Isle Of Wight | Needles and Botanic Gardens

Location: Isle Of Wight, England 

Isle of Wight is one of the many islands surrounding the UK that attracts both tourists and families all year round.

Located at the south of the country the island is only a 45 minute ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Fishbourne. This crossing can be with or without a car - we took a car with us which enabled us to travel around the island. However if you are not taking a car the island is not too big (23 miles from east to west) so you will still be able to get around using public transport.

Whilst we was on the island we was able to visit The Needles - this is an attraction landmark on the island. You can see them in the background (the white points coming out of the ocean) just about!

But we got to go on a chair lift down the cliff which gave us the perfect view of the needles. This is something you have to do if you visit the island. Where else are you going to be able to go down the cliff on a chair lift?

We was also able to visit the botanic gardens on the island. The gardens are home to hundreds of beautiful plants from a variety of countries. With lots of paths to walk around it was easy to get lost among all of the plants and walkways. 

As you can see when you go through the walkways you have no idea where it is going to lead you. The gardens would be perfect if you wanted to have a picnic with so many quirky and unique places to sit. The whole place is like a secret adventure!

Our trip on the island was one big adventure - with so much to see and do your sure to end up somewhere different and exciting from the last place. Although we was able to visit a variety of sites on the island the most amazing experiences were the unique and beautiful landscapes we found. Each area of the island was different and perfect in its own way which made you the experience even more exciting and adventurous!

Lots of Love
Chloe and Megan

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