Central Park Guide

Location: New York, USA

Central park in New York must be one of the best know parks in the world. After all it has featured in over 350 films. 
Two and a half miles long and half a mile wide the park is home to 843 acres of land. This is a landscaped park which took 15 years to design and create. Within the park you will find lawns, sculptures, bridges, rocks, play parks, baseball courts and lakes. 
About Central park-
The park contains 58 miles worth of paths which can make it easy to loose your bearings. When exploring the park we would look at what we where heading for so we knew what direction to walk towards. 

If you wanted a rest from all that walking though you will never be far from a bench, so you will easily be able to find one of the 9000 to sit on. We also found when walking around that the benches where all positioned in beautiful spots so you would always have a nice view. 
Central park contains a total of 36 beautiful bridges; every one we found was different. The bridges where used for a mixture of rickshaw, horse and carriage and some where just for walking. 

Rickshaws and horse drawn carriage-
If you don't have much time or want to see a lot of the park a rickshaw or horse and carriage are a great way to get around. 
Some of the horse and carriages can seat up to 6 people and they range in colour size and shape. If the weather isn't too good or you are visiting in winter you can have the roof pulled up and a blanket is provided for your legs. 

For a cheaper option you have the rickshaws which can take you all around the park. These can seat 2 people comfortably and they are peddled by a single person who is able to give you a tour and tell you anything you wish to know. 
In the wetter weather some of theses have little roofs and can provide a blanket so you can still enjoy this experience.  The price of going for a ride around central park on one of these varies on each one and can range from £3 up per minute but you may be able to barter a deal to a specific location you want to get to. 
Bethesda terrace and fountain-
This has to be our favourite section of the park. We couldn't wait to visit this after seeing it in films and on tv like gossip girl. 
The terrace is really beautiful and then when you walk inside you are blown away. The ceiling consists of the most amazing blue and cream tiles which are lit up with subtle lighting. 

The fountain is huge and equally as beautiful with a huge angel on the top and cherubs around the sides. We visited when it had been emptied but it was still very impressive. We would love to see if when its full and running with water lilies. 
Central park boathouse-
At the boathouse you can rent a rowboat; hire a venetian gondola or dine with views overlooking the lake.
Rowboats - Can be hired for $15 per hour and $4 for each additional 15 minutes. ($20 cash deposit). Each boat can hold up to 4 people and life jackets can be provided. 
Venetian gondola - The gondola tours are weather permitting and can be hired for $45 per half hour. They can seat up to 6 people and are a great way to spend some time relaxing on the lake without having to do any of the hard work. 

The boathouse also contains a Restaurant, Outside bar and Cafe. (For the opening times visit Here.)

You can visit the website for the Boathouse Here.
Strawberry fields-
Strawberry fields is a memorial to the singer-songwriter John Lennon. This section of central park was named after John Lennon's favourite some "Strawberry fields forever".

We couldn't wait to visit this well known part of the park and see it for ourselves. It was quiet busy so we would recommend going either early in the morning or early evening to miss the crowds.

The location of Strawberry fields is west side between 71st and 74th street.
Central park in spring-
It really was beautiful to visit central park in spring when it was full of vibrant spring flowers and all the trees where growing fresh green leafs. Throughout all we could smell was the flowers and along with the beautiful weather it really felt like it was nearly summer.
We loved central park at this time and would love to visit again in the other seasons. 
We truly had the best time exploring Central park. It is like no other and every direction you walk in you will always find something different to see or do. When your right in the centre of the park you can forget that your in such a huge city and thats what we loved about it so much. How you can go from the busiest of crowds in times square to you own space in Central park.

We really hope you have as much fun exploring as we did!

Love Chloe and Megan

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