Anastasia Glow Kit Moonchild Palette

Anastasia glow kit moonchild may be the prettiest highlighter palette ever!

The palette consists of six pretty silver/blue/purple metallic highlighters that can be applied to the face, eyes and body. The highlighters can be used on the face to highlight features - such as cheek bones - on the eyes - to add a little shimmer and on the body - to highlight and contour.


The packaging for Anastasia palettes is all similar - however the moonchild palette is slightly bigger than the other palettes ... this is due to the palette having six highlight shades instead of four.

The palette opens up like a book with all of the highlighter shades on one side. With a magnetic close the powders are all safe inside the palette - with no fear of breaking.

The names of the shades are all written underneath each highlighter... and the names are so pretty!

If you are someone who is not very used to using highlighter then this palette will be your holy grail - it has everything you will need to create your highlighted look. Also with six highlighters in the palette you are able to have a play around and find the perfect highlighter shade for you!

Quality & Shades...

Each of the highlighter shades on the palette are different from each other and can be applied to create different looks. The shades are all extremely pigmented and create a perfect reflect on the skin. Due to the pigmentation of the highlighters you will not require too much product to achieve the perfect look.

The shades are...

Blue Ice - Diamond white with an icy blue reflect 

 Star - A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect

Purple Horseshoe - A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect 

Pink Heart - Pearl white with a pink opal reflect 

 Lucky Clover - A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect 

 Blue Moon - Frozen blue with a silver reflect

We hope you love the moonchild palette as much as we do... and would love to hear your thoughts?

You can purchase your own Anastasia moonchild palette: here.

Love Chloe and Megan

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