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Christmas is our absolute favourite time of year! It is full of pretty decorations and lots of twinkly lights, what's not to love? To get in the christmas mood we wanted to share our festive decorations and homeware that we was able to pick up.

Christmas is all about lights and glitter so what better decoration to get than a light up glitter letter? You are able to get any letter from the alphabet which means you can smell out whatever you wish.

You can get your light up letter decorations: here.

This year our go to shop for Christmas tree decorations is John Lewis who have a large variety of pretty decorations in any colour, shape or size imaginable. With our colour scheme being pink, silver and white we was able to find lots of decorations to go on our tree.

You can get your own little glass soldier tree decoration: here. 

Christmas homeware with cute little penguins or snowflakes is a must have for the festive season. Why not have festive dining ware for your Christmas table?

You can purchase your own cute dining ware for your Christmas table: here

When it comes to baking at christmas time there are lots of places that you can pick up festive cutters and cupcake cases and sprinkles. Basically anything glittery and festive you can think of! 

The cutters we were able to pick up from Lakeland have to be the cutest yet though. Not only are they cutters but they also put an imprint into the cookie you are cutting. They are also double sided, perfect if you want some big cookies and some little. 

If you need some festive cutters for your christmas baking you can get your own: here.

You'll be sure to see our other festive cutters in posts to come!

We hope you are able to find as many pretty decorations as we have! 

You can also read our Simple Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe: here.

Love Chloe and Megan

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  1. All of these items are splendid! I love your festive cutters x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    1. Thank you. The cutters are perfect for any festive baking! x


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