Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

This palette is one that we have been excited to share. As soon as we picked up the palette in Sephora we knew we was going to love it. After all, have you ever seen such a beautiful palette before? Cheek palettes are something that we use everyday, whether it is for a bronze, blush or a sparkly highlight. With the Becca palette having all three powders we have everything we need to create any look we require. Although this is our first time trying a Becca product we have been nothing but astonished and mesmerised by the quality and shades of the powders.

We can already tell that this palette is going to be our go to palette for our cheeks this upcoming autumn. With subtle yet flawless powder shades the palette is perfect to add that glow and shimmer to our cheeks as our tans fade and the colder weather approaches.
Packaging . . .

The packaging for this palette is one of the many things we love. Simple and sleek the packaging is effective and stunning without drawing away attention from the powders themselves. The four powders are positioned as if they would be if they were single powders. By having them positioned individually you are able to choose and dispense the powder you wish without dusting into another powder or mixing the shades. 

Within the palette you also have a full sized mirror. This is a must have for any cheek palette! With a product that you are applying to only a certain area of your face you need to be able to apply it in the best lighting. By having a mirror attached to your product you can find the best light to apply without the need to find another mirror. Also with such a large mirror on the palette you are able to see one side of you face at a time. This is perfect to make sure that you are matching your cheeks to the rest of your look. It is also perfect to see the whole of your face to check where you want to add your highlight. You can move the mirror to see whether you need more highlight or whether there is somewhere you forgot to add that glow. 

The only thing missing from the palette is an applicator brush. However with three different types of powders - blusher, bronzer and highlighter - you will need a different brush to apply each product. 
Shades & Quality . . . 

When it comes to the shades and quality of the powders you will not be disappointed. Each of the shades are highly pigmented and do not require much product for your desired look. The powders are also perfect shades for any skin tone - whether you have a paler complexion and only require a little powder or a darker complexion and want to build on the powders for your perfect glow. 

You will notice that although the powders are all circles the highlight powders are slightly larger. We found this rather convenient as you are sure to use more highlight than bronzer and blusher as you can apply it to more areas of the face. This also demonstrates how pigmented the powders are as the bronzer and blusher are not too big. This is because not much product is required to get that perfect bronze or blush to the cheeks. We found each of the shades to be rather sparkly and perfect for any occasion whether we just need a gentle glow or an evening sparkle. 

Value for money . . . 

When purchasing any palette the chances are you are getting good value for money. After all you are getting more than one product for that one purchase. And although initially the outlay of a palette is probably more expensive than one powder product alone in the long run you are saving by getting all of the powders at once. The Becca palette has three different types of powders to use for different things and due to the type of powder you do not need to use them all at once. This means that your palette is going to last much longer than if you only had the one product to use every time. You are also benefiting from the palette with its big mirror and variety of shade colours for that all important glow. 
We would love to know what you thought of the palette? Are there any other Becca products you would recommend?

You can get your own Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face palette: here

Love Chloe and Megan

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