How to Look after your Skin when you Travel

When it comes to travelling or going away it can be hard to decide which products you need and how much of them you need. Also when changing climate you may not know which products your skin will need. Hopefully this post will help you decide which products to take on your trips, how many you should take and whether you should mix up your skin care routine. 

The first thing you will need to know is how big your products can be. For example if you are going on a city break and only taking hand luggage then you can only take products 100ml big and only a certain amount to fill your liquids bag. This means travel size products and priority products only. Remember you may also need to fit liquid make up and any wash things in your liquid bag. 

Come and look after your skin when you travel . . . 
Luna play - If you like to make sure your skin gets a deep cleanse even when away then the luna play is perfect. This tiny little cleanser enables you to deeply cleanse your face gently and thoroughly to leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. The cleanser has little brush pieces which vibrate when turned on to massage your chosen cleanser deep into the skin. In just one minute your face will be cleansed and refreshed for or after a day exploring. 

Fore night and day cleansers - These night and day cleansers are the cleansers which either come with your luna if you buy a set or you can buy additionally to use with your luna. Of course with a night and a day cleanser you would use both accordingly; as both cleansers are designed to keep your skin refreshed and glowing. Due to using with the luna, you would however not need much product as the vibrations can make the cleanser foam up and thoroughly cleanse the face. 

Caudalie radiance serum - When travelling and changing climates your skin can tend to look dull and lack radiance. You may also find your skin to be dryer than usual with the change in climate, if you are going somewhere hot which your skin is not used to or somewhere cold where you will experience a lot of central heating. By adding a serum into your routine your moisturiser will be more efficient and more beneficial for your skin. We find the caudalie serum perfect regardless of the climate we are going to, due to its silky texture and radiance enhancement. 

Caudalie instant detox mask - This is of course a product that you would not necessarily need with you on every trip. For instance if you are going for a city break for a couple of days then you may not need to use a mask. However if we are going on a longer trip then this is a must have mask for us. Due to it being detoxing the mask is perfect to refresh your skin when going to a new climate. Also the mask is perfect if you have had a diet change and want to detox your skin. 

Caudalie make-up removing cleansing oil - If you are going on a busy travel trip then the last thing you want to be doing is spending lots of time with a cleanser. You want one which is quick and easy to use, yet great for your skin. The caudalie cleansing oil is simple to use and perfect to keep your skin refreshed and nourished. 
Elemis pro-collagen marine cream - For moisturising when away we like to have a moisturiser which is effective and light weight. If we are wearing suncream during the day, or experiencing harsh cold weather we like to make sure that our moisturiser is light weight and soothing. Due to its light texture you do not require a lot of product. 

Elemis fruit active rejuvenating mask - Again if you are away for a short period of time you may not want to take a mask with you. However if you are taking one and want your skin to be radiant and refreshed then this is the mask for you. It also smells great!
Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate - Regardless of whether you are going on a short haul flight or a long haul, your skin can still get dehydrated and tired. By adding this recovery concentrate into your routine before your moisturiser at night you will wake up with glowing radiant and recovered skin. This has to be a must have for all travel as it can have a tiring affect to your skin and the climate change can affect your skins appearance and hydration. 

Glamglow thirsty mud - For additional hydration when away you can add the glamglow mask into your routine. This mask is perfect to give your skin an extra hydrating boost, keep your skin radiant and refresh a tired skin. The little pot is small and convenient to take with you, even if you can only take hand luggage liquids. 
What are your must have travel beauty products? 

Love Chloe and Megan

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