The Berlin City Guide

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Upon our return from New York we decided a couple of days in Berlin would be perfect to prevent feeling wanderlust. Being the capital of Germany Berlin has lots of history and sights to see. With the flight from London to Berlin only 1 hour 20 minutes the city was perfect to visit for a couple of days.

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The city is known for its history of the Berlin wall. Dividing the city between 1961 and 1989 the wall was built during the cold war to prevent westerners entering the east. Today parts of the wall still remain in the city. As well as impressive remains of the wall the city also has some amazing buildings and museums to visit. Such as the Brandenburg gate which was once one of the gates which people used to enter the city. 
Getting into the city . . . 

Within Berlin there are two main international airports. From Berlin Schonefeld airport it is 15 miles into the city and from Berlin Tegal airport it is 7 miles into the city. Although both are international Schonefeld airport caters for most budget airlines such as Ryannair  and EasyJet. Due to most flights arriving at Berlin Schonefeld airport the information to get into the city is for this airport to the centre. 

This may be the easiest way to get to Berlin city centre being just 30 minutes between the destinations. The station is located just outside of the airport which is perfect distance to stretch your legs after the flight. You will need to purchase your ticket and validate it at the little machine either next to the ticket machine or on the platform before boarding the train. Tickets are available on a solo journey basis for each trip at a cost of 3 euros 30 each. 

To get the train from the airport to Berlin Alexanderplatz (which is located in the centre of the city) you can get on the RE7 or the RE14 which are both airport express trains. Each train has a maximum of three stops till you reach Berlin Alexanderplatz. 

The taxi ranks for the airport can be found outside of terminal A. Here you will find taxis waiting to take you into the city. You will expect to pay around 45 euros for a single journey to Alexanderplatz. The journey time would be similar to the train at around 30 minutes depending on traffic. 

Hire Car::
Hire cars are available to hire for your trip within the airport. You will find a wide variety of companies offering hire cars with offers and deals available. These companies are located within terminal A for booking your car and then it is a short walk to the car park where you will pick up and return your hire car. 
Sights to see . . . 

Brandenburg Gate:: 
The gate is an 18th century monument within the city which was built during the early Batavian Revolution. It was then used as one of the only gates to separate the east and the west of the city. Today the gate is a popular tourist site due to its stunning appearance and history. The gate is located on the outskirts of the city which means a bit of a walk to see. However you can get a rickshaw or a taxi to see it. Once you are there you can also go for a horse and carriage ride. 

Fernsehturm (tv tower):: 
The fernsehturm is the tv tower located in the centre of Berlin. Built in 1969 the tower was constructed by the government as a symbol of communist power in Berlin. 207 meters high the tower can be seen throughout the city. You are able to go up the tower to experience the 360 degrees views from either the observatory or the restaurant where you can have a drink with a view.

Tickets can be purchased for the Fernsehturm tower here
Alte Nationalgalerie::
The Alte Nationalgalerie is a museum artwork gallery which exhibits artwork from a wide variety of collections such as impressionism. The museum is one of five which make up the Berlin museum island within the city. As you can see you are able to walk around the grounds of the museums and admire the gardens and architecture. 

You can purchase tickets for all of the museums here.
German market::
It was just like visiting at Christmas when we saw that there was a market. The market sold all kinds of things from gifts to food. Although the stalls did not sell Christmas items it felt very Christmassy due to the weather and the Christmas stalls with German foods of biscuits and meats and traditional German clothing and decorative home items. This was perfect to get the Christmas market experience without the need to visit at Christmas time.

Oberbaum bridge:: 
The oberbaum bridge allows the crossing from the east to the west of Berlin. The bridge is known as the most beautiful and most visited in the city. Located next to remains of the Berlin wall it is perfect location to visit both the oberbaum bridge and the east side gallery wall at the same time. The remaining wall comprises of a wide variety of painted murals by professional artists to represent the city's past. 
We hope you love Berlin as much as we did!

Love Chloe and Megan

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