NYX lip glosses | Review

As you might know everyone is going crazy for NYX at the moment! And it's no surprise when their lip glosses are this gorgeous. 

We was able to pick up a few of our own to review. The glosses come in liquid suede, butter gloss, intense butter gloss and soft matte lip cream.

The liquid suede glosses are cream lipsticks. Designed to give  matte finish the lipsticks are water proof and long lasting.

The butter gloss ones are super shiny and gorgeous. Although the bottle colours can seem a little daunting because the glosses are so shiny the colour isn't too much. 

And then there are the intense butter glosses. These are exactly the same as the butter glosses but have more of a glossy shine to them.

The soft matte lip creams are neither lipsticks or lip glosses. The creams create a matte, long lasting finish which is claimed to be moisturising for the lips.  

The lipglosses start at £5.00 for a butter gloss, £5.50 for a matte lip cream, £5.50 for an intense butter gloss and £6.50 for a suede cream lipstick.

Our swatches are - 
05 creme brûlée02 eclair | 09 vanilla cream pie | 11 milan | 11 tres le ches | 07 tiramisu  |14 madeline | 15 angel food cake | 06 chocolate crepe | 03 toasted marshmallows | 10 monte carlo | 09 tea and cookies 
Lots of Love 
Chloe & Megan

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