Raspberry Picking

With raspberries being ready for picking we thought it was time to go to the farm again for some fruit picking. Its always fun when you are picking a fruit which you can have a sample taste of as you pick. Fresh raspberries may be the best thing you can pick! When picking the raspberries you are able to stand as they are growing upwards, this is perfect to hold your basket and pick the raspberries that look the yummiest. With rows of raspberries to wander down you will have a basket full of the delicious fruit in no time at all. 

It is only just raspberry season so you have plenty of time to go to a farm to pick your own!
While at the farm we decided to get a basket of strawberries as well. From a different patch than before the strawberries we picked this time were even better than before. Picked from the straw rows we was able to fill our basket in no time. Although still fun to pick it is a lot different when you have to bend down and twist them off the plant. 
This time of year is perfect to pick all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Outside of the farm which we visited there is a board which displays which fruit and vegetables you can pick in the farm. This is perfect if you are unsure what you want to pick so you can make your decision before collecting your container. 

We went for raspberries and strawberries!
We hope this inspires you to go fruit and vegetable picking!

Love Chloe and Megan

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