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Nothing beats a bath with a lush bath bomb on a cold winters day. With lush having so many amazing bath bombs you'll be spoilt for choice. Our favourites compromise of various seasonal and all year round bath bombs that we love. 
Dragons Egg - This may be one of our favourite bath bombs. From the outside it doesn't look the most exciting just being white with speckles of colour but when dropped in water it gets so exciting! Once in water the dragons egg fizzes and bubbles and turns the water an uplifting golden colour - with a citrusy lemon sherbet scent you will be uplifted and energised for the whole day after your morning bath. Online here.

Blackberry - Although blackberry this bath bomb has bergamot and frankincense oil which is great for reducing depression and anxiety. The bath bomb is perfect for relaxation and uplifting your mood. Online here.

Father Christmas may be the most festive bath bomb filling the bath with red water and then green when fizzed to the centre.

Snow angel is in fact a bath melt - but being so pretty and sparkly we couldn't leave it out of our favourites post. White with a gold base the bomb will foam white before leaving your bath with a golden glow. This will treat winter skin leaving your skin feeling soothed and soft.
Think Pink - Not only is this bath bomb so pretty with little flowers in the top once dropped in water you are filled with a pink bath full of little hearts. Vanilla and lavender the bath bomb is calming and relaxing. Online here.

As this is a favourites post there are some bath bombs which are seasonal and you can only buy at certain times of year. Shoot for the stars is a Christmas bath bomb - filling the bath with midnight blue this is a must have bath bomb to get you in the Christmas mood.
Never mind the ballistics is another Christmas bath bomb which you can only purchase around Christmas time. Yellow and pink the bath bomb smells peachy with cocoa butter and banana your skin will be left soft and smooth for the Christmas season.

Intergalactic - This may be the most exciting bath bomb there is. You can probably tell from just looking at it but intergalactic is full of amazing colours. The galaxy bath bomb will turn your bath into the most amazing fragrant colourful galaxy. Online here.

Butterbear is a vanilla scented bath bomb with is aimed to leave you with soft nourished skin. This is the same bomb as Butterball just a different shape - so you can enjoy the bath bomb all year round!
Luxury Christmas pud is the perfect colourful relaxing bath bomb to get you in the Christmas spirit and prepare you for an amazing nights sleep before the big day. With lavender and ylang ylang for relaxation you will be banished of any tension and feel fresh and soothed.

Northern lights is exactly what is sounds like - the pretty northern lights. Filling the bath with the beauty of the night sky. The bomb will lift your spirit with scents of jasmine and ylang ylang.

Sex Bomb - Pretty and pink with a little rose in the top this bath bomb will transform your bath into pink heaven. Aimed to induce relaxation and clear the mind this is perfect if you want a bath to help you relax and send you into a sense of wellbeing. Online here.

Avobath - Although still such a pretty green colour this bath bomb is the perfect bath bomb for dry skin. As the name suggests the bath bomb is made up avocado and olive oil which are perfect for hydrating and nourishing the skin. Once dropped in the bath you will be surrounded by shimmering green water with a heavenly avocado scent. Online here.

We hope your baths are as amazing as ours in the new year!

You can pick up your own bath bombs from Lush: here.

Love Chloe and Megan

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  1. i really enjoyed shoot for the stars - it smelt amazing. sex bomb is my all-time favourite!
    jen | velvet spring

  2. Shoot for the stars smells so good! Sex bomb is good though! x


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