An evening In Manchester | Christmas Markets!

Location: Manchester, England

It doesn't feel like Christmas is coming until you are wearing a woolly hat at a chilly Christmas market with a mulled wine to warm you up. With twinkly lights everywhere you look and the everlasting smell of cinnamon and all things Christmas!

Manchester markets have to be one of the prettiest Christmas markets in the UK. With lots of stalls scattered around the city and a giant  Santa saying Merry Christmas Manchester - whats not to love? 

The markets are in various locations in the centre of Manchester with a trail to follow so you don't miss a thing!

We fell in love with these pretty star origami decorations

The markets had a pretty decoration wherever you turned, you'll be sure to have a rather festive house after visiting.

It is not a Christmas market without some chocolate... and this stall had everything you could dream of! 

We went for the white chocolate with strawberry pieces and the milk and white chocolate zebra.

You'll even find real Christmas trees...

You'll be able to find a Christmas tree any shape and size you could imagine ... lets just hope you live nearby! 

However if you want something fresh and festive but you have already got your tree this year then why not go for a real wreath to hang on your front door?

The wreaths are all pretty festive colours.

If you love festive food or any other food for that matter then you have come to the right place - you will be sure to find any food your craving! From sweet treats to a festive cheese for your cheese board... Whether you are buying it as a snack, a present or even for Christmas time your sure to find what you are looking for!

Whatever you are looking for - Christmas gifts, lights, decorations, food... you'll be sure to find at the markets! 

We would love to hear what markets you went to this year and where you would recommend. 

Love Chloe and Megan

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Adventure Time | Hiking To Dovedale Stepping Stones

Location: Peak District, England

With it being autumn time and so pretty outside what better way to enjoy the season than go for a hike?

With the Peak District full of pretty trails and paths to hike we headed to dovedale to find the pretty stepping stones which go across the river. Dovedale is located at the bottom of the Peak District near the little village Ilam. The river dove runs alongside dovedale with a little path between the hills to the stepping stones.

When visiting the stepping stones you can park at a variety of different car parks. 

The car park in Ilam is one of the furthest away from the stepping stones but will allow you to see the most on your walk. 

However if you are walking from Ilam be prepared to walk through fields with sheep and cows. 

The walk to the stepping stones is signposted when walking through the fields. 

The path to the stepping stones runs along the side of the river ... 

all you need to do is follow the path to the end... 

The stepping stones are easy to cross - some gaps may however be bigger than others so make sure you look where you are stepping and wear shoes that won't be slippery. 

When across to the other side you can continue your walk following the path up the hill - or walk back down the other side of the river and cross the little bridge on the way back. 

You can follow the same path bath to Ilam through the sheep and cow fields. 

Ilam is home to Ilam park - a national trust house and gardens. The gardens include a pretty little church surrounded by sheep and a house to explore. 

Watch out for the little duck signs near the road... 

Ilam park is a pretty national trust house with beautiful grounds and gardens... 

We hope you enjoy visiting the stepping stones and Ilam park as much as we did! 

Chloe & Megan 

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Bakewell Tarts & Lovelock Bridge

Location: Peak District, England 

Bakewell is famously known for its bakewell tarts and puddings. The little town is located in the middle of the Peak District- 12 miles from the town Buxton. 

Full of quirky little shops, cafes with the original Bakewell tarts and puddings and a love lock bridge full of locks your sure to love the little town. 

The locks are available to buy from a little shop in the town. With lots to choose from- from colourful ones, black and silver. The locks also may have a word or heart engraved already however you are able to have whatever you wish engraved as well. If you don't want the lock engraved you can borrow a sharpie and write what you wish onto the lock.

Once you have your lock it's time to choose where you want to place it... 

The bridge is rather full of locks now, so make sure you remember where you placed it if you ever want to go and visit.

We went for a little gold lock for the bridge and used a sharpie to write our initials. 

Once locked onto the bridge we threw the key into the river... 

With bakewell being the home of the bakewell tart we got a couple to try for ourselves from Bloomers bakery. The shop is full of lots of tasty treats - from pies to tarts.

The original tarts have sprinkled almonds on the top (not a cherry). Eating a Bakewell tart from anywhere else again would not be the same after how delicious the tarts are in bakewell... 

You'll be sure to find lots of ducks waiting for Bakewell tarts along by the river...

If you are near bakewell at anytime make sure to visit ... you are sure to fall in love with the little town. 

Chloe & Megan 

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