How To Look After Your Hair This Winter

Winter hair care is something which is so important to ensure that your hair is looked after so it looks amazing in the summer. All of the products aim to make your hair nourished and silky during the winter. With it being a season which you wear woolly hats and big scarves you also need some products to control any wild hair!

Ogx- Quenched sea mineral moisture shampoo - With the cold weather and the heating drying out your hair having the right shampoo is just what you need. The quenched sea mineral moisture shampoo is aimed at dry hair which is lacking in moisture and needs a little hydration. We find this is perfect to keep our hair soft, silky, hydrated and nourished during the cold months. Online here.

Ogx- Quenched sea mineral moisture conditioner - Once you have washed your hair with the quenched sea mineral moisture shampoo use the corresponding conditioner. This will ensure your hair stays silky soft for longer. Online here.

Loreal Elvive- Sos repairing intensive care conditioner  - This intensive care conditioner is a perfect winter fix for very dry damaged hair. Being a small one use tube of conditioner this is great for a once a week conditioning treatment. We use the conditioner at the end of the week to keep our hair fresh and silky. Online here.

Body shop- Banana shampoo - This shampoo is perfect for shiny hair during the winter. Also smelling of bananas it is such a refreshing scent to get you longing for summer. Online here.

Body shop- Coconut oil hair shine - This hair shine balm is to be used on dry hair to style and smooth away any loose hair. The balm leaves your hair looking shiny and smooth for the day with a gorgeous coconut scent. It is easy to apply to the hair and easy to wash out. Online here.

Tresemme- Deep treatment masque - This conditioner is a weekly treatment which will deeply replenish and restore any damaged hair. Once applied to the ends of the hair you will be able to run your fingers through each strand with ease. Online here.

Tresemme- Heat protection shine spray - This is a must have spray if you intend on using heat treatments on your hair. Use to prevent drying or damaging your hair and to ensure shine. Spray on before using a heat treatment to protect the hair and maintain the shine. Online here.

Ogx- Kukui oil- Anti frizz hydrating oil - This oil can be used on dry hair to calm any frizz and dry ends. Perfect to take in your bag if your wearing a winters hat and want to smooth down your hair once taken off. Online here.

Body shop- Rainforest radiance hair butter - This is a perfect weekly conditioner treatment for the winter months. The radiance hair butter is used as a conditioner to protect the colour and radiance within your hair and deeply condition. Online here.

Body shop- Rainforest radiance Shampoo - This shampoo is also perfect for protecting the colour and radiance of your hair. Online here.

Body shop- Rainforest radiance Conditioner - This is then the radiance conditioner which can be used with the shampoo to maintain radiant hair. Online here.

We hope you find this helpful to keep your hair looking amazing during the winter!

Love Chloe and Megan

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