Tartelette in Bloom | The Palette That Every Beauty Lover Needs

Recently on a trip to New York we was able to pick up the new tartelette 2 in bloom clay palette. The palette has recently been released for spring with an aim to set your look into bloom before the summer. Due to tarte being an American brand their products are slightly harder to purchase from the UK. However see below for information of where you can get your hands on the tartelette 2 in bloom clay palette. 

The tartelette 2 in bloom clay palette is a must have for your spring to summer eye look. With 12 new shade's - 9 matte and 3 lusters - you will have every shade you will need to create a stunning eye look to welcome in the warm weather. All the shades are warm and highly pigmented to create a breathtaking eye. We find that the palette is perfect for day or night wear with so many shades to choose from - whether you desire a subtle stunning look or a stand out smouldering eye look. With such a wide variety of shades within one palette it has a shade that everyone will love and be able to match together. The majority of the shades are soft warm colours with the addition of some smouldering shades and some glimmer shades to add to your look. 
Packaging - 

The packaging for the palette is simple and stunning. From the outside you are able to identify the palette due to the pink and purple petals and the gold writing. Once opened you are welcomed with a full size mirror on the lid and 12 rectangular shades within the gold palette. The gold allows the colours to stand out and the names of the shades appear underneath in clear black writing. 

The full size mirror is perfect size to see both eyes at the same time to ensure a matching eye look. Due to the simplicity of the palette your attention is drawn to the eye shadow shades. The palette is simple yet has everything you'll need except a brush. However we find that even if a palette comes with a brush we prefer to use our usual favourite brushes. When using the palette we found the shades to be the perfect size to use any brush. They are all well separated so you don't have the risk of any lose shadow powder spreading onto other shades within the palette.

We love how the palette is also a perfect size to take out in your bag to fix your look on the go. This is where the mirror comes in handy. Although we have not found it necessary to touch up our eyes throughout the day we still found that it is perfect size to take with you if you need to get ready somewhere else. Opening with a clasp the palette stays shut with ease unless opened. This stops any damage to the shades and keeps the palette compact and tidy. 
Shades - 

As mentioned the palette consists of 12 shadow shades. This is 9 mattes and 3 lusters. The bloom palette was created to allow an eye look which blooms into the summer. This can be seen within the shades which demonstrate a variety of soft subtle colours and warmer dazzling colours. The variety of shades allows you to build your eye look to create a look you desire. 

The shades are described by tarte as: 
- Charmer (off white)
- Jetsetter (warm taupe)
- Rocker (shimmering taupe)
- Smokeshow (black brown) 
- Flower child (peachy nude)
- Smarty pants (tan)
- Firecracker (bronze copper)
- Activist (dark brown)
- Funny girl (champagne) 
- Sweetheart (peach)
- Rebel (chestnut brown)
- Leader (aubergine)

We found when using the palette that each of the shades go together effortlessly. This enabled us to achieve any look we desire for day or evening. With such a wide variety you are able to easily build apon your look to the smouldering look you wish. Also with the addition of 3 lusters you are able to add a little glimmer and dazzle to your look. This is perfect if you want a showstopper eye but with out the dark smouldering shades. 
Quality - 

Made with Amazonian clay and mineral pigments the shadows are aimed to achieve better, longer and truer wear while ensuring soothed and softened skin.

We found this to be true when apply the shades effortlessly. Being highly pigmented not very much shadow was required to achieve our look. We was also surprised to find out that with so little shadow our eye shadow stayed in place all day/night. This was due to the high pigmentation and the rich texture of the shadows. 

The finish of the shadows is something we find important - we like to them to be matte and evenly blended. This is something that tarte have got spot on, the shadows are perfectly matte and are easily blended to achieve a flawless look. All the the shades apply easily to the lid or the crease making them perfect to achieve any look.

We hope you love the palette as much as we do!

Love Chloe and Megan

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