Winky Lux Flower Balm Lip Stain

The Winky Lux flower balm lip stain may be the most amazing lip product ever!

Unlike other lip products which you can see what colour you are applying, the Winky Lux flower balm is clear with a pretty little flower in the middle...

The flower balms react with the skins pH levels creating a unique pink lip colour for you!


The Winky Lux flower balm lip stains come in a rounded lipstick tube in bright pink and gold - how pretty!

The tubes also have white Winky Lux written down the side (just in case you mix them up with other lipsticks).

Being round the lip stains appear really delicate and pretty... and once you pop the lid off you are amazed by the tiny little flower growing from the bottom of the lipstick.

Quality and Shades...

My favourite thing about the lip stains has to be the scent - coconut! With the lip stains not having a colour and smelling like coconut they are really refreshing and nourishing on the lips.

Also unlike other lipsticks when constantly used the Winky Lux lip stains do not go a squashed shape - yay!

The shades are unique to your skins pH.. however you will get a soft, natural pink colour - which is really pretty.

You can purchase your own Winky Lux flower balm lip stain: here.

We would love to hear your thoughts if you try the lip stains for yourself?

Chloe and Megan

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