Berlin Wall Photo Diary

Location: Berlin, Germany

On our recent visit to Berlin we took the morning to visit the Berlin Wall. This is a famous part of Germany's history located just outside of the city. Although not all of the wall remains what is left has been painted in tribute to what the wall meant to the city. Although there are various locations within the city where the wall still remains the longest and most interesting stretch is located at the East Side Gallery - this is where we visited.

Of course all of the wall is spectacular but the section which has painted murals along it is even more impressive. The 1316 meters of painted wall represents the freedom of the city once the wall was knocked down. Today the section of wall still stands to demonstrate the cities freedom and joining of the east and west side of the city.

You can read our itinerary for Berlin: here.
The East Side Gallery stretch is a total of 1.3 km long. Here is where you will find painted murals along the wall from 1990 and 2009 by international artists. Each painting is different, representing something different with the same meaning of freedom. 

As you can see among our photos some of the wall has however been graffitied. This is the reason for the fence which has been put up to prevent any more graffiti damage from affecting the remaining wall. Where parts of the wall have been graffitied badly the fence has been taken down 
The wall is painted with a wide variety of powerful messages which demonstrate what the wall meant to the city. Although there is no explanation for the paintings it can be interpreted what is meant. 
The wall also demonstrated paintings of hope - of getting through the wall. This cars number plate demonstrates the date when the wall came down and you was able to drive to the other side. 
We hope you found this helpful if your planning a trip to visit the Berlin Wall! 

To see the section we visited check our pinned map below for the location. 

Love Chloe and Megan

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