A Mini Food Guide For Brighton

Location: Brighton, England 

Before arriving in Brighton we had no idea how many amazing food places there were. If you are a foodie when it comes to exploring then Brighton is the place for you! Whether it is chocolate, cakes, ice cream or even cronuts you are after Brighton has it all! We always find that the best way to explore a place is by eating our way round. This was perfect in Brighton where there was a new more exciting food place everywhere we turned. Upon your visit you will soon find that Brighton is the best place to get lost and stumble across quirky ice cream parlours and hidden cake shops.

With a big city centre and a pretty stone beach the city's food offerings are perfect if your spending a day shopping or a day at the beach. The food offerings are so vast that you are bound to find something you love whatever the weather or craving!
As it was such a lovely sunny day when we visited Brighton our first food place had to be an ice cream parlour. Being a seaside city you are able to find ice cream parlours everywhere. However if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and want to taste some new amazing flavours then you need to head to Boho Gelato

1. Boho Gelato
The ice cream parlour offers at least 24 flavours at one time with a total of more than 150 in total. With two shops within the city you are bound to stumble across one to get yourself a delicious gelato. Both shops are located within the centre and are perfect walking distance from the beach. Although if you are planning to eat your ice cream on the beach then we would suggest getting your ice cream in a tub as it melts rather fast in the sunshine.

You can purchase your ice cream in either a tub, a cone or a chocolate cone. These come with 1, 2 or 3 scoops of ice cream of your choice. We went for 1 scoop in a tub - as you can see these scoops are rather large! ... and the flavours we chose were sea salt caramel and pink lemonade.

You can learn more about Boho Gelato: here.
Tip:: if its a nice sunny day you should take your ice cream to the beach.
2. Choccywoccydoodah
In case you hadn't already guessed choccywoccydoodah is a chocolate shop. The shop sells all kinds of chocolate gifts and food items within their gift shop and their café. Located within the lanes the little chocolate shop is hidden away down a little pathway. Painted black on the outside you are not prepared for what is inside. As soon as you enter you are left speechless by the dark red walls and the abundance of chocolate in every direction.

Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton is the first of two stores. The other choccywoccydoodah store is located within London. After how amazing we found the Brighton store the London one is definitely on our bucket list.

You can learn more about choccywoccydoodah: here.
We only purchased small chocolate bars due to it being such a hot day which would cause them to melt.

3. Dum Dum Donutterie
This was the most exciting of all the food places we visited while in Brighton - probably because it was unlike anything we have eaten before. The doughnut shop sells mini and normal size doughnuts, pastries and cronuts. Cronuts are a combination of doughnut and croissant mixed together. Although each item looked amazing we both went for different cronuts - after all we had never seen or had one before.

Displayed in a glass counter each of the treats look amazing. With clear names and an explanation of the doughnut filling the choice is pretty hard to make - after all they all sound so good!
We went for the strawberry crème cronut and the zebra cronut. As the cronuts are rather large we were able to get them halved so we could both try each cronut. This was perfect as both cronuts were really different. 

The strawberry creme cronut had a raspberry jam and vanilla butter creme filling and a vanilla creme topping with strawberries and drizzled chocolate. 

The zebra cornet had a chocolate butter creme filling between the chocolate pastry layers. With a topping of milk and white chocolate sprinkles. 

You can learn more about Dum Dum: here.
4. Cloud Nine 
Cloud nine is a cupcake, brownie, milkshake, waffle and ice cream shop. Tucked away within the lanes the little shop stands out from the rest due to the pink exterior; bright coloured chairs and grass laid out. From the outside you can read what is for sale and see the delicious treats through the large window. 

The little shop sells a wide variety of treats with mouth watering flavours!
As the cupcakes looked so delicious we decided to go for them. Each cake was decorated uniquely depending on the flavours and placed in the appropriate case. Although every cake looked amazing we went for just the one each. 

The menu for cloud nine appears on the wall where you can clearly see what is for sale and for how much. However the flavours of the treats change daily so you would need to look in the counters to make your decision. 
We went for a vanilla cupcake and a red velvet cupcake!

You can learn more about cloud nine: here.
We'd love to know your recommendations for food places in Brighton!

Love Chloe and Megan 

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Venturing Up The I360 | Brighton

Location: Brighton, England 

The i360 is a British airways observation tower which is located on Brighton seafront. 162 metres in height the tower allows you to experience views across Brighton and the coast. The i360 was opened in August 2016 which makes it rather new to the city. Designed by the same architects as the London eye the tower was created to offer 360 degree views of Brighton, South Downs and on clear days the Isle of Wight. You are able to walk around the capsule to experience both views of the city, the coast and out to sea.

British airways were named the official naming rights sponsor of the i360 due to them being one of the countries most iconic and respected travel brands. This has resulted in the i360 becoming a well known attraction which is promoted worldwide. In an astonishing 3 weeks the attraction welcomed there 100,000th visitor.
How to get to the i360 . . . 
Being 162 metres tall the tower is pretty hard to miss. As soon as you are near the beach your bound to find the i360. 

If you are travelling by car make sure you leave plenty of time for parking. The i360 does not have its own parking so you will have to find somewhere to park and walk to the attraction. When it comes to parking Brighton is a bit like London - parking is rather expensive and you can't stay for very long. Although there is parking along the seafront it can be very expensive if you plan on staying for a while. Your best bet is to find a public car park nearby. 

We found recency square car park great for location and price. As we were spending the night in Brighton it was a little bit more expensive to park but it was much more feasible than seafront parking. The car park is the closest to the i360 - located underneath recency park. Being underground your car stays nice and cool during the day and the car park is super safe to park in as you can only enter with a car parking ticket at the door. You also pay at the machine before leaving which is perfect if you are unsure how long you need to park for. 

You can check prices and pre-book: here.

Brighton train station is located in the centre of the city. The station has regular trains arriving from London and surrounding areas. Once you arrive on the train it is just a short walk to the seafront. If you follow the road towards the sea once you have reached the end of the road the i360 will be visible to the right of you just down the beach. 

You can book train tickets: here.
Tip:: booking your tickets in advance works out cheaper! 
Arrival . . . 
You will need to arrive at the attraction 15 minutes before the experience if you have pre-booked tickets. If you haven't pre-booked then you can buy tickets upon arrival. 

Pre-book your tickets: here.

Pre-booked tickets:: When you arrive you will not have to go into the ticket office at the street level but can proceed to the security entrance which is located on the beach level. 

Purchasing tickets:: Tickets can be brought on the day at the ticket office which is on the street level. However bare in mind that if it is busy you may have to wait to experience the i360. Once you have your ticket it is time to head downstairs to beach level where you enter. 

Once your ticket is scanned it's just a short wait to go through security where you will have a bag check and a body scan. You are able to take most belongings onto the i360 with you apart from a few exceptions. We found this out when we was unable to take our handheld handheld go pro tripod up with us. Although it was inconvenient as we had nothing else to hold the go pro on you do get your belongings back at the end of the experience. You are given a raffle ticket which you use to redeem your belongings back at the end.

While waiting for the experience you can learn all about the history and construction of the i360. 
During the experience . . . 
Once everyone is inside the capsule and the doors are shut it is time to ascend. After no time at all you are rising and at the top of the tower. Although it seems that you get to the top in no time at all the capsule actually rises slowly while you get to admire the views. While it is rising you are able to walk around the capsule to admire views in land and out to sea. 

Inside the capsule there are seats if you do not want to stand and a bar where you can get a drink during your experience. However we stayed standing during the experience to make sure we got amazing shots of the views. 
After the experience . . . 
Once you have descended and have reached the beach level it is time to leave the capsule for the next guests. You exit through a different door to what you entered which takes you into the gift shop. Here you can purchase all kinds of souvenirs from your experience.

Don't forget:: to pick up any belongings you couldn't take up with you. These will be where the security checks took place and the items were taken for safe keeping while you went in the i360.
We hope the experience is amazing for you and the weather stays clear.

Have you ever visited Brighton? What would you recommend seeing? We'd love to know!

Love Chloe and Megan

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