Bakewell Tarts & Lovelock Bridge

Location: Peak District, England 

Bakewell is famously known for its bakewell tarts and puddings. The little town is located in the middle of the Peak District- 12 miles from the town Buxton. 

Full of quirky little shops, cafes with the original Bakewell tarts and puddings and a love lock bridge full of locks your sure to love the little town. 

The locks are available to buy from a little shop in the town. With lots to choose from- from colourful ones, black and silver. The locks also may have a word or heart engraved already however you are able to have whatever you wish engraved as well. If you don't want the lock engraved you can borrow a sharpie and write what you wish onto the lock.

Once you have your lock it's time to choose where you want to place it... 

The bridge is rather full of locks now, so make sure you remember where you placed it if you ever want to go and visit.

We went for a little gold lock for the bridge and used a sharpie to write our initials. 

Once locked onto the bridge we threw the key into the river... 

With bakewell being the home of the bakewell tart we got a couple to try for ourselves from Bloomers bakery. The shop is full of lots of tasty treats - from pies to tarts.

The original tarts have sprinkled almonds on the top (not a cherry). Eating a Bakewell tart from anywhere else again would not be the same after how delicious the tarts are in bakewell... 

You'll be sure to find lots of ducks waiting for Bakewell tarts along by the river...

If you are near bakewell at anytime make sure to visit ... you are sure to fall in love with the little town. 

Chloe & Megan 

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