Mac Lipsticks You Need For Autumn

Autumn is the season to start wearing cosy jumpers and fluffy socks. And with autumn colours of gold, orange, red, purple and brown everywhere your make up should also be perfect for the season. With most of your body covered up with cosy, autumn coloured clothes in preparation for the cold weather your face needs to have autumn make up to stand out. Wearing darker warm lip colours will ensure that your lips are noticeable and breath-taking throughout the season.

We find that Mac lipsticks are perfect if you are looking for long lasting colour which applies effortlessly with a stroke of the wand and remains flawless throughout the day or night. With different finishes to the lipsticks you are bound to find the best consistency to suit your lips. And with endless colours to choose from you will be sure to find a shade to fall in love with . . .

Our must have lipstick shades and lip liners for autumn lips are as follows:
Lip liners . . .

You can't have a perfect autumn make up look if you are not applying your lipstick perfectly. By using a lip liner to outline where you are applying the lipstick you can ensure that you achieve a full, filled lip look. Due to the dark shades of the autumn lipsticks a liner would help to avoid any smudged or untidy edges.You will be able to get a sharp lip look by using a liner before your lipstick. By choosing the perfect shade liner for your lipstick you would not be able to notice the liner but your lips would be perfect with sharp, neat edges. 

Soar: This is the more pink liner of the two which we find perfect for our autumn lipsticks. The Soar liner is the right colour to line your lips before applying Meur or Twig. Due to the pink shade of the liner you are able to use it when you have a softer, more pink lipstick shade. The liner is not only perfect for Meur and Twig but also great for other lipsticks such as the much loved Velvet Teddy. The consistency of the liner allows you to line your lips faintly for lighter lipstick shades or darker for more rich lipstick shades.

You can get your Soar lip liner: here

Whirl: This is the perfect liner if you are wearing a darker lipstick. The liner goes perfectly with the accompanying whirl lipstick which is the same shade. By using the same shade liner you will be able to have perfect lined lips which match perfectly to your lipstick. Like the soar lip liner the consistency of the liner also allows you to line your lips to suite the lipstick shade which you are applying.  

You can get your Whirl lip liner: here
Lipsticks . . . 

Once you have applied your chosen lip liner it is time to apply your lipstick. Hopefully you have already chosen your lipstick as you would have needed to apply the perfect shade to line your lipstick. You would need to match your lip liner and lipstick to ensure that the two shades compliment each other and keep your lips looking amazing throughout the day or night.

Whirl: This is the darkest shade of the three (on the left). With a matte consistency the lipstick applies to the lips effortlessly to leave you with a smooth, consistent shade of colour. The matte consistency ensures that your lips look full and sharp at all times. This is a perfect shade for autumn due to the rich brown shade. The lipstick makes your lips stand out and suites the season perfectly. Although it is a darker shade the colour can be perfect regardless of your skin tone or hair colour.

You can get your Whirl lipstick: here

Twig: This is the medium lipstick shade you need for autumn. Possibly the shade for you if you would like to try a darker, autumnal colour but don't want the darkest shade. The lipstick is very pigmented so still gives your lips that rich pop of colour without the darkness of other shades. This lipstick is a satin consistency; perfect if you love a lipstick which glides on effortlessly and leaves your lips looking silky and nourished.

You can get your Twig lipstick: here

Mehr: Although this is the lightest shade of the three it is still perfect for autumn due to its rich, pigmented colour. The lipstick is a pink shade, however we find it autumnal due to its darker pink shade which allows the lips to look full and rich. This is the perfect lip colour for you this autumn if you prefer a pinker lip colour.

You can get your Mehr lipstick: here
What are your favourite Mac lipsticks for autumn? We would love to hear your recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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