Our Amsterdam Bucket List

With a visit to Amsterdam coming up we wanted to share all the exciting things we have on our bucket list for the amazing city! 

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. The city is known for its historical sights; large number of canals and endless amounts of tulips.

Facts about Amsterdam ... 

The city has 165 canals with 1,281 bridges (thats more than Venice!)

There are approximately 2,500 houseboats in the city - occupied by residents and a few which are available to rent for visitors. 

Amsterdam is the only place which has floating flower markets

There are 881,000 bicycles in Amsterdam (that's more bicycles than there is people)

The city has a total of 75 museums

11,000,000 stilts support the city from the muddy foundations. 

All Amsterdams bike paths combine a total length of 400km. 

100,000 bikes get stolen every year in the city. 

Houses are famously narrow because they used to be taxed on the width of the front. 

Our bucket list ... 

The Anne Frank House - The actual house which Anne and her family spent over two years hiding in during world war two, which has now been converted into a museum open to the public. 

Cycle through the streets of Amsterdam - The city's most popular means of transport is cycling (the city has more bikes than it does people). Most hotels/hostels will offer bike rental so make sure you check with them.

Explore the canals - 165 canals with 1,281 bridges means their are lots of pretty sights to see...

The Sex Museum - With Amsterdam famous for their red light district they of course have a sex museum which contains sex related artefacts. 

Floating Flower Market - The flower market has stalls on houseboats where you will be able to find a wide variety of flowers. From tulips to Christmas trees in December. 

IAmsterdam Letters - An iconic photo destination for those who visit the city. The letters appear in two locations in the city and a third set are displayed for special occasions such as fashion shows. 

Red light district - The red light district is a famous sight in Amsterdam which makes the city well known. It is said to be the safest place in the city. 

Anne Frank statue - The statue is located outside of the Anne Frank museum so when visiting the museum make sure you get a picture of the statue. 

We hope you find our Amsterdam bucket list helpful if you are planning a trip to the city. 

If you have been to Amsterdam we would love to know what you would recommend.

Chloe & Megan

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