Top Of The Rock | Sun & Stars Experience

Location: New York, USA

When planning our trip to New York how could we come all this way and not visit Top of the rock.
Top of the rock features unobstructed views of Central park and Manhattans midtown and downtown skyscrapers with an amazing view of the Empire State building. It is the best advantage point to see views across the whole city.
Tickets and added extras-
When we planned our visit to New York we were sure to pre book our tickets to make sure we got to experience going to the top of the Rockefeller centre. The tickets can be purchased on the Top of the rock website here.

When booking your tickets online you are asked to choose a time and date that you will be attending. You can choose any time between 8am - 11pm.

The added extra we chose when booking our tickets was the sun and stars experience. For an extra $15 you can visit top of the rock twice within 24hrs. This way you are able to experience the insane views by day and again by night. 
The experience to the top-
To start your visit to top of the rock you will begin at the entrance which is located on 50th at the side of the Rockefeller centre.

Upon entering the building after showing your tickets at the door you will be welcomed by a giant chandelier 3 storeys high. The chandelier was crafted by swarovski especially for top of the rock and consists of 14,000 crystals. 

After passing though the security you will then make your way through an exhibit which is filled with photos and facts about the creation of the Rockefeller centre and top of the rock. You will then shortly stop in a theatre to view a video about the history of the Rockefeller centre.

The last stop before you reach the top is the sky shuttle. The elevator which takes you 850 feet above street level in less than a minute. Be sure to look up at the glass ceiling where you will see the top of the building coming towards you. 
The view-
There are 3 different levels for you to experience the view which are 67th and 69th which we were able to purchase tickets for. Also you can pay extra to go up to the 70th floor where there is no glass or metal enclosures.

If your lucky enough to have the weather its beautiful to be able to go outside on to a deck 67 floors up and appreciate the view. From up so high you forget your in such a busy city and the traffic and people below are like silent ants going about their everyday lives. 

On each open deck you can pay 50 cents and have a look through the binoculars far in the distance. We didn't get a chance to have a look but we are ever so curious to what you can see from this amazing view point across the city. 
The Rockefeller Centre at night-
Visiting in the day was amazing and we where so lucky to have such good weather but when we arrived back at night it was something else entirely. The tall sky scraper could be seen from blocks away as it was draped in light from top to bottom. 

Surrounding the building where trees completely covered in fairy lights it almost felt like christmas. It was no where near as busy and we could take to the time to appreciate how beautiful it was. There was also an ice rink which is open between October 8th- April 16th.

Love Chloe and Megan

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A Guide To Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island, New York

Location: New York/ Jersey, USA

The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island in New York has to be a highlight from our recent trip to New York. Although New York is full of many amazing sights and landmarks to see, the Statue of Liberty will be sure to take your breath away.

Reachable by ferry the island is a short 10 minutes away. The island itself is rather small and only home to the statue, a gift shop and a café. However the island makes for a perfect day of adventure from climbing the statue to admiring the breath taking views of Manhattan skyline.

To us the statue was mesmerizing, you can not explain the size of the statue when standing below without seeing it for yourself. You are able to walk the whole way around the island and appreciate the views of the statue from below. This can be quite amusing when everyone is taking iconic photographs of themselves with the statue.

Your ticket over to the island will also enable you to get the ferry to Ellis island which is a further 5 minutes away. Here you will find the immigration museum and more amazing views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
Getting to Liberty Island . . .
To get to Liberty Island you will have to get the ferry from Battery Park in the financial district of Manhattan. The best way to get here is by the subway, you will need to get off at south ferry - Whitehall street station which is on the IRT Broadway - Seventh Avenue Line.

If you are getting the subway make sure you are in one of the front five carriages - as these are the only ones which open up in the station - the others are still in the tunnel.  

Once you come out of the station you will be welcomed by staff who are there to assist you with directions and information if required. If you already have your tickets you will be able to get on the ferry a lot faster.

Tickets to visit the Statue Of Liberty can be brought in advance: here. Make sure you book in advance if you would like to go to the crown.

Before you board the ferry ...
Once you have brought your ticket you will need to go through security before getting the ferry. This security is similar to what you will find at the airport.

You will need to remove bags, jackets, cameras, jewellery and belts. Then go through a security machine like the airport. When you go through security you will not be able to take any aerosol sprays through to the island with you.

On the ferry . . .
The ride over to Liberty Island lasts 10 minutes. On the way you will pass the Statue of Liberty and be able to get some amazing photos of the Statue. Each of the ferry's has a unique name on the side - we saw Miss New York and Lady Liberty.

The ferry does get very busy so if you would like a good view make such you are one of the first ones on. There are three viewing levels on the ferry, it doesn't make a difference which level you are on you will still get amazing photos. Just make sure you are not inside or the windows may be too reflective.
As you get closer to the island you will be amazed at how big and breath taking the statue is!

Seeing the Statue of Liberty from the ferry is the best way to see the statue; you will experience the best views.
The Statue of Liberty . . .

When you are on the island you are able to climb the Statue of Liberty. It is advised to pre-book tickets as they sell out fast.

You are able to book two types of tickets:

The pedestal level - this enables you to access the first level within the statue which is positioned just below the green statue.

The crown level - this is the highest level, you are able to climb 354 steps to the crown to admire the views from 1 of the 25 windows.
You are not able to take any rucksacks or big bags up the statue with you. This is due to it being a small viewing area where everyone looks. There are lockers where you can store your things for a few dollars.
Once at the top . . .

Once you are at the top you will be greeted with the most amazing views of Manhattan across the water. Be warned though it can be very windy up here. On the pedestal level you are able to walk the whole way round the capture photos of views in any direction.

Unfortunately we was not able to view from the crown as the crown level was sold out for the next few weeks. However we were told that you could only see out of the 25 windows in the one direction. 
Ellis Island . . .

Your ticket to Liberty Island will also include a ticket to Ellis Island which is 5 minutes away. You can either get off here or continue on the ferry back to Manhattan.

On Ellis Island is the immigration museum. This is where immigrants used to come into New York many years ago. Now the museum contains lots of information about the process and history regarding the centre.  
On  your return to Manhattan don't forget to capture some amazing views of the New York skyline!

We hope you find our guide useful if you are planning a trip to New York.

Love Chloe and Megan

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