Bonfire Night Banoffee Pie

This has to be one of the easiest recipes to make last minute for bonfire night guaranteed to impress your guests. This recipe only contains 5 simple ingredients! Something to use up your bananas that are going off with a bonfire night twist of toasted marshmallows.
Digestive biscuits
Melted butter
Tin caramel 


Start by breaking up enough digestive biscuits to fill the bottom of your chosen dishes. You can do this by hand or in a food processor.

Next you want to melt your butter a small amount at a time. You don't want to melt too much!
Your aim is to use enough butter to stick the digestives together but not too much that your left with a sloppy mixture. (If this happens just simply add more digestive biscuits till you reach the right consistency)

Now you have your base refrigerate for 30 minutes.

You can now add your banana, We sliced them into small slithers and played them across each other to cover the base. (You want to make this layer between 1-2cm thick)

Then you can open your tinned caramel and give it a quick mix and pour over the top making sure all of the banana is covered.

Last thing to add is the marshmallows. With this step you can add as many as you like. (We added a small pyramid)

Toasting the marshmallows is optional and can be done in the grill oven or with an open flame.
 Tip: Cut the banana when its needed to keep fresh and avoid browning.
Let us know what you thought of this simple recipe and if you are going to be making it this bonfire night?

Love Chloe and Megan

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  1. These look and sound soo nice! Perfect for a bonfire night great. X



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