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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark which is one of the five Scandinavian countries. Located above Germany it is the most southern Scandinavian country of them all. The city is well known for its canal which is lined with colourful buildings and its famous mermaid statue.

Just a short 1 hour 20 minute flight from London the city is perfect for an adventurous get away. 

Due to the countries northern location it can see low average temperatures even during the summer months. With an average of 17 degrees during June and July we was lucky that we only experienced a 10 minute light shower during our trip. However apart from the cooler weather the city has lots to offer from danish pastries to pretty colourful canals.

Copenhagen is often the most well known city among the Scandinavian countries due to its Nyhavn canal which is lined with the most colourful buildings you have seen. With such grey weather the majority of the time the buildings brighten up the city!
Getting to Copenhagen . . .

From London a flight to Copenhagen is short haul. This means you are able to get regular flights with low budget airlines to match the dates you need. From as little as £15 each way you are on your way to exploring Copenhagen.

You can check out flights to Copenhagen: here

Once you have arrived in Copenhagen all you need to do is get into the city centre from the airport. The airport is not too far from the centre so whichever type of transport you decide on it shouldn't take too long. We went for the train due to how easy and cheap it was to use.

Train:: Located within the airport by terminal 3 the station is easy to find if you follow the signs. You can purchase your tickets from the information desk or from the machines next to the station. The machines accept cash and card (however some of the machines do not take bank notes).

Once you have your ticket you can head for the track. You will need track 2 for the city. The trains only go in one direction from this track towards Copenhagen central station. Running every 10 minutes you won't need to worry about rushing to the track.

The train only takes 13 minutes to get you into the centre of the city.

A 24 hour ticket into the city centre will cost you: 108 DKK (approximately £12.75) 

Bus:: The bus will take you to Copenhagen central station, city hall square and other stations. You will need bus 5A for these stops which will take 30-35 minutes to get you from the airport to central station. This runs every 10 minutes from the airport.

You can purchase tickets either at the ticket machines in terminal 3 or on the bus. The bus driver will only accept small coins though.

Your ticket can be used on the train, bus, metro and harbour bus. A 24 hour ticket would cost: 108 DKK (approximately £12.75)

Taxi:: You are able to get a taxi from either terminal 1 or terminal 3 which can get you to downtown Copenhagen in 20 minutes. You will find the taxis waiting outside each terminal.

A taxi will cost you approximately: 250-300 DKK (approximately £29.50-£35.50) for a single journey into the centre. 
Food and drink . . . 

Although Denmark are part of the EU and are located within Europe they do not use euros. They use their own currency of the Danish Krone. This therefor means you will have to pick up currency before your trip if you do not live in Denmark. 

Approximately £1 is 8 Danish Krone. 

The currency can seem slightly different to get used to. With such a big difference in the conversion values when purchasing anything in Denmark it can appear rather expensive. This also makes it tricky when you are deciding how much currency to buy. Hopefully this will help . . . 
Food is one of the daily essentials for your trip, therefore you need to know how much money you will need to budget for it. These prices are averages and can change depending on where you are eating and the season you are visiting in. 

Average prices you will expect to see: 
  • budget breakfast - 30 DKK
  • budget lunch - 50 DKK
  • budget dinner - 80 to 110 DKK
  • beer - 40 to 60 DKK
  • soft drinks - 20 DKK
You will find that buffet options can work out a lot more affordable and better value for money. We ate in a Chinese buffet which was 99 DDK for dinner. 

The Danish cuisine can be much more expensive due to Copenhagen being one of the most expensive city's in Europe. 
What to see and do . . . 

When exploring a new place the majority of our spending money goes towards sight seeing. The attractions are the main things that we want to see and experience after all.

To help you decide which attractions you will want to visit and how much each will cost we've found out the prices for you:

  • Tivoli gardens entry - 110 DKK
  • Tivoli gardens day ride pass -220 DKK
  • Tivoli single ride tickets - 25-75 DKK
  • Carlsberg museum - 85 DKK
  • Boat tour -80 DKK
  • Bike rental - 120 DKK 
Nyhavn . . . 

Photographed above Nyhavn is the canal lined with pretty colourful buildings. This is a completely free sight to see, unless you decide to stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the little cafes/restaurants. Nyhavn is the waterfront canal which is lined with all the colourful buildings. The building which have all now been renovated into restaurants were once homes to famous artists and authors. 

This has to be on your bucket list for an Instagram picture! 
Little mermaid sculpture . . . 

The little mermaid sculpture is a famous tourist attraction within Copenhagen. The bronze sculpture represents the fairy tale book little mermaid which was written by Hans Christian Andersen. The sculpture is positioned to represent the fairy tale which demonstrates how the little mermaid would swim to sit on the rock to catch a glimpse of her prince. Over 100 years old the sculpture still remains to welcome visitors to Copenhagen harbour. 

Located on a rock it is just a lunge from the promenade. You are able to step closer to the mermaid for photographs if you don't mind risking falling into the water. 

The statue is just a 15 minute walk from Nyhavn. However if you are going in colder months make sure you wrap up as it is an unsheltered walk along the water which can get rather cold. 
TIP:: Arrive early if you want to miss the crowds. The sculpture is a big tourist attraction. 

Boat tours . . . 

Think of Copenhagen like Amsterdam with lots of pretty canals. The city offers a wide variety of boat tours and boats to hire to explore the canals. This enables you to explore the city from the water. If you do not fancy finding your way around on a boat on your own or driving your own boat you can hop onto any of the boat tours. The city offers a variety of tours to suit what you are looking for - whether you want a big open top tour or a smaller group tour where you can talk to the captain. Each tour is different and aims to visit different attractions and sights. 

Canal tours grand tour of Copenhagen:: This is a large tour boat which guides in both English and Danish. Taking approximately an hour you are able to see such sights as - the opera house, Christianborg palace, the black diamond library and the little mermaid. The tour departs from two places - Nyhavn and Gammel strand. This tour is included in the Copenhagen card but only if you depart from Gammel strand. 

Show me Copenhagen:: This is a private sightseeing tour for either groups or study visits. The tour guide speaks many languages to suit your preference and can meet you where you wish to start your tour. You can find out more about a private tour: here

Nettobadene:: This is the blue open top netto boat. The tour takes place in English, Danish and German which enables anyone to take the tour at the same time. Starting from Holmens church you will be guided through borsgraven canal where you will see the old stock exchange. From here you will sail to Nyhavn where you can also jump onto the tour. Your boat will sail to the Holmen area where you will find four small islands which are home to the film school, drama school, the royal danish academy of fine arts architect school and many more buildings. Your tour will finish by entering the Christianshavn canal where you will see our saviours church with its famous twisted spire. This tour runs 10am-5pm everyday for 40 DKK per adult ticket. It is also free with the Copenhagen card. 
Have you ever been to Copenhagen? We would love to hear any recommendations you have for Copenhagen? 

Love Chloe and Megan

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