Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerrero Highlight Palette

A highlight palette is something that we use to add that little extra glow to our cheeks. And who does highlight palettes better than most ... Anastasia 99% of the time. The brand are known for their breathtaking glow palettes which consist of the most sparkly and gorgeous highlight colours out there. With such a variety of highlight shades within each palette it is no surprise that it is a favourite for many whatever their skin tone. But we're not here to talk about all of the highlight palettes by Anastasia. This is all about the new highlight palette which is inspired by Nicole Guerrero. 

Unlike previous Anastasia highlight palettes the Nicole Guerrero palette consists of 6 gorgeous shades instead of 4. Each shade has been perfectly created to suite a wide variety of skin tones for everyones needs and requirements. Making it perfect to add a warm highlight, a bronzed highlight, a dazzling blush, a breathtaking contour or a subtle glow. 

The palette is perfect for any look you may want to achieve!
The Packaging . . . 

When it comes to packaging Anastasia seem to keep it smart and simple. This is clever and effective to allow their highlight shades to stand out. Due to the light pink colouring of the packaging all of the highlight shades look dazzling and bright. It also allows all of the shades to stand out as they are more bright and glowy than the packing. You are able to notice the darker shades due to their high pigmentation and the lighter shades due to their bright radiant pigmentation. 

The only downside we find to the palette is the fact that it does not have a mirror included to use when applying the highlight. However this is not an issue as we find that if we apply the highlight using a separate mirror we can ensure we are not applying too much or too little highlight when it catches the light. 

Tip:: Use a handheld mirror when applying the highlighter so you can see how it looks when it catches the light. 

The Quality . . . 

We found the quality of the shades to be breathtaking. Due to the high pigmentation of each shade not much product was required to achieve a highlighted look. Using a highlighter brush we found that a small swipe across the powder gave us the perfect amount of highlight for each cheek. The powder applied effortlessly onto the desired area and lasted throughout the day and night. Due to the consistency of the product being a powder it is perfect to apply as a finishing touch to any look on top of any make up. This is due to the application of being brushed onto the skin and not blended. 

Tip:: Use a small highlighter brush to apply with precision. 
The Shades . . . 

As always Anastasia have pulled out all the stops with each shade within the palette. Whether you want a golden, rosy or natural highlight the palette has what you are looking for. Due to the warmth of the shades they can also be applied together to achieve multiple looks. We also found that due to the variety of the shades they can be applied to multiple areas such as the brow bones and inner corners of the eye. 

We find that the forever lit shade is the perfect shade to add a subtle highlight to the brow bone and forever young a perfect shade to add to the corner of the eye. Therefore with the other shades we can apply them to the cheek bones and collar bones to add a highlight of our choice. Due to the golden shade of the highlights you can look bronzed and golden all year round! 
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We would love to hear your thoughts on the palette? Which other Anastasia palettes would you recommend? 

Love Chloe and Megan 

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