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As summer is coming to an end and the weather to sunbathe and top up your tan becoming impossible unless you are leaving the UK you will need to keep your summer glow by using a fake tan. A good gradual or instant tan would ensure that your tan remains natural looking and glowing into the autumn months. With so many amazing tans to choose from the only hard decision you will need to make is how dark you would like your tan to be. Whether you want a tan which gives you an instant glow or a tan which you can apply regular to build your colour you need to look no further than St Tropez! St Tropez have a tan to suit your every need and requirement, for already tanned skin or paler skin. 

Although we have always found every St Tropez tan we have used great for coverage, quality and colour we have found each tan be to be perfect for different things. Whether we are looking for a dark colour, a soft glow, a face tan, a body tan or even a tan which is great for different skin types. St Tropez have you covered if you have any of these issues, you just need to find the perfect one for you:
St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion - Although this is a gradual tan the tinted tan initially gives the skin a hint of bronze while building upon the colour to give you a warm sun kissed glow. The lotion consistency allows you to apply the tan in a thin layer all over the body to achieve an even, full coverage. By using a mitt you are able to get the thin consistency of the application and apply the tan in circular motions to ensure that you cover the whole body. The tan is a body tan only due to its gradual developing properties which would not be suitable for the face. After all you don't want your face to keep developing darker, you only want a sun kissed glow to the face. We find that this tan is perfect for all skin types and tones. The tan is perfect if you want to maintain your summer glow without suddenly making it to dark and fake looking. 

The tan can be applied daily or as regular as you wish to maintain the perfect glow. With no fake tan smell and quick drying properties the tan is perfect to use as a quick tan booster. 

You can pick up your own St Tropez Gradual Tan: here
St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion - This tanning lotion is an in shower tanning lotion. Where as most tans require you to not shower for a few hours to avoid the tan running or going streaky this tan is the complete opposite. Using the tan is unlike any other tan: first of all you would need to be in the shower. To start off you would need to wash your body as normal, once all washed you would need to turn off the shower and apply your tan all over with your hands. You can then leave the tan on for 5 minutes before showering off. Due to the almond oil within the tan your skin will be left hydrated and glowing for longer.

Due to the tan also being an in shower tan you can easily fit your tan application into your routine by adding an extra 5 minutes to your daily shower. It is advised to use the tan initially over 3 consecutive days to achieve your initial glow before using it occasionally to maintain your glow. You also won't need to moisturise after your shower due to the tans moisturising properties.

You can pick up your own St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion: here
St Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist - If you want that perfect summer glow without too much effort applying and maintaining then this is the tan for you. This simple, easy to apply bronzing mist will give you a subtle, natural looking glow with minimum effort and maximum results. To achieve this tan all you would need to do is apply the bronzing mist all over the body. Due to how you apply the tan you are able to easily apply all over the body with no streaks. The mist enables you to apply a thin layer of tan which is even and a perfect consistency for your glow.

However if you are using the mist make sure you are applying it somewhere which is suitable for spraying a tan around. Although it is a mist you will still find that it does spray all over the place. We would recommend applying the tan either outside if you are adding to your tan or in a bathroom where the surfaces can be wiped down afterwards.

You can get your own St Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist: here

St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Everyday Mousse - This gradual tan is perfect if you are looking for a tan which can be applied as often as you wish while nourishing and moisturising the skin. The mousse consistency allows you to apply an even, thin layer of tan to the skin to achieve a soft gradual glow. Due to the tan also being a gradual tan you are able to apply the tan daily until you achieve your desired glow. By using a mitt you will be able to apply the tan in circular motions to ensure full coverage. 

You can get your own St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Everyday Mousse: here
St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream - This little gradual tan is for your face only. Although most tans can be used on the face you always have the risk of your face over tanning or turning out streaky and not even. However with this little tan you don't need to worry. You will be left with a perfect soft, golden tan to your face. The tan comes in a light/medium shade which ensures that your face does not tan darker than your body. We find that the tan is easier to apply to the face with your hands so you can ensure complete coverage which may be more difficult with a mitt. If you are applying with your hands however make sure you wash them straightaway afterwards so you don't have tanned palms. 

You can get your own St Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream: here

Top tips . . . 

When applying a gradual or an instant tan you always have the worry that it will end up the wrong colour or won't apply evenly with full coverage. This does depend on the tan which you are using but ultimately comes down to how you are applying the tan and how well you maintain it. If you aren't using the right method to apply that particular tan then you may not get your desired results. Hopefully these tips will help you get that perfect glowing skin: 

  • Exfoliate - this is a well known trick to getting perfect tan coverage. If you are exfoliating any dry skin before applying tan then the tan is less likely to apply blotchy or clustered on dry skin. By applying the tan to an exfoliated skin you are hopefully going to achieve a smooth, even, glowing colour of your desire. 

  • Use a mitt - Of course this is a method you would need to use to make sure that you don't end up with orange/tanned palms. Using a mitt would also ensure that your tan is applied with even coverage across the whole skin area that you are applying to. Using a mitt is also easier than trying to apply different consistency tans with just your hands. You are able to apply just the right amount of product to each area. 

  • Use different tans for different areas - Of course you can normally apply most tans to all areas of the body. However when you can purchase specific tans for certain areas we would highly recommend it. The St Tropez face cream is specifically created to achieve a natural even glow for the face without making it too dark or uneven.

Which is your favourite St Tropez tan? We would love to know if you have any recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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