Guinness Storehouse | Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and as you probably know Ireland are well known for their Guinness. Due to this it would only be right that we visited the Guinness storehouse brewery on our recent visit to Dublin. This city is home to the Guinness storehouse and the brewery where you can go for tours to learn about the beer; learn how it is made and how to pour the perfect pint for yourself.
Getting to the brewery:

Located at St James gate on market street you can get to the brewery by either car, foot, bus or tram.

Car:: We travelled to the brewery by car as we had a courtesy car for the day. This is probably the easiest way to get to the brewery if you are a driver as you can make your own way there. Once there the brewery have their own car park which is easy to find by following the sign posts. This is free for the day. This means no worrying about how long you are taking in the brewery or how much the parking is going to cost you. You will be able to find the car park on crane street which is around the corner from the storehouse entrance. As soon as you are all parked up you can spend as long as you wish learning about the beer inside the experience.

However if you do drive remember you can not drink!!

The brewery is just a short walk around the corner from the car park. When you enter and exit the car park the parking attendant will lift the gate for you so you wont need to worry about how you get in and out for free. As long as you return during the opening hours of the brewery your car will be fine.

Foot:: The storehouse is just a 20 minute walk from the centre of the city by foot. This is a great idea if you are planning to drink while at the experience.

Bus:: This is the quickest way of transport to the storehouse due to the amount of bus lanes in the city. From the centre it is just a short 10 minute journey. You can hop on bus 123 from O'Connell street or from Dame street. Both buses run every 8-10 minutes and take you straight to the storehouse.

Tram:: This may be a little confusing unless you know how to ride the tram. The storehouse does not offer any information about where to get the tram or which one to get on. However they do provide information for the nearest stop to the brewery which is at: St James' Hospital. If you know how to ride the tram and can read the tram map this is the stop you will need to head for. 

You can either pre-book your tickets or pay for tickets upon arrival. When you pre-book you are able to choose your time of arrival, however if you pay upon arrival you may have to wait for your tickets if it is busy.

Tip: Pre-booking tickets can save you time and money.

Pre-booked tickets:: You are able to book tickets for the experience up to 3 months in advance. This would be a great idea if you need a specific date or time to visit the storehouse. The price of the tickets for adults vary depending on the day, time and the advance time of your booking. Starting from €14 each the price can vary by 30% during busy periods.

Upon arrival you can print your tickets from the ticket machines located on your rights as you enter. All you will need to do to print your tickets is know you reference number to put into the machine. Your tickets come with a drinks token on the bottom which you can use during your experience for your complementary drink.

Pre-book your tickets: here.

Buying tickets:: You are able to purchase tickets on the day upon entering the experience. However bare in mind that if you are buying tickets on the day it could be rather busy which could mean a wait for you.

If you are a Guinness lover this is the place for you!

Inside the experience you are able to learn about the process the beer goes through and which ingredients are inside. As you rise through the experience you get to learn more about behind the scenes of the brand and how they have grown. You can see how every aspect of development from the design of the beer barrels to the method of advertising has been vital to achieve where Guinness is today! 
When it comes to the floor for advertising you will find every advert and product that has been used to advertise Guinness since it was established. This is rather impressive to see - you will be speechless by the amount of advertisements Guinness have had!

You can buy souvenirs with these advertisements on in the shop on the ground floor!
Cooperage Café:
Inside the storehouse there is a little café which sells a wide variety of snacks and beverages for a little rest during your tour. You can sit and eat these in the café which provides lots of seating or you can grab a drink to take with you for the rest of the experience.
Photo booths:
The photo booths are where you can take funny pictures of you with previous advertisements. These will then appear on ipads outside for you and everyone else to see.
As you get near the top of the experience you get to start tasting the beer! It is optional to go into the tasting rooms where you are taught about which ingredients are needed to make the beer and why each one is important. You are able to smell each ingredient from different smoke vents within the room.

Upon leaving the room you are given your little taster to take through with you!
Your little Guinness taster (which is about 3 gulps big) is given to you so you can be taught the proper way to drink a pint of Guinness. The accurate way of drinking ensures that you don't end up with a foam moustache!
Time to pour your own pint . . .

Now with your complementary drinks voucher which came with your ticket you can use it to learn to pour the perfect pint. You will need to que up and wait until a bartender is free to teach you. A group of you will be directed to a free bar where you will be taught how to hold the glass; how to hold the handle and where to pour up to in your pint glass.

Each person will get a turn of pouring their pint which is yours to drink!
If you decide not to use your drinks voucher to pour your own pint then you can use it to get your pint in at the gravity bar which is on the top floor of the storehouse. Don't worry if you have used your voucher you can always purchase another pint or another drink of your choice if you don't fancy another pint!
From the gravity bar at the top of the storehouse you can see across Dublin.
We hope this has inspired you to take a trip to Dublin!

Love Chloe and Megan

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18 products you need for your lips this summer

When the weather is so sunny and warm I don't know about you but we don't want to be wearing too much heavy make up. After all how will you tan if your face isn't bare. Although we still go for a little make up to give us that summer glow. We find that a perfect make up product for the summer weather is a lip product. With lips being the finish to any look achieving pretty summer lips is perfect for your summer glow look. It is also a perfect product to use as it is not applied anywhere where you need to tan. Pretty lips for the summer are a must have for us! 

With so many different types of lip products available the hardest decision is choosing the perfect one for you. Do you go for a lipstick or a lipgloss or even a lip crayon? 
Clinique, Nude Pop - Clinique describe their pop lip lipsticks as primers and lipsticks in one. This is due to the high pigmented colour that applies smoothly like a primer. The lipstick glides on effortlessly to leave you with a nourished and hydrated velvet finish which can keep the lips moisturised for 8 hours. We found the lipstick luxurious to apply with just the one gliding stroke to achieve the perfect saturated colour which kept our lips from drying out in the warm weather. This is perfect if you find your lips dry out during the summer and you want to keep them hydrated and moisturised. Purchase yours: here

Urban Decay, Naked - This is one of Urban Decays new cream vice lipsticks. This is described as a creamy badass luxury texture. We couldn't agree more - this is the main reason we love the lipstick for summer. With just the one swipe of lipstick you are left with perfect pigmented lips. Your lips are kept hydrated, soft and conditioned due to the nourishing texture and consistency of the lipstick. Not only does the lipstick stop your lips from feeling dry during the summer but it also looks amazing as a day or night time lip look. Get yours: here
Mac, Honey Love - Described as light beige with rose the Mac lipstick is a matte texture. This is the original matte finish by Mac. We find that matte lipsticks are perfect for the summer to achieve a subtle effortless lip look which is not too uncomfortable for the warm weather. This shade is also perfect as it is a warm tone which adds to your summer glow. Purchase the lipstick: here

Smashbox, Nude Mood - We find this one of our favourite lipsticks for the warm weather. With summer drying out your lips smash box have you covered with this hydrating lipstick that glides on effortlessly. Described as a warm nude cream the lipstick is subtle but stunning. Due to its nude appearance it can be paired with any outfit for any look. Whether you need a lipstick for day or night wear the smashbox nude mood lipstick is perfect for any occasion. We find that the lipstick stays on for long periods of time even during eating or drinking. Get your lipstick: here  

Benefit, Lusty Rose - This lipstick is a go to product if you are looking for something quick, easy and effortless for a flawless summer lip look. The lip product has everything you need due to it being a lipstick and a lip liner in one. This saves you time and still looks like you made all the effort. Due to the teardrop shape of the lipstick you are apply to apply effortlessly to the lips with the lipstick ensuring great coverage of the lips and the liner perfectly defining the lip line. We purchased our lipstick as part of a set where you can try out four of the shades however if you know which shade you love you can purchase individually. Get your 2 in 1 summer must have: here

Mac, Please Me - This has to be the perfect colour for the summer when you haven't got much of a tan. The shade is a muted-rosy-tinted pink which is not too dark that it makes you pale but dark enough that it gives you a touch of colour. Being matte the shade appears subtle and gorgeous for a minimal summer make up look. We find that the lipstick stays on for long periods which is perfect for the summer where you don't want to be touching it up very often. Purchase your lipstick: here
Lime Crime, Bleached - This liquid lipstick is one of Lime Crime's lightest lipstick shades which makes it perfect for summer. The peachy nude shade is soft and subtle for a delicate lip look. Being a liquid lipstick you can apply the product in the morning as a liquid which will then set to offer a velvet matte finish that will last throughout the day. This means no worrying about smudging or touching up after eating or drinking. Purchase yours: here

Tarte, Pillow Talk - Described as a quick dry matte lip paint the liquid lipstick pillow talk is a white nude shade. The lipstick is designed as a liquid lipstick to offer full coverage which is transfer-proof. We found that the lipstick kept our lips soft and nourished while ensuring full coverage with its light weight texture. The lipstick stays on for long periods of time even when eating and drinking without drying out or cracking the lips. Shop the lipstick: here

Anastasia, Blush -This lip product is the perfect lipstick for long lasting colour which you won't need to touch up during the day. The Anastasia liquid lipsticks are designed to deliver a long lasting rich matte colour to the lips. With the lipsticks sponge tip applicator wand you will be able to precisely apply the product for a gorgeous summer lip look. Being a liquid lipstick we find it perfect to apply at the start of a warm day to last without any touching up required. The blush shade is perfect for a soft  summer look - however there are 35 shades to choose from if this is not the shade for you. Purchase your liquid lipstick: here
NYX Lingerie, Baby Doll - This weightless liquid lipstick is designed to offer creamy, irresistible lips with full coverage for a long-lasting look. The lipstick comes in a wide variety of shades to suite any skin tone. Therefore you could go for a lighter shade at the start of summer and change to a richer shade by the end when you have more of a tan. We find the product perfect for keeping our lips hydrated and nourished without drying them out. Pick yours up: here
Mac Ellie Goulding, Goodness Gracious - Although this lip gloss is discontinued by Mac due to it being a limited time collaboration we found that the quality of the lip gloss was breath taking. The shade is a soft pink colour which we find perfect to add a little colour to a summer make up look. You can find the perfect Mac lip gloss for summer: here

Mac Ellie Goulding, Explosion Plushglass - The same breath taking quality as the Goodness Gracious lip gloss this shade is much more subtle. Again from the Ellie Goulding collection it can not be purchased any more however you will find similar shades in the original Mac lip gloss collection: here

Kiko, 02 - These lip crayons are perfect for summer due to how quick and easy they are to use. Due to them being crayons you are able to apply the lip colour all over and line your lips at the same time. The shade 02 is the light sparkly shade. Although it is quite sparkly it is perfect for both day and night due to its subtle colour which highlights the lips. Purchase yours: here

Kiko, 08 - This shade is also perfect for summer due to its soft pink/nude colour. The texture of the crayon is soft and creamy which makes application effortless. The crayon keeps your lips hydrated and nourished throughout the days and stops them drying out in the warm weather. Get yours: here
NYX, Vanilla Cream Pie - This lip gloss is perfect if you are looking for a product which is soft and subtle while keep your lips hydrated and nourished in the warm weather. The lip gloss can be used alone or applied over the top of a lipstick to give it a shiny finish. We find that the lip gloss applies effortlessly and stays on the lips without making them sticky. This shade is a soft pink colour which adds to your summer glow. You can get your lip gloss: here

NYX, Crème Brulee - Light pink this lip gloss is perfect for a subtle pretty lip look for any casual occasion. As it is a light weight lip gloss the sheer coverage applies smoothly to leave you with soft pink/nude lips which last through the day. Shop yours: here

NYX, Fortune Cookie - The lightest of the three shades this lip gloss is perfect for a subtle shine for a natural look. Being such a subtle shade you will find that it is perfect if you are looking for a nourishing and hydrating product to add a little shine to your lips without making them stand out too much. We find this perfect if we are heading somewhere where we don't want to wear heavy make up such as the beach. Shop yours: here
Marc Jacobs, Love Buzz - This has to be the perfect summer lip gloss if you are looking for something that will keep your lips soft, hydrated and nourished. Not only does it keep your lips in perfect condition during the warm weather but it also looks flawless for day and night. Due to the soft tip applicator the gloss glides on effortlessly to offer high pigmented full coverage. The shade appears as a soft pearlised pink colour. We find that due to this colour the lip gloss can be worn for any occasion. The lip gloss is also different from any other we have tried due to its refreshing smell of mint. Purchase your lip gloss: here

We would love to hear about your favourite summer lip products?

Love Chloe and Megan

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Strawberry Picking

With summer finally here and the weather starting to get a lot warmer we decided to do the summery thing of going strawberry picking. As you can only pick strawberries at this time of year it has to be one of the most stereotypical summer things to do. Nothing tastes better than a fresh picked strawberry from a fruit picking farm.

The little farm that we went to grows all kinds of fruit and vegetables to pick all year round. However the type of fruit and vegetables available depend on the season and time of year. When we visited the picking options were strawberries, gooseberries and broad beans.  
The farm that we visited gave you the option of taking your own container or purchasing a new container to pick the fruit. We each purchased a little container with a handle to pick our fruit. Having a container with a handle is so much easier when you are constantly bending down to pick strawberries.  The containers were also super cheap at just 20p each to pick our strawberries and keep at the end.

With a container in one hand and our cameras at the ready we headed through the farm past all of the growing crops to the section of strawberries which we were told were the best. Following the strawberry signs we found ourselves right at the back of the farm, hidden away we came across the little patch of strawberries to pick.
You are allowed to try the strawberries - only a sample though!
Now for the fun bit . . . picking the strawberries!

In between the strawberry plants there is straw where you can walk to find the perfect strawberry. You will need to lift the leafs to find the best strawberries. You can spend as much time as you wish picking the strawberries and filling your container as full as you can.
Once our container was as full as we wished we headed back to the little farm shop to pay for what we had collected. The price depends on the weight of your container. At the farm we visited it was £4.50 per kilogram of strawberries. After being weighed our strawberries came to £2.90 and £3.06 each. Within the shop you can purchase already picked fruit and vegetables; fresh cream from a local farm; jam sugar and ice cream to go with your strawberries.

Once all payed for it is time to enjoy! If you are looking for something to do on a rare sunny day then strawberry picking is where you need to head. I'm sure we will be returning very soon when it is time for raspberry picking.
You can check out the farm where we went strawberry picking: here.

We would love to hear about what fruits and vegetables you love picking!

Love Chloe and Megan

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