Up at the O2, London

Location: London, England

Recently we celebrated our 21st birthday! With this being a milestone birthday we wanted to celebrate by doing something fun and out of the ordinary. With this in mind we booked to climb the O2 in London.

Up at the O2 is a guided climb over the roof of the O2 arena. 52 metres above the ground the climb is not for the light-hearted. You are of course attached with a harness so safe at all times but being so high can be slightly daunting. The climb goes up one side of the O2 and down the other side. This is a group climb with a guide who is there to assist you and look after you during your climb.

Outfit . . .
Choosing what to wear on the day was a hard decision. You need something appropriate for the weather but also something which you can easily bend in. It can be rather cold at the top of the O2 so make sure you dress accordingly.

We went for jeans with either a warm jumper or a hoody which would keep our necks warm - you have to have long hair tied up.

For your climb you will be required to wear either a thermal jumpsuit of a body-warmer. The thermal jumpsuit is for the colder weather and the body-warmer when it is not so cold. With it being a mild day for our climb we was able to wear just the body-warmer.

You are also provided with a pair of suitable climbing shoes. These are lace up trainers with good grip so you don't slip during the climb.
Before the climb . . .
Upon arrival you will be required to fill out a form with your details and emergency contact. You'll then get to watch a video explaining all aspects of the climb, what to expect on the climb and how to prepare yourself. 

Now its time to get ready for your climb... you will receive a box to place all of your possessions in - including your shoes.

You can only take a phone, a camera and any medication up with you. You only have the two pockets on your jumpsuit/body-warmer.

To get ready you will receive a jumpsuit/body-warmer, a pair of trainers and a harness which you will need to change into. How to put on your harness would have been explained in the video. Don't worry your guide will make sure your harness is on correctly and safe. Your guide will then attach your clip onto the harness - this is what is attached to the zip-line throughout your climb.
During the climb . . .
To get up to the climb you will need to walk up some stairs. At the start of the climb you will be shown how to move your clip long the zip-line. If you do not hold the clip correctly you will not be able to move. This keeps you safe if you fall at any point.

Before you start to climb its picture time - you'll be able to purchase your pictures at the end.

Its now time to climb! The surface you will be climbing on is bouncy and rather easy to walk on. It also has grips so you can keep steady on the way up.

The climb has different sections which all have a different gradient. You may think that the start is rather steep but it gets steeper on the way down. The gradient is 28 degrees on the way up and 30 degrees on the way down.

Once at the top you will be able to unclip from the zip-line onto the top platform. Here you can take out your cameras and take photos. The platform allows you to see for miles across London. There is also an information plaque the whole way round which indicates what direction each landmark is.

The way down can be a little different - you can walk backwards if you wish. This is better if you have bad knees or ankles as the gradient is rather steep. The path will run straight down to the ground.
At the end . . .
Once you have finished the climb you will  be shown how to remove your harness and receive your personal belongings.
Then to the shop - here you can purchase your photos taken at the beginning and any souvenirs.

You can book your climb: here. 

We hope you have an amazing time climbing the O2.
Let us know how you found it?

Love Chloe and Megan

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  1. This sounds like a really fun experience! I've always been intrigued by it but I am slightly scared of heights. It doesn't look all that steep to climb and looks like you have quite a wide area to walk up. Thanks for sharing your experience
    Jaz xoxo

    1. It was so much fun! It doesn't feel that high when you are up their, you'd love it! xx


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