Lancôme Travel Palette Review

When traveling the hardest thing to pack has to be your make up. With so many new rules and regulations for what you can take on a flight with you; packing your make up has been made even harder. 

With not enough room to take every piece of make up we own with us we decided the best plan was to find the perfect make up travel palette. This had to be something that included a lot of the make up we would need and would be compact and tidy to take with us in our hand luggage. 

The palette we found to use as our travel palette is Lancôme. The palette consists of two layers filled with make up and a rather large mirror (perfect to apply make up before you land). 

The palette comes in a lancome box and inside is a perfect size black bag for protecting the palette.

The palette itself is very compact which makes it perfect to take along on your travels. With every item of make up having its own little sections. Also with the palette being all black and shiny it looks smart and professional in your handbag wherever you are going. 

You may have also noticed how each item of make up is placed in accordance to the order which you would apply it. This would be your eyeliner, pressed powder & blusher (depending on your current foundation), eyeshadow and finishing with mascara. 

Quality & Shades 
The palette includes a wide selection of neutral eye shadows- perfect for touching up a look or creating a new one. With a wide selection of shades you could even create a smoky eye. 

The top layer also includes a mascara a light blusher and a couple of shades of pressed powders. These are all able to be applied with the brushes or sponge in the second slide out compartment of the palette.

To finish off your make up look the palette includes a silver and brown eye liner. 

With so much included in the palette you are able to create the perfect travel look wherever you are off too. 

Lots of Love 
Chloe & Megan

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