Lyme Park, National Trust | Peak District

Location: Peak District, England

While visiting the peak district we was able to visit Lyme park which is a national trust house and gardens.

The house and gardens are open to the public to look round and explore ... come and see what we found ...

Inside the house...

... you will find lots of antiques and pretty furnishings. The furnishings are all original restored pieces which match the age and history of the house - this means you may not be able to touch everything in case of destroying.

However you are able to walk from room to room and explore all the history that the rooms have to offer.

Rose garden ...

The rose garden is full of a wide variety of pretty coloured roses and a quirky little fountain in the middle. The garden is sunken, with stone steps into the garden... 

The gardens are full of lots of paths leading to secret adventures ...

Walking through the gardens you are sure to find lots of pretty plants and statues ...

Italian gardens ...

This is the best part of the house and gardens - its the prettiest!

The gardens are planted differently depending on the time of year. We got to see the gardens planted up for autumn... 

The gardens are full of lots of Italian plants and flowers for the season arranged in a pretty design with a little pond in the middle and statues dotted around.

You can find out more about visiting the house for yourself: here.

You can also read about our visit to Bakewell in the peak district: here.

Chloe and Megan

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  1. This looks so pretty!! :) Definitely want to make a trip there

    Fatima x

    1. It was so pretty! We would recommend a visit!x


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