able to add a darker shade to the hairline and the cheek bones with this one finishing brush. This can be used to create a perfect flawless finishing look!

The C02 contour queen is what the name says for contouring. This is great for contouring around the hair line and your cheek bones. Due to the angling of the brush you are able to get a sharp even tone which looks amazing. This has to be my favourite of all the spectrum brushes. I love how precise it applies your make up and the smoothness of the finish. 

The C04 killer cheek bones is pretty self explanatory. You would use this to apply products where you need to give the appearance of a more defined bone structure. This is perfect for definition under the jaw bone and adding depth to the cheekbones. 

Lots of Love 
Chloe and Megan

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Choc Chip Peanut Butter Energy Balls

My healthy peanut butter energy balls are a great super food snack. With peanut butter being a healthy fat and the oats being a healthy protein. I am obsessed with making these, I am always making a batch to snack on throughout the week. If you love peanut butter and chocolate you will love these. They are super healthy and not too naughty for you, with not much sugar and lots of protein to fuel you. They are perfect if you want a protein packed treat which is easy to whip up, delicious to eat and a lot healthier than a chocolate bar. Hope you love them as much as I do!

The recipe only requires five ingredients however you can swap the flax seeds for chia seeds if you wish and add additional nuts for topping.

Peanut Butter - 114g
Oats - 85g
Honey - 255g
Choc Chip - 20g
Flax Seeds - 43g 

If adding chocolate chips to your peanut butter energy balls try and go for a dark chocolate. This will be better for you than normal chocolate and contains fewer nasties. A lot of people don't like dark chocolate but if you can train yourself to like it you'll soon love it more than normal chocolate. And with the chocolate containing a lot less sugar you can eat more!

Start by adding all of the ingredients to a mixing bowl. You will need to make sure that you mix all of them in really well (you don't want to end up with an energy ball with no chocolate). This may become rather hard when you've added the honey, so don't concentrate too much on making sure everything is mixed perfectly.

It doesn't matter which peanut butter you use it is up to personal preference. In our recipe be prefer to use a smooth peanut butter as we are adding addition seeds and oats to the mixture to create texture. However if you are a huge lover of peanut butter then you might want to try out a crunchy one. This is also the same for the flax seeds if  you want to try something different go ahead.

The mixture should make ten energy balls. When you are happy with how it is mixed divide into five equal helpings and roll into a tidy little ball. This may be rather sticky - but you can always roll the balls with some extra oats before baking. Bake for seven minutes at 200 degrees in the centre of the oven and cool for thirty minutes before you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy making your own choc chip peanut butter energy balls!

Lots of Love
Chloe & Megan

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