Valentines Gift Guide For Him & Her

Valentines day has to be the hardest holiday to buy things for, you never know what to buy and how much to buy... 

I think the gifts should depend on what your partner likes after all the holiday is all about love and what better way to show love than getting your partner there favourite things?!
Body shop moringa shower gel - Body shop have the most amazing scents when it comes to there products. What better gift than an amazing smelling shower gel which they can enjoy for a while after valentines day. Online here.

Body shop sell a wide range of shower gels so you can get the perfect scent for your valentine. Our favourite are mango, strawberry, coconut and moringa.
Lush sex bomb - No one can have too many bath bombs. Sex bomb is the perfect valentines gift being pretty and pink with a little flower in the middle. When dropped in water the bath bomb fills the bath with pink water which will help you relax and sooth any worries. Online here.
Perfume is such a personal thing, what you like your partner might not. Therefor you should go for a perfume that you know they love on something with a similar scent which you'll know they'll love. Why not try Chloe Perfume with so many amazing Chloe perfumes to choose from your sure to find the perfect one.

Marc Jacobs Perfume - Any girl would love this just because of the bottles, every perfume bottle is so pretty! Online here.

Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume - Subtle and pretty this little perfume is perfect for your partners handbag! Online here.

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Every girl loves a pretty new lipstick. Online here.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - If your partner is not much of a lipstick person you can always go for pretty eye shadow palette. With so many pretty shades the palette is perfect to create any look. Online here.
Lonely planet ultimate travel list - This is the perfect present for someone who is wanderlust. The book is full of amazing adventures which you can do together. Online here.

Fujifilm instax mini rainbow film - With the purchase of an instant camera you can also pick up some coloured photo paper to take photos on. Online here.

Black instax mini photo album - Once you have lots of instant photos you need somewhere to put them. As they are a lot smaller than other photos a normal photo album would be too big. However you can get a photo album to place all of your instant photos in. Online here.

The Calvin Klein socks and other clothes can be found online here.
Fujifilm instax mini 70 - What better gift than something that keeps giving. A camera is perfect to capture all of your memories throughout the year. With it being an instant camera you are also able to have the photo printed straight away. Online here.
Thorntons chocolates - Personalised chocolate gifts are a must have for valentines. Everyone loves chocolate so personalised chocolate is perfect. Online here.

You can pick up lots of quirky food gifts from Urban Outfitters, from all kinds of kit kat flavours to peppermint oreos.

We hope you found the gift guide helpful to buy your valentines gifts!

Love Chloe and Megan

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