3 Easy Valentines Recipes

These last minute treats we have baked are super easy to make, look perfect for valentines and taste amazing! If you are not a big fan of valentines and don't want to spend lots or want to give something homemade then some valentines baking is just what you need. You can prepare the biscuits and chocolates to give to a partner as a gift or to enjoy together!
White chocolate bark bites

150g white chocolate
sweets of your choice

  • Break up all of the chocolate into small pieces and place in a heatproof bowl. Place the bowl over a saucepan of boiling water to melt the chocolate. Make sure you are stirring continuously.
  • Once the chocolate has melted pour it equally into your silicone moulds.
  • Place all your sweets into the top of the chocolate and place in the fridge to set.
  • Once set peel away your silicone mould and enjoy!

Heart shaped stained glass biscuits

1 clementine
100g unsalted butter
180g plain flour
50g golden caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon milk
12 red boiled sweets

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line two baking trays with baking paper.
  • Finely grate the clementine zest.
  • Place the butter, flour, sugar, clementine zest and cinnamon into a mixing bowl and use your fingers to rub together until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  • Add the milk to the mixture and combine together to make a soft dough.
  • Wrap the dough in clingfilm and place in the fridge to firm up for 30 minutes.
  • Place the red sweets in a sandwich bag and press the air out of the bag. Carefully crush the sweets into small pieces using a rolling pin.
  • Place the dough on a floured surface and roll out 1cm thick. Use a large heart cutter to cut out the shapes and place on the lined baking trays. Then use a smaller heart cutter to cut a heart out of the middle of each biscuit.
  • Sprinkle the sweets to fill the heart window in the middle of the biscuit. You can also use a cocktail stick to make a hole in the top of the biscuit, so you can thread a ribbon through once baked.
  • Bake the biscuits for 12 minutes until golden and the sweets are melted. Leave the biscuits to film before transferring to a wire rack.

Chocolate chip shortbread hearts

175g unsalted butter, softened
85g golden caster sugar
200g plain flour
100g chocolate chips
50g cooking chocolate

  • Mix the softened butter and sugar together in a bowl until combined. Sift in the flour and stir well. Once combined add in the chocolate chips so they are equally spread out.
  • Wrap the mixture in clingfilm and place in the fridge for an hour.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Roll out your dough and cut hearts out. Place the hearts on the baking paper and bake for 10 - 12 minutes until golden.
  • Transfer the biscuits to a wire rack to cool.
  • Once completely cooled melt your cooking chocolate and drizzle over the biscuits.
  • Place the biscuits in the fridge to set for 10 minutes before storing and enjoying!

All 3 recipes are perfect to make as homemade gifts to give to your partner or just to make to eat together on valentines day!

Love Chloe and Megan

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