Benefit They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit

Benefit have just released the They're Real Big Sexy Lip Kit. The lipsticks are a all-in-one lipstick and liner. Shaped like a teardrop the lipsticks are two shades each with the liner colour being on the pointy end of the lipstick.

The lipsticks aim to give fuller and sexier lips with just the use of one product.

As always the Benefit packaging is simple and elegant. The lipstick come from the 'they're real' collection which is clear from the identical packaging to the mascara. Silver with white and orange writing in a mascara shaped tube. The lipsticks only vary because of the side of the tube.

The four lipsticks come in a silver tin lined up with the lipstick name next to each one. The tin is small with the lipsticks each fitting into there lipstick shaped slot. With the lipsticks only coming in the set of four there is only the one size tin that you can purchase.

The lipsticks come in a small mascara shaped tube which the lid pops off the top. At the bottom of the tube there is a twist bottom which will push the lipstick up when needed. This is perfect for keeping the lipsticks clean, tidy and easy to use.

Quality & Shades:
The lipsticks come in four shades...

Flame game - this is the orange shade out of the four. The liner is a dark orange and the lipstick a lighter peachy shade. This is perfect for a soft daytime look with the shade being dark but a soft natural shade.

Pink thrills - this is the dark pink shade. With a purple lip liner shade the lipstick is dark and wintery yet at the same time bright, warm and bubbly. With it being such a vibrant colour it can be worn either as a daytime lip colour or a night time shade.

Lusty rose - this is the lighter pink shade. However even though it is lighter the lipstick still comes out rather dark. This is an ideal daytime shade if you are looking for something noticeable and elegant that will last the day.  

Revved up red - this of course is the red of the collection. This is a rich, warm red shade. Ideal for day or night wear. The liner on the lipstick is a slightly darker shade which allows you to get a perfect, tidy outline around the lips.

All four of the lipsticks are true to colour. Benefit have brought them out at just the right time of year with all of the shades being dark winter shades.

The quality of the lipsticks is something to fall in love with straight away! With the lip liner being built in filling in your lips will be the easiest thing in the world. You will find it much easier to apply the lip liner and while you are doing this you can also apply the lipstick. Not only are you saving time by doing both at the same time but you are also creating a dreamy lip look.

By having the liner on each of the lipsticks in a darker shade it is much easier to get a tidy, perfect edge.

The teardrop shape of the lipsticks makes it so much easier for application. The defined point is easy to move around the edge of the lips to achieve your lip liner and the curved edge is perfect for filling in your lips as you go.

The lipstick swatches are perfect to see how the lipsticks apply and the difference in colour between the lipstick and lip liner. However once applying to the lips you will find the colour is much richer and darker.

We hope you love the Benefit they're real big sexy lip kit as much as we do.

You can purchase your own lip kits {here}.

Chloe and Megan

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  1. lovely photos! love the benefit packaging and the shades look super pretty xx

    1. Thanks! The packaging is really cute but the shades are darker than you would expect though xx


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