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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Recently we went on a trip to Amsterdam. With the city being the capital of the Netherlands there is lots to see and do! Far too much to be able to fit into our three day visit to the city. The city is full of museums, cafes and lots of pretty canals and sights to see.

With a bucket list full of places to visit and things to see we had a busy three days of adventure... 

You can see our Amsterdam bucket list {here}

How to get to Amsterdam ...

Ferry... if you are to get the ferry you are limited where you can get it from- this also means you will have to make your way to the port and from the port on the other side. 

Ferries from England go from Newcastle, Hull and Harwich. Perfect if you want to take your car with you and visit other destinations within the Netherlands. A ferry however can be very time consuming with it taking from 7 hours to 15 and a half. So if you are only visiting for a few days maybe a ferry isn't for you.

Flying... flying to Amsterdam may be the easiest choice of transport. With most budget airlines flying into Amsterdam you should be able to catch a flight from any airport.

Flying is also the fastest way to get to Amsterdam- with a flight from any London airport taking 35 to 45 minutes. You can find flights by Easyjet and Ryanair.

Train... getting the train is perfect if you would like to visit multiple countries. Departing from London St Pancras to Brussels and then a connection to Amsterdam. The train can take up to 5 hours depending on the connection time. You can find train tickets on Eurostar.

On our adventure we flew into Amsterdam - this was due to it being the quickest transport into the city!

Getting around Amsterdam...

As you can notice from the pictures Amsterdam is full of bikes. The city is known for its number of cyclists on the streets and along the canals. This is because cycling is the fastest way of getting around the city. You are able to hire a bike from multiple places in the city for however long you wish. This is perfect if you would like to see more of the city and go to places you wish to see.

The city is also known for its canals full of canal cruises and boats. With a wide variety of companies offering pick up and drop off canal cruises you are able to get anywhere in the city as long as there is a canal. You are able to purchase day tickets for the cruise companies and hop on and off all over the city. This is perfect if you would like to see a lot of places but cycling is not for you.

As well as the hop on and off canal cruises you can also get the bus. You can buy a day long ticket for this also and hop on and off wherever there is a stop... however with a lot of the roads next to the canals being quite narrow you may not be able to get very close to all of the destinations you may wish to visit.

You can purchase canal and bus tours {here}. 

Day 1 -

Things we did:

- Sightseeing and Drinks by the canal

With Amsterdam being full of history, museums, cafes and lots of other amazing sites you are bound to find something fun around every corner. Walking is the best way to see everything (and you can stop and take lots of pictures on the way).

The streets are full of little cafes and cobbles along the side of the canal where you will find endless rows of bikes and interesting house boats. All of the buildings are tall and narrow lining the canals.

Finding your way around the city is harder than you think - every bridge is similar and every canal looks the same!

Amsterdam is known for its large number of cafes... after sightseeing for the day and the time you spent travelling to Amsterdam you can grab a drink in a canal side café. If your lucky you'll find a café which you can sit on a canal boat and have your drinks.

With Amsterdam being the home of Heineken you'll be able to grab a pint anywhere!

- Home of Heineken

Day 2 - 

Things we did:

- Floating Flower Market and Cycling through Amsterdam

The Netherlands is famous for its tulips. And Amsterdam is the only city which has a floating flower market. The flower market is made up of a wide selection of stalls which run along the canal (accessible from the road). The market is full of tulip bulbs- as it is not the right time of year for fresh tulips; flower market souvenirs and a wide range of pretty flowers.

The flower markets are a place in Amsterdam which you have to experience. Its like a never ending flower shop full of the prettiest flowers with the most amazing smell! The markets have everything you could imagine and more...

You can read more about the flower market {here}.

Amsterdam is full of shops to hire bikes. This is the quickest way to get around the city and perfect if you want to see lots. This may sound like the easiest thing but Amsterdam is extremely busy with bikes and it can be a bit hectic to bike in the busy areas. However once you are out of the busy bit and cycling through vondelpark you will be glad you hired the bike!

- Go for cheese tasting in one of the many cheese shops

Day 3 -

Things we did:

- Canal cruise and Anne Frank house

Amsterdam is known for its canals. With a canal near every destination you would want to visit; a canal cruise is perfect to get around and see lots of the city. You can also take a non stop canal cruise to see different sites that may be further out from the city.

Our canal cruise was a non-stop cruise which lasted 75 minutes. The cruise went through lots of different canals which enabled us to see a wide range of attractions- Anne Frank House, Basiliek van de h Nicolaas church, Sexmuseum Amsterdam, Westerkerk church.

You can choose your canal cruise {here}.

The Anne Frank house is a well known historical attraction in Amsterdam. The house is open to visitors with a ticket from 9am-3pm and open to anyone to que for a ticket 3pm-10pm. However this is easier said than done- the que to buy a ticket into the house can last hours.

You can purchase your tickets two months in advance for the Anne Frank house {here}.

- Cycle through the middle of the Rijksmuseum

- Visit the Anne Frank House

We hope our post is helpful if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam and hope you have an amazing time like us!

Chloe and Megan

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Our Amsterdam Bucket List

With a visit to Amsterdam coming up we wanted to share all the exciting things we have on our bucket list for the amazing city! 

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. The city is known for its historical sights; large number of canals and endless amounts of tulips.

Facts about Amsterdam ... 

The city has 165 canals with 1,281 bridges (thats more than Venice!)

There are approximately 2,500 houseboats in the city - occupied by residents and a few which are available to rent for visitors. 

Amsterdam is the only place which has floating flower markets

There are 881,000 bicycles in Amsterdam (that's more bicycles than there is people)

The city has a total of 75 museums

11,000,000 stilts support the city from the muddy foundations. 

All Amsterdams bike paths combine a total length of 400km. 

100,000 bikes get stolen every year in the city. 

Houses are famously narrow because they used to be taxed on the width of the front. 

Our bucket list ... 

The Anne Frank House - The actual house which Anne and her family spent over two years hiding in during world war two, which has now been converted into a museum open to the public. 

Cycle through the streets of Amsterdam - The city's most popular means of transport is cycling (the city has more bikes than it does people). Most hotels/hostels will offer bike rental so make sure you check with them.

Explore the canals - 165 canals with 1,281 bridges means their are lots of pretty sights to see...

The Sex Museum - With Amsterdam famous for their red light district they of course have a sex museum which contains sex related artefacts. 

Floating Flower Market - The flower market has stalls on houseboats where you will be able to find a wide variety of flowers. From tulips to Christmas trees in December. 

IAmsterdam Letters - An iconic photo destination for those who visit the city. The letters appear in two locations in the city and a third set are displayed for special occasions such as fashion shows. 

Red light district - The red light district is a famous sight in Amsterdam which makes the city well known. It is said to be the safest place in the city. 

Anne Frank statue - The statue is located outside of the Anne Frank museum so when visiting the museum make sure you get a picture of the statue. 

We hope you find our Amsterdam bucket list helpful if you are planning a trip to the city. 

If you have been to Amsterdam we would love to know what you would recommend.

Chloe & Megan

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