Travel Bucket List

Attend the Holli festival in India
Float in the dead sea 
Visit the Pyramids of Egypt 
See the pretty lights of Amsterdam at night
Go on a safari in Africa
Visit Chi Chi Itza, Mexico
Visit Petra, Jordan
Swim with pigs in the Bahamas 
Visit the Palm Aquarium, Dubai UAE
Island hop in the Philippines 
Go up in the Statue of Liberty, New York
Visit Sydney opera house 
Go to Hong Kong Disneyland
Climb the O2 in London
Scuba dive in the great barrier reef
Cycle along Venice Beach, California
Visit the Fjords, Norway
Road trip through New Zealand
Drive along route 66
Go to rio carnival
Hike to the Hollywood sign, California
See a giant panda
Gamble in a casino in Las Vegas
Witness the northern lights
Try skiing 
See penguins at Boulder beach, South Africa
Celebrate 4th July in America 
Go up the eiffel tower, Paris
See dolphins in the wild
Shop in Macy's and Bloomingdales, New York
Go in a gondola in Venice
Stand on the transparent balcony of Sears tower in Chicago
Go up in a hot air balloon 
Eat Belgium chocolate in Belgium 
Go pumpkin picking
Walk through the tunnel of love in Ukraine
Go to pebble shore lake, Montana, USA
Walk some of the great wall of China 
Go up the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Stay in a white house in Sanatorini, Greece 
Shop along Edinburgh's royal mile 
Ride a tram in San Fransisco 
Eat a bagel in New York
Ride a camel through the dessert
Visit countries on a cruise
Go to London fashion week 
Go on a road trip to pick wild Sunflowers
See the heart shaped island off of Fiji
Visit a Japanese water garden
Visit the walk of fame, Hollywood
Stay in an overwater villa in Maldives
Have cream tea in Devon/Cornwall
Go to Bosnia to see the Stari Most Bridge 
Visit stonehenge 
Take in the views of the Swiss Alps
Experience Times Square at night, New York
Explore Ohrid, Macedonia
Drink Guinness in Ireland
Eat sushi in Japan
Visit Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
See giant pandas in China
Visit the Guinness storehouse, Dublin
Go for a ride in a helicopter 
Explore Galapagos Islands
Walk along the pink beach of Komodo Island, Indonesia
See San Francisco Bridge
Explore Central Park, New York
Go on a Indian safari to see wild Tigers 
Learn to surf in Hawaii 
Experience Niagara Falls
Take a dip in Icelands Blue Lagoon
Visit the canals of Amsterdam
See the architecture of Barcelona 
Go ice skating at summerset house 
See the Hoover Dam, Nevada/ Arizona
See the Berlin Wall
Visit Iguazu falls, Brazil/Argentina 
Climb mount Batur, Bali to watch the sunrise
Go whale watching in Iceland
Experience Top of the Rock during day and night, New York
Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru 
Visit Winterwonderland, Hyde park, London
Walk under Brandenburg gate, Berlin
Visit Easter Island
Go to the Eden Project, Cornwall
Ride a bike in Amsterdam
Explore Havana, Cuba in a classic car
Visit Seven magic mountains, Nevada
Take photos with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Visit Boston in autumn
Visit the Little Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen Denmark
Experience the views from the i360, Brighton
Go sledging in Finland
Explore deserted island in a glass bottom boat
Visit the Grand Canyon, Arizona
Go up the Empire State building, New York
Swim in the thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary 
Visit the ice hotel, Sweden
Ride the train into another country
Visit casino square, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Climb Sydney harbour bridge
Visit 100 countries

We really enjoy crossing things off our bucket list as we explore and experience new things. Let us know of anything we can add!

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  1. Ooo really like the way you did this - always wanted to write up our buketlist, but I wasn't sure how to go about it when updating it!
    Looks like you've done a fair share of your list already! So exciting!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    1. We love this page and it really reminds us how much we still want to achieve! Plus its super fun when we get to cross something else off!
      Thanks for reading!
      Sprinkle of roses

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you we love it!
      Thanks for reading!
      Sprinkle of roses

  3. Awesome list! I absolutely love checking out other's bucket lists. You've inspired me to write my own - lots of these will be on mine too. Looking forward to following your journey as you tick them off. Nikki x

    1. Thank you! Ticking them off is the best thing!xx

  4. Ohh this is such a great idea! Love it! X Larice

    1. We love finding new experiences to tick off our list! xx


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