Visiting The Lindt Chocolate Museum | Cologne, Germany

Location: Cologne, Germany 

Germany is known as a country of food. Therefor it is no surprise that Cologne is home to the Schokoladen Lindt chocolate museum. This may be one of the best museums I have ever been to. If you are a chocolate lover this is somewhere you need to visit. Not only do you learn about the history of chocolate and how it is made you also get to try the chocolate for yourself and even purchase some unique chocolate treats. 

The museum is made of glass and metal to resemble a ship on the harbour. Inside there are 9 exhibition areas where you can learn about the culture and history of chocolate. You are able to explore each area at your own pace - even the area where you can have chocolate tasters from a chocolate fountain. 
How to get there::

From the airport . . . 
We found that the best/cheapest/fastest and most direct way to get into the city from the airport was by train. The station is located within the airport so it is super easy to find if you follow the signs. You can purchase a ticket from the machine to Koln Dbf which is the station located in the centre of the city next to the cathedral. 

After just a short 15 minute journey on the train you are in the centre ready to explore. Now to get to the museum you should head for the river - this is a much more direct route than walking down lots of different streets. 

From the centre . . . 
Located in the Rheinau harbour if you are a tourist you'll find that the best way to get to the museum would be by taking a nice walk down the river from the old town where the cathedral is located. Along the way you will pass ships at the jetty - its just a short walk past here. 
The chocolate which is made in the museum is Lindt. You are able to see the chocolate being made and the processes it goes through before you try some for yourself. This taster can either be from the chocolate fountain where you will be given a chocolate dipped wafer or from the machine itself which releases fresh cold chocolate at a touch of a button. 
The exhibitions include a cafe and a shop where you can design your own chocolate to be made. When designing your chocolate you have a choice of whole milk, fine dark or white chocolate. Once you have made your chocolate choice you are able to choose up to four ingredients which you would like in your chocolate.
This card is what you use to design your chocolate bar - all you need to do is tick your choices and hand it to the chocolatier.
You are able to watch your chocolate be made through the glass window. The chocolatier is given your order card where they can then proceed to create your chocolate. They start by filling the mould with your choice of chocolate and then add your chosen four ingredients. 

Once created it is in to the freezer to set and you are able to pick up your own personalised chocolate bar after just 45 minutes. 
Within the shop you are also able to purchase unique shaped chocolate gifts. These have all been hand made within the museum. The shop presents a wide variety from pandas to elephants to personalised hearts with messages. 
We hope you enjoy reading about our visit to the chocolate museum. We'd love to hear about any chocolate experiences you have had. 

Love Chloe and Megan 

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