L'oreal Pure Clay Face Masks

With the release of Loreal's new pure clay face masks we could not wait to try them out for ourselves. The masks are an addition to the skin care range by L'Oreal. The first masks in the range.

Each of the masks have different aims; this means you can use just the one on your whole face or you could even use all three for different areas of your face.

The masks are: glow mask for brightening and exfoliating; detox mask for detoxifying and clarifying; purity mask for purifying and mattifying.  


The packaging for each of the masks is the same except for the colour of the mask which is shown on the box and in the glass jar inside. The packaging is simple and easy to understand: perfect if you are picking up a mask and you are not quite sure which one you need.

Each of the masks clearly states on the front of the box what they are good for. This makes sure that you pick up the right mask for your skin.

Once out of the box the masks are in a small glass jar with a screw on lid. This keeps the masks in perfect condition in between uses. It also stops the masks from spilling or leaking anywhere.

Quality & texture

Each of the masks is a different texture, this is because of the different aims of each mask:

The glow mask for brightening and exfoliating is full of exfoliating beads which help to remove any dull skin and brighten the face.

The detox mask for detoxifying and clarifying is the richest of the masks. The mask is thick and creamy which makes the mask easy to apply and set really firm.

The purity mask for purifying and mattifying is the thinnest of the masks- perfect for absorbing any excess oil from the face.

The textures of the masks are all perfect for what they are aiming to do. Each has been made to target different areas of the face which can be seen from the different textures of the masks.

All of the masks are good quality and apply to the skin effortlessly. The consistency is easy to use and makes application and removal of the product simple.

Value for money

The masks are extremely good value for money. Each of the masks are the same size and state how they have enough product for 10 applications.

If you are planning on purchasing all three of the masks you would have enough product for more applications. The masks state how you can use them up to 3 times a week however if you are using all three for the areas required then you may not need to apply the masks as often.

You can buy your own pure clay masks here.

We hope you enjoy the masks as much as we do.

Chloe & Megan

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