The Berlin City Guide

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Upon our return from New York we decided a couple of days in Berlin would be perfect to prevent feeling wanderlust. Being the capital of Germany Berlin has lots of history and sights to see. With the flight from London to Berlin only 1 hour 20 minutes the city was perfect to visit for a couple of days.

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The city is known for its history of the Berlin wall. Dividing the city between 1961 and 1989 the wall was built during the cold war to prevent westerners entering the east. Today parts of the wall still remain in the city. As well as impressive remains of the wall the city also has some amazing buildings and museums to visit. Such as the Brandenburg gate which was once one of the gates which people used to enter the city. 
Getting into the city . . . 

Within Berlin there are two main international airports. From Berlin Schonefeld airport it is 15 miles into the city and from Berlin Tegal airport it is 7 miles into the city. Although both are international Schonefeld airport caters for most budget airlines such as Ryannair  and EasyJet. Due to most flights arriving at Berlin Schonefeld airport the information to get into the city is for this airport to the centre. 

This may be the easiest way to get to Berlin city centre being just 30 minutes between the destinations. The station is located just outside of the airport which is perfect distance to stretch your legs after the flight. You will need to purchase your ticket and validate it at the little machine either next to the ticket machine or on the platform before boarding the train. Tickets are available on a solo journey basis for each trip at a cost of 3 euros 30 each. 

To get the train from the airport to Berlin Alexanderplatz (which is located in the centre of the city) you can get on the RE7 or the RE14 which are both airport express trains. Each train has a maximum of three stops till you reach Berlin Alexanderplatz. 

The taxi ranks for the airport can be found outside of terminal A. Here you will find taxis waiting to take you into the city. You will expect to pay around 45 euros for a single journey to Alexanderplatz. The journey time would be similar to the train at around 30 minutes depending on traffic. 

Hire Car::
Hire cars are available to hire for your trip within the airport. You will find a wide variety of companies offering hire cars with offers and deals available. These companies are located within terminal A for booking your car and then it is a short walk to the car park where you will pick up and return your hire car. 
Sights to see . . . 

Brandenburg Gate:: 
The gate is an 18th century monument within the city which was built during the early Batavian Revolution. It was then used as one of the only gates to separate the east and the west of the city. Today the gate is a popular tourist site due to its stunning appearance and history. The gate is located on the outskirts of the city which means a bit of a walk to see. However you can get a rickshaw or a taxi to see it. Once you are there you can also go for a horse and carriage ride. 

Fernsehturm (tv tower):: 
The fernsehturm is the tv tower located in the centre of Berlin. Built in 1969 the tower was constructed by the government as a symbol of communist power in Berlin. 207 meters high the tower can be seen throughout the city. You are able to go up the tower to experience the 360 degrees views from either the observatory or the restaurant where you can have a drink with a view.

Tickets can be purchased for the Fernsehturm tower here
Alte Nationalgalerie::
The Alte Nationalgalerie is a museum artwork gallery which exhibits artwork from a wide variety of collections such as impressionism. The museum is one of five which make up the Berlin museum island within the city. As you can see you are able to walk around the grounds of the museums and admire the gardens and architecture. 

You can purchase tickets for all of the museums here.
German market::
It was just like visiting at Christmas when we saw that there was a market. The market sold all kinds of things from gifts to food. Although the stalls did not sell Christmas items it felt very Christmassy due to the weather and the Christmas stalls with German foods of biscuits and meats and traditional German clothing and decorative home items. This was perfect to get the Christmas market experience without the need to visit at Christmas time.

Oberbaum bridge:: 
The oberbaum bridge allows the crossing from the east to the west of Berlin. The bridge is known as the most beautiful and most visited in the city. Located next to remains of the Berlin wall it is perfect location to visit both the oberbaum bridge and the east side gallery wall at the same time. The remaining wall comprises of a wide variety of painted murals by professional artists to represent the city's past. 
We hope you love Berlin as much as we did!

Love Chloe and Megan

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Top New York Sights

Location: New York, USA

On your visit to New York there is so much to see and do we thought we would put together this list of places that we think you absolutely shouldn't miss. This list contains a variety of different places. Some are big attractions that you may already know about and some are slightly smaller but still totally unmissable. 
Here we have pin pointed all of the places that you must see when your in New York. On our map while we where visiting we found it supper easy to know where we where heading by marking out the places. 
Brooklyn Bridge - 
Brooklyn bridge is one of them things that you have to see for yourself. It doesn't look like anything too special until you'r walking along it and can see it in all its beauty. It isn't the easiest of places to visit as it's so far out from everything else but its worth the visit. 

The best time to visit would be in the early morning or early evening to avoid the crowds. We visited late morning and although we could walk easily it was quite crowded. Whilst walking along the bridge it is also shared with bikes so you have to be careful to keep to the right hand side. 

At the start of the bridge (Manhattan side) you will find some small stools selling your usual souvenirs at half the price of the gift shops. 
Seaglass Carousel -
Before we visited New York we didn't know about this really unusual carousel. It is located at the bottom of Manhattan in Battery park. The carousel is made up of all different colours of sea glass and is unlike any other you have ever seen.
The tickets to ride the carousel are $5 and its sure to be a hit with the children.
You can visit their website to find out the opening times Here.
Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island - 
We had such a fun day visiting the Statue of liberty. The whole experience is one that we will never forget. We defiantly recommend visiting on your visit to New York.

The statue liberty may be at the bottom of the Islands but its worth the trip down to the bottom. You are best to buy your tickets online first as it does get pretty booked up and you don't want to miss out. We thought that it was quite big until we where standing next to lady liberty herself and you can see how huge she really is.

You can also visit Ellis Island which was huge when we got off of the boat. There are buildings all over the Island full of museums containing facts, photos and artefacts from when this Island was used as an immigration centre.

You can buy your tickets online Here.
Charging Bull - 
In the whole of the city this must seem like one of the smallest things to mention but you really do have to see it for yourself. If your already planning a visit to the Statue of liberty it won't be to far out of your way to walk up the road and see this famous statue. 
We luckily managed to get a shot of this without anyone hanging onto its horns. People where also rubbing it for good luck. 
9/11 Memorial - 
The 9/11 memorial ground zero is a part of the city that we wanted to visit to pay our respects.The picture does not do it justice just how large each pool is. Around the edge you can read the names of each person who tragically lost their lives and its a lovely tribute to the sad event that rocked the whole city. 
Top Of The Rock - 
We loved Top of the Rock. We would say if you're visiting and want to go up somewhere to get that amazing view then this is the building to visit. With a view Uptown and Downtown the views are breathtaking and unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

We have wrote up a whole post about our experience and the sun and stars add on which is totally worth the extra money.
You can check out our post for more info Here.
Also visit their website to purchase your tickets in advance Here.
St Patricks Cathedral - 
Were not normally ones to visit churches but when we read that this was supposed to be a spectacular church we had to pay it a visit on our root. The outside is huge, by far one of the biggest churches we had ever seen and we suppose it has to be big to fit in with all the skyscrapers of the city. 

Inside the church it could seat hundreds of people and the ceiling was spectacular. You don't have to stay for a service but it was amazing just popping our heads inside for a quick look at the architecture. 
Lincoln Centre -
The Lincoln centre is home to Dance, Music, Opera and Theatre. We didn't watch anything on your visit but one hotel was close by that we go the chance to have a walk over and see it for ourselves. In the grounds there are several buildings to explore and a couple of places to eat swell as a fountain which is lit up at night. 

Visit their website to book tickets Here.
Grand Central Station - 
Grand Central station will probably already be on your list but it was even bigger and even better then we thought it was going to be. The ceiling was beautifully painted with massive windows and a giant american flag. 

Even if your not getting a train have a pop there just to see what it's really like for yourself. Downstairs you will find toilets and eating areas. 
Macys - 
If your trip to New York includes shopping then Macys should be top of your list. The worlds largest store and we can see why. This is like a shopping heaven where you can buy anything you want they have it all. From your top designer brands to the macys own gift/souvenir shop.

Visit their website to check out what you want before you arrive Here.
Empire State Building - 
Visiting the Empire State building is an experience that we will never forget. The Empire State building offers amazing unobstructed views of Downtown Manhattan and in the other direction you can see the Chrysler building. Its also a great way to see the Flatiron building. 

Visit their website to pre book your tickets Here.
You can also check out what colour it is going to be for the upcoming month and view previous colours Here.
Bethesda Terrance and Fountain - 
If you're a Gossip Girl fan like us you may have seen this before. Because of Gossip Girl we was so excited to visit and see for ourselves. 

This terrace was absolutely beautiful and the fountain equally as pretty. In the better weather you can sit and relax on the edge of the fountain seating or take the wait off your feet on the steps of the terrace and admit the views. Its worth a walk to see this in Central park and by far our favourite thing to see.

Have a look at our post on 'Exploring central park' to see what else we loved in Central park Here.
Roosevelt Island Tram-
This was something that we didn't know much about and was excited to see what it was like. To get from Manhattan upper east side over to Roosevelt Island it only took about 8 minutes. The tram itself was quite large and held a big crowd of people with a few seats each end and the rest was standing room.

Over on Roosevelt Island you forget your in New York as it's so peaceful and a very relaxing place to visit. We didn't see and shops so it would be best to take your own food and drink. 
There was a little information shop which also sold some small souvenirs. 

If you have a subway card you can use it to ride the tram for free. If not, it's only a couple of dollars. 
Times Square-
When we first visited Times Square on our trip it was during the day and it was amazing but nothing until we returned at night and we saw all of the lights and people everywhere. At night is when it was truly magical and nothing like we've ever seen before. 
For your first time visit Times Square we would recommend going at night, it like it comes to life when its dark. 

Although we loved Times Square we enjoyed shopping at other locations due to the crowds. We love Sephora but the one located in Times Square was just too busy to move let alone look around.
Trump Towers -
We visited this last minute and the inside was insane. After going through security you are greeted by a waterfall 5 floors high. The whole buildings interior is the most gold you have ever seen and mirrors everywhere. 

Its worth a visit to see it for yourself.
Friends Building-
Probably not on everyones list but it was on ours. It may just be a building but its a building thats been on everyones screens and we was so excited to finally see it. When we arrived to see it you could straight away tell which building it was with the crowd of people standing looking up at it and taking photos. 
If you're a 'Friends' fan just like us you have to see it while your in New York.

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Love Chloe and Megan

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Central Park Guide

Location: New York, USA

Central park in New York must be one of the best know parks in the world. After all it has featured in over 350 films. 
Two and a half miles long and half a mile wide the park is home to 843 acres of land. This is a landscaped park which took 15 years to design and create. Within the park you will find lawns, sculptures, bridges, rocks, play parks, baseball courts and lakes. 
About Central park-
The park contains 58 miles worth of paths which can make it easy to loose your bearings. When exploring the park we would look at what we where heading for so we knew what direction to walk towards. 

If you wanted a rest from all that walking though you will never be far from a bench, so you will easily be able to find one of the 9000 to sit on. We also found when walking around that the benches where all positioned in beautiful spots so you would always have a nice view. 
Central park contains a total of 36 beautiful bridges; every one we found was different. The bridges where used for a mixture of rickshaw, horse and carriage and some where just for walking. 

Rickshaws and horse drawn carriage-
If you don't have much time or want to see a lot of the park a rickshaw or horse and carriage are a great way to get around. 
Some of the horse and carriages can seat up to 6 people and they range in colour size and shape. If the weather isn't too good or you are visiting in winter you can have the roof pulled up and a blanket is provided for your legs. 

For a cheaper option you have the rickshaws which can take you all around the park. These can seat 2 people comfortably and they are peddled by a single person who is able to give you a tour and tell you anything you wish to know. 
In the wetter weather some of theses have little roofs and can provide a blanket so you can still enjoy this experience.  The price of going for a ride around central park on one of these varies on each one and can range from £3 up per minute but you may be able to barter a deal to a specific location you want to get to. 
Bethesda terrace and fountain-
This has to be our favourite section of the park. We couldn't wait to visit this after seeing it in films and on tv like gossip girl. 
The terrace is really beautiful and then when you walk inside you are blown away. The ceiling consists of the most amazing blue and cream tiles which are lit up with subtle lighting. 

The fountain is huge and equally as beautiful with a huge angel on the top and cherubs around the sides. We visited when it had been emptied but it was still very impressive. We would love to see if when its full and running with water lilies. 
Central park boathouse-
At the boathouse you can rent a rowboat; hire a venetian gondola or dine with views overlooking the lake.
Rowboats - Can be hired for $15 per hour and $4 for each additional 15 minutes. ($20 cash deposit). Each boat can hold up to 4 people and life jackets can be provided. 
Venetian gondola - The gondola tours are weather permitting and can be hired for $45 per half hour. They can seat up to 6 people and are a great way to spend some time relaxing on the lake without having to do any of the hard work. 

The boathouse also contains a Restaurant, Outside bar and Cafe. (For the opening times visit Here.)

You can visit the website for the Boathouse Here.
Strawberry fields-
Strawberry fields is a memorial to the singer-songwriter John Lennon. This section of central park was named after John Lennon's favourite some "Strawberry fields forever".

We couldn't wait to visit this well known part of the park and see it for ourselves. It was quiet busy so we would recommend going either early in the morning or early evening to miss the crowds.

The location of Strawberry fields is west side between 71st and 74th street.
Central park in spring-
It really was beautiful to visit central park in spring when it was full of vibrant spring flowers and all the trees where growing fresh green leafs. Throughout all we could smell was the flowers and along with the beautiful weather it really felt like it was nearly summer.
We loved central park at this time and would love to visit again in the other seasons. 
We truly had the best time exploring Central park. It is like no other and every direction you walk in you will always find something different to see or do. When your right in the centre of the park you can forget that your in such a huge city and thats what we loved about it so much. How you can go from the busiest of crowds in times square to you own space in Central park.

We really hope you have as much fun exploring as we did!

Love Chloe and Megan

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