The Violet Voss Ride Or Die Palette

This has been a post which we have been eager to share with you for a while. Ever since we was able to get our Violet Voss Ride of Die palette we have been in love. We are always fans of pretty palettes which offer a variety of shades which is why we love the Ride or Die palette. The palette has every shade you could possible wish for including a few bolder choices such as Amy the vibrant pink shade and Stephanie the bold burnt orange shade. Although we would normally use a different palette depending on the time of year and which shades we desire this palette is perfect for every season. 

With an astonishing forty two eye shadow shades to choose from you will be spoilt for choice whatever the occasion. The palette offers such variety of shades that it is perfect if you want a subtle day time look or a jaw-dropping evening look. 
We found the packaging for the palette to be perfect for our needs. Once opened up the palette has a huge mirror which is perfect for seeing both eyes at the same time. We find that it is easier to get both eyes matching and looking amazing if you can hold your palette and use the mirror attached. Being a big mirror you are also able to ensure that your eye make up is complemented by the rest of your make up look. 

You will also find that unlike other palettes which have cute/quirky names the Violet Voss palette uses names to identify the shades. Straightaway this has you looking for your name on the palette. Unfortunately our names did not make the palette. This also helps you to remember which shades you have used to create your eye shadow look. Each shade is laid out in a perfect square size shape which blends through the colours getting darker one way and lighter the other. 

The packaging allows you to use the palette with ease to chose which shades you desire and blend them gradually to ensure you get the look you are wishing for. The mirror allows easy application and the names assist with the remembering of shades you have used for next time. 
Quality and Shades: 
The shades within the palette are one of the reasons we fell in love with the Violet Voss palette. With such a wide variety of shades which would be perfect for any occasion or season you have a palette which is perfect for all of your eyeshadow needs. Due to having so many shades to chose from you are able to make your choice from shades which offer endless possibilities. Some of the shades can be seen to vary little in colour which is perfect if you have found the shade you love but require it a little lighter or darker for a different occasion. 

The palette is complete with matte, taupe, gold and bronze shades which can be used to create a dazzling eye. Due to the high pigment within the shades the eye shadows are long-lasting and stay looking amazing as you desire. 

The quality of the shades is something which is also perfect within the palette. Each shade is highly pigmented which means you do not require too much to achieve your look. The shadows are also easy to blend together if required. By using a array of eye shadow brushes and a blending brush you are able to have mesmerising eyes which will stay crease-proof throughout the day/night. 
You can pick up your own Violet Voss Ride or Die palette: here.
We would love to hear your thoughts on the palette and any other palette recommendations you may have for us. 

Love Chloe and Megan. 

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  1. It's such a beautiful palette but I know I wouldn't use all the colours! It does sound perfect though! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. It is a lovely palette! Its surprising how many of the shades you end up using when trying out new looks xx


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