Strawberry Picking

With summer finally here and the weather starting to get a lot warmer we decided to do the summery thing of going strawberry picking. As you can only pick strawberries at this time of year it has to be one of the most stereotypical summer things to do. Nothing tastes better than a fresh picked strawberry from a fruit picking farm.

The little farm that we went to grows all kinds of fruit and vegetables to pick all year round. However the type of fruit and vegetables available depend on the season and time of year. When we visited the picking options were strawberries, gooseberries and broad beans.  
The farm that we visited gave you the option of taking your own container or purchasing a new container to pick the fruit. We each purchased a little container with a handle to pick our fruit. Having a container with a handle is so much easier when you are constantly bending down to pick strawberries.  The containers were also super cheap at just 20p each to pick our strawberries and keep at the end.

With a container in one hand and our cameras at the ready we headed through the farm past all of the growing crops to the section of strawberries which we were told were the best. Following the strawberry signs we found ourselves right at the back of the farm, hidden away we came across the little patch of strawberries to pick.
You are allowed to try the strawberries - only a sample though!
Now for the fun bit . . . picking the strawberries!

In between the strawberry plants there is straw where you can walk to find the perfect strawberry. You will need to lift the leafs to find the best strawberries. You can spend as much time as you wish picking the strawberries and filling your container as full as you can.
Once our container was as full as we wished we headed back to the little farm shop to pay for what we had collected. The price depends on the weight of your container. At the farm we visited it was £4.50 per kilogram of strawberries. After being weighed our strawberries came to £2.90 and £3.06 each. Within the shop you can purchase already picked fruit and vegetables; fresh cream from a local farm; jam sugar and ice cream to go with your strawberries.

Once all payed for it is time to enjoy! If you are looking for something to do on a rare sunny day then strawberry picking is where you need to head. I'm sure we will be returning very soon when it is time for raspberry picking.
You can check out the farm where we went strawberry picking: here.

We would love to hear about what fruits and vegetables you love picking!

Love Chloe and Megan

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