V Festival Hylands Park

Location: Essex, England 

Hello, hello! This weekend we went to V Festival (virgin festival). The festival is held in two places in the country: Weston park (Staffordshire) and Hylands park (Essex). We attended the Hylands park location. 

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The festival is a family friendly festival made up of music, food, rides and comedy acts. The music performances are spread across four stages with an artist on each at all times. This is perfect to stop everyone going to just the one stage. However if two acts you want to see are on at the same time you will have to choose which one you want to see more. 

You are able to camp over at the park with your own tent if you wish. However if you wish you can go vip and have a tent already put up for you. With so much to see and do it is the perfect summers day/weekend out. 

The day started by finding where to park the car. You are able to buy parking for the festival for either the weekend or just the day. This can be purchased in advance when you get your ticket or on the day when you arrive. 

Parking at the festival is something I would highly recommend. Although there is more public transport put on it is still going to take longer to get to the festival with so many people getting to the festival. 

As soon as you are parked and in the festival there is no need to worry about watching the time to leave later. 

When you are in the festival the first thing you should do is get a performance guide so you know who is on when. These are priced at £10 each at the festival however may vary for different festivals. 

With it being a large festival with multiple stages it can be easy to go to the wrong stage.

Hope you had an amazing time at the festival.

Chloe & Megan 

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