Pick Your Own Pumpkin


When you think of autumn straight away you think of Halloween and autumnal activities such as pumpkin picking. If you have never been pumpkin picking then you need to go! This is something that we had never done before and we soon realised that we had been missing out. Making your way through a field full of pumpkins to find your perfect pumpkin is rather enjoyable.

Finding the biggest pumpkin on the patch can be fun until you try to lift it and realise how heavy a pumpkin can actually be . . .
Upon arrival at the pumpkin patch we was able to pick up our wheelbarrow to fill with all our pumpkins. This is perfect if you are planning on getting lots of pumpkins or want to get the biggest on the patch.
Tip - be careful when lifting the pumpkins, they are heavier than you think.
By picking your own pumpkins you are able to find lots more different and unique pumpkins than you would in a shop. The pumpkin patch that we went to had over 10 different kinds of pumpkins and squashes to choose from. You'll be sure to find something different that you will love.
Paying for your pumpkin . . .

The price of your pumpkin can vary depending on the farm. You may have to pay for the weight of your pumpkin or  just the size.

The farm which we visited only required you to pay for the size of the pumpkin. This was handy as we was choosing our pumpkins as we had a rough idea of how much they each were. The prices varied from £1 for the small pumpkins/squashes and £8 for the large pumpkins that you could barely lift.
We hope you have as much fun pumpkin picking as we did. Did you go for a traditional pumpkin or something different?

Love Chloe and Megan

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