Pick Your Own Pumpkin


When you think of autumn straight away you think of Halloween and autumnal activities such as pumpkin picking. If you have never been pumpkin picking then you need to go! This is something that we had never done before and we soon realised that we had been missing out. Making your way through a field full of pumpkins to find your perfect pumpkin is rather enjoyable.

Finding the biggest pumpkin on the patch can be fun until you try to lift it and realise how heavy a pumpkin can actually be . . .
Upon arrival at the pumpkin patch we was able to pick up our wheelbarrow to fill with all our pumpkins. This is perfect if you are planning on getting lots of pumpkins or want to get the biggest on the patch.
Tip - be careful when lifting the pumpkins, they are heavier than you think.
By picking your own pumpkins you are able to find lots more different and unique pumpkins than you would in a shop. The pumpkin patch that we went to had over 10 different kinds of pumpkins and squashes to choose from. You'll be sure to find something different that you will love.
Paying for your pumpkin . . .

The price of your pumpkin can vary depending on the farm. You may have to pay for the weight of your pumpkin or  just the size.

The farm which we visited only required you to pay for the size of the pumpkin. This was handy as we was choosing our pumpkins as we had a rough idea of how much they each were. The prices varied from £1 for the small pumpkins/squashes and £8 for the large pumpkins that you could barely lift.
We hope you have as much fun pumpkin picking as we did. Did you go for a traditional pumpkin or something different?

Love Chloe and Megan

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A Complete Guide To Rome, Italy


When in Rome . . .

The famous saying which means when in Rome do what the Romans do and go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. With this in mind during our trip to Rome we made sure that we saw all the best sights and experienced everything you need to experience within the city. With so many amazing sights to see and things to do it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and miss things that you will love. Therefore we have put together a guide which will help you choose which sights you want to see and what you want to do while in the city, come and explore . . .
Getting to the city . . .

If you are flying directly to Rome you are able to fly into either of the two airports from London. And if you are flying from somewhere else in Europe you can also use either airport. This is handy if you are flying in from one country and flying out to another. As we was doing this we was able to use both airports during our trip.

Fiumicino Airport - This is the bigger airport of the two with the majority of flights being long-haul by bigger airlines. Although this is the furthest airport from the city centre it also has the best public transport to get to the city. The airport has a train station located inside the airport where you can get a direct train to the centre of the city. In just 30 minutes you are in the city ready to explore.

Ciampino Airport - The smaller of the two airports this is the airport which is used by short haul airlines which fly around Europe. Although this is the closest located airport to the city centre it however is the most awkward to get to. As we was only flying out of this airport we only had to find transportation for one journey. To get from the city to the airport and vice versa you are able to get a bus from the station. This is direct and simple, you don't need to worry about where you are getting off or how to get there. However you will need to get the bus from the main station and the buses leave at certain times so you will need to make sure that you plan what time you need to leave.
Sights to see . . .

Rome is a city full of lots of sights to see and experience. Of course a lot of the sights are well known and probably already on your list of must sees. However during our trip we explored the city to see the best sights and get the best tips to bring to you for your future trip to Rome.

Trevi Fountain: One of the most well known and most spectacular sights within Rome. The famous fountain which is located within the trevi district is one of the most visited sights within the city. The breath-taking fountain sits in a little square which gets filled with people coming to visit. With the white marble architecture and dazzling blue water the fountain may be the prettiest there is.

When visiting the fountain it is a well known tradition to throw in a coin to ensure your return to Rome. This lucky tradition is the perfect way to visit the fountain.

Tip - Visit the fountain early in the morning to avoid busy crowds. You will then get a perfect photo without all the people in it. We recommend sunrise.

Pantheon: This former roman temple is today a church which is open to the public to explore for free. However due to the no entry fee the que for the church can get very long. If this is the case and you don't get to go inside the exterior of the building is still rather impressive. With its impressive pillars and historical looking architecture the building is an impressive sight to see. The square where the pantheon sits is surrounded by little cafes and restaurants where you can eat and admire the view. You can also take a horse drawn carriage for a ride around the square and explore the area.
Vatican City . . .

You are able read all about what to do and see within Vatican City in our post here
Where to eat . . .

Italy is a county with not only amazing sights and experiences but mouth-watering food. With a pizza restaurant on every corner and a gelato parlour wherever you turn you will be spoilt for choice. Near every must see sight is a must see eatery.
Colosseum: The Colosseum is one of the many must see sights within Rome. Being one of the oldest buildings not all of the building still stands today however the remainder is very impressive. Not only from the outside but from the inside.

Read more about the Colosseum on our guide here
Tip - Rome is a VERY busy city. Get to attractions early to avoid queues and people in your photos.
Have you ever visited Rome? What was your favourite sight in the city?

Love Chloe and Megan

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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Colosseum


Italy is well known for its amazing food, stunning architecture and breath-taking landscapes. The capital of Italy, Rome is home to many must see sights and stunning buildings to visit. Among these sights is the famous Colosseum. Known worldwide for its breath-taking architecture and fascinating history the Colosseum has to be top of your list of places to visit when taking a trip to Rome. Situated in the centre of the city the sight is easy to get to regardless of where you are staying or travelling from.

The Colosseum was built in 080AD as a amphitheatre which was used for performances, entertainments and events. With the majority of the Colosseums events being fights of gladiators or wild beasts the inside of the Colosseum is designed for such occasions. This consists of lots of concrete walls at different heights which would have been required to manoeuvre around. Today the interior of the Colosseum remains the same. This can be said for the outside as well apart from the cleaning which was carried out to restore the sight to look as it would when it was built.

You are able to go inside the Colosseum and experience would it would have been like back in the day for yourself.
Come and explore with us . . .
How to get to the Colosseum . . .

As you can see from our photographs the area which the Colosseum is located is very busy with traffic (of course this can be said for a lot of Rome). Although close roads are very helpful if you are planning to travel to the Colosseum by car it can also mean that the area can take longer to get to and parking can be difficult due to the congestion. Therefor it can be a better idea to use public transport which is not affected by busy roads and does not require needing to find a parking space.

Metro: The metro system in Rome is perfect if you need to get around and see all the sights that the city has to offer. With a station located just across from the Colosseum you are able to travel from wherever you are in the city to see the sight.

Walking: Luckily our hotel was only a short 10 minute walk from the Colosseum and with great paths to use it was fast and easy to get to. By walking we was able to overtake all of the cars sitting and waiting to get to the sight and not have to worry about where we was going to park.

Driving: If you are travelling to the Colosseum by car don't be put off by the traffic and congestion. You are able to drive quite close to the sight so it is a great idea if you don't want to walk far. However the only issue you may have is finding somewhere to park. There was spaces at the top of the road near the Colosseum however they were limited, this means more time travelling to find a space elsewhere.
Tip: Pre-book your tickets to go inside the Colosseum, this will save time and money.
Tip: Visiting early will avoid queues and it will not be as busy inside when you are exploring.
Inside the Colosseum . . .

Once you have gone through the process of purchasing, collecting or showing your tickets and you and your possessions have been through security it is time to go inside the Colosseum. At first the inside can seem like a maze, this is due to the magnitude of the building. However once you start exploring you will soon find your way around. If you first make your way out from inside into the open theatre you will be amazed by how big and breath-taking the Colosseum really is.

You are able to walk around the entire outside, except if it is set up for an event. However you are able to walk around on two levels to experience different views of the amphitheatre. This means that you will have to take the stairs inside which are very steep.
Tip: If you take the stairs to the second level you can experience views like above.
Have you ever been to the Colosseum? What would you recommend if we returned?

Love Chloe and Megan

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Mac Lipsticks You Need For Autumn

Autumn is the season to start wearing cosy jumpers and fluffy socks. And with autumn colours of gold, orange, red, purple and brown everywhere your make up should also be perfect for the season. With most of your body covered up with cosy, autumn coloured clothes in preparation for the cold weather your face needs to have autumn make up to stand out. Wearing darker warm lip colours will ensure that your lips are noticeable and breath-taking throughout the season.

We find that Mac lipsticks are perfect if you are looking for long lasting colour which applies effortlessly with a stroke of the wand and remains flawless throughout the day or night. With different finishes to the lipsticks you are bound to find the best consistency to suit your lips. And with endless colours to choose from you will be sure to find a shade to fall in love with . . .

Our must have lipstick shades and lip liners for autumn lips are as follows:
Lip liners . . .

You can't have a perfect autumn make up look if you are not applying your lipstick perfectly. By using a lip liner to outline where you are applying the lipstick you can ensure that you achieve a full, filled lip look. Due to the dark shades of the autumn lipsticks a liner would help to avoid any smudged or untidy edges.You will be able to get a sharp lip look by using a liner before your lipstick. By choosing the perfect shade liner for your lipstick you would not be able to notice the liner but your lips would be perfect with sharp, neat edges. 

Soar: This is the more pink liner of the two which we find perfect for our autumn lipsticks. The Soar liner is the right colour to line your lips before applying Meur or Twig. Due to the pink shade of the liner you are able to use it when you have a softer, more pink lipstick shade. The liner is not only perfect for Meur and Twig but also great for other lipsticks such as the much loved Velvet Teddy. The consistency of the liner allows you to line your lips faintly for lighter lipstick shades or darker for more rich lipstick shades.

You can get your Soar lip liner: here

Whirl: This is the perfect liner if you are wearing a darker lipstick. The liner goes perfectly with the accompanying whirl lipstick which is the same shade. By using the same shade liner you will be able to have perfect lined lips which match perfectly to your lipstick. Like the soar lip liner the consistency of the liner also allows you to line your lips to suite the lipstick shade which you are applying.  

You can get your Whirl lip liner: here
Lipsticks . . . 

Once you have applied your chosen lip liner it is time to apply your lipstick. Hopefully you have already chosen your lipstick as you would have needed to apply the perfect shade to line your lipstick. You would need to match your lip liner and lipstick to ensure that the two shades compliment each other and keep your lips looking amazing throughout the day or night.

Whirl: This is the darkest shade of the three (on the left). With a matte consistency the lipstick applies to the lips effortlessly to leave you with a smooth, consistent shade of colour. The matte consistency ensures that your lips look full and sharp at all times. This is a perfect shade for autumn due to the rich brown shade. The lipstick makes your lips stand out and suites the season perfectly. Although it is a darker shade the colour can be perfect regardless of your skin tone or hair colour.

You can get your Whirl lipstick: here

Twig: This is the medium lipstick shade you need for autumn. Possibly the shade for you if you would like to try a darker, autumnal colour but don't want the darkest shade. The lipstick is very pigmented so still gives your lips that rich pop of colour without the darkness of other shades. This lipstick is a satin consistency; perfect if you love a lipstick which glides on effortlessly and leaves your lips looking silky and nourished.

You can get your Twig lipstick: here

Mehr: Although this is the lightest shade of the three it is still perfect for autumn due to its rich, pigmented colour. The lipstick is a pink shade, however we find it autumnal due to its darker pink shade which allows the lips to look full and rich. This is the perfect lip colour for you this autumn if you prefer a pinker lip colour.

You can get your Mehr lipstick: here
What are your favourite Mac lipsticks for autumn? We would love to hear your recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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Visiting The Smallest Country In The World | Vatican City


Vatican City is the small country located within Rome. Being only 0.44 kilometres squared the country is the smallest in the world. Being so small the country does not have its own airport meaning you will have to travel into the country from Rome. Although small once you are in the country you will not find it small with all the breath-taking buildings and sights to see.

The little country within Rome is known for its many religious sights and home to the Pope! 
(If you are not a religious person do not worry you will be sure to love seeing the sights anyway)
Sights to see . . . 

Everywhere you look within Vatican City there is a new and more amazing building or monument. Although all of the sights are different and unique it can get quite confusing working out which building is which. This is due to the similar colour of the buildings due to the building materials used. If you are like us and seem to get confused about which building is which due to the magnitude of buildings within the city, here is a guide to help you: 

Vatican Museum - The vatican museum is full of the prettiest art paintings and historical ceramic statues and vases. This is the museum which you should visit if you would like to learn more about Vatican City and its history. Through the art work pieces you will be able to learn about important periods of history and the emotions behind the work.

The museum is open to everyone with a valid ticket. These can be purchased online or on the day in the museum. However bare-in-mind that the museum does get very busy and can take a while to enter if you need to que for a ticket. Make sure you also check the website before visiting as opening days and times can change and certain days (the last Sunday of the month) are free entry for everyone. 

Sistine Chapel - This little chapel is one of the most well known and well visited within the world. Constructed in 1483 the historic chapel is painted beautifully by Michelangelo. The chapel is located within the Apostolic Palace which is the official home of the Pope. This is accessible through the Vatican Museum and St Peter's Basilica. If you are entering through the museum you will however have to pay to enter the museum first. It is free to enter St Peter's Basilica and then go inside Sistine Chapel. 

St Peter's Basilica - This is the spectacular domed building located in St Peter's Square. This is an Italian church which is situated within the middle of Vatican City. With free entry the church is a very popular attraction. You are able to go inside the church and then inside Sistine chapel. However due to the church being free to enter it can be busy. During our visit the que was approximately 3 hours long - therefore we did not have the time to go inside, so make sure you get there early. 

Piazza San Pietro (St Peter's Square) - This is the large square outside of St Peter's Basilica. The square is large to hold lots of people when the pope has an appearance and large to offer amazing views of the Basilica - Perfect if you want a breath-taking photo. 
Tip: This stunning staircase can be photographed inside the Vatican Museum. 
Important information . . . 

  • Clothing - due to the country being religious you cannot enter certain buildings with your shoulders/chest and legs/knees out. Make sure you wear suitable clothing which comes below the knees and covers your shoulders/chest. Alternately you can wear a pashmina/scarf across your shoulders/chest when inside. 

  • Pre-booking - if there are certain buildings which you would like to go inside in Vatican City then it would be advised to pre-book. The buildings are very popular and can take quite a while to get into if you need to buy a ticket on the day. Pre-booking will save time and money. 

We would love to know what you thought of Vatican City? Have you visited? 

Love Chloe and Megan 

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How To Get From Nice To Monaco


With Monaco being the second smallest country in the world getting into Monaco can be harder than other countries. There is no airport inside the country therefore the only way to get to Monaco without your own private transport is by using an alternative public transport. If you are travelling from Nice to Monaco then using public transport can be simple. Travelling from Nice to Monaco also enables you to see the pretty French Riviera and the stunning landscape.

Our Nice to Monaco guide should help you find the perfect transport to travel into the country. Transport which is easy to use; affordable and allows you to experience the stunning landscapes and views that France and Monaco have to offer.

Where to get the train from . . .

When travelling from Nice you are able to get the train from multiple stations. This makes the journey simple regardless of where you are travelling from in Nice. With only a few stations in the city you are able to jump on a train at any station to make your way to Monaco. Whether you are staying within Nice and need to get the train from near your hotel or whether you have flown into Nice to head straight to Monaco.

From Nice airport: If you have flown into Nice only because it is the closest airport to get to Monaco then you will want to head to the closest train station to the airport. Unfortunately Nice airport does not have a train station at the airport, therefore you will have to make your way to the closest train station. This is the Nice St Augustin station. Approximately half a mile away you can either walk to the station in about 15 minutes or grab a taxi which takes approximately 10 minutes depending on traffic.

Nice-Ville station: This is the main train station within Nice. Located within the centre of the city it is the easiest station to get to regardless of where you are staying in the city. The station also has frequent trains to go to Monaco throughout the day to suite your travel needs.  
On the train . . .

The train from Nice to Monaco is exactly like getting on a train anywhere else. You purchase your ticket as normal, although the ticket is slightly larger than you would expect. And with your ticket you hop onto the selected train to Monaco. You are able to sit wherever you wish on the train unless you have purchased a first class ticket - you can then sit in the first class area.

Along the way you will stop at a wide variety of stations, however you will know when you have arrived at Monte Carlo station. The station is inside, although with so many lights it is very bright.

Tip: Sit next to the window to see the gorgeous views of France and Monaco.
Once you have arrived in Monte Carlo you will be amazed at how pretty Monte Carlo train station is. Located within the hills as you come up and out of the station you will be welcomed by the most stunning views across Monaco, across the harbour and out to sea.
We would love to know how you got from Nice to Monaco? Did you go on the train?

Love Chloe and Megan

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