Mac Cinderella Lipstick Review

If you are a lover of Mac lipsticks then I'm sure you have/want a lipstick from the Disney Cinderella collection. Who wouldn't want a pretty princess lipstick?

Like all of Macs lipsticks the Cinderella collection is gorgeous. The collection has just two lipstick shades which are both pretty princess colours of natural, soft pink. 

Quality & Shades: 
The first shade (pictured on the left), the lighter of the two is: Free as a Butterfly. This shade is rather light and quite neutral when applied to the lips, it is a sheer nude shade which will give you the sparkle of a lipgloss without the stickiness. This makes the lipgloss perfect from someone who is not a lover of bright colours but loves a subtly princess look. 

The second shade (pictured on the right) is: Royal Ball. This is the darker shade of the two. This is a pale pink shade with a pearlescent opal frost. Perfect for a subtle yet noticeable lipstick look. With the lipstick achieving a natural sheer look it is perfect to wear for any occasion. 

Both of the lipsticks are perfect for the collection with them having a magical sparkle! 

Compared to the normal Mac packaging it is clear how princessy the Cinderella collection has been made. With the bright yet elegant colours which stand out from normal and the sharp collection name on the side. The pretty packaging is enough to make you fall in love with the lipstick. 

Everyone needs a pretty princess lipstick to add to there collection!

Lots of Love 
Chloe & Megan 

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  1. oh I wish I hand't missed these :( they look so pretty. thank you for your post, just wish I had read it earlier.

    1. They are such lovely lipsticks, thanks for the comment <3


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