Kerb Camden Food Market

Location: Camden, England 

Camden may be one of London's most exciting areas to visit; the quirky people, crazy shops and hippie vibes you feel as soon as you arrive will make you fall in love with the place. It is unlike any other area of London. The hustle and bustle is surprisingly welcoming and the smell of so many different foods completely appetising. Therefore last Saturday we decided to head to London to eat our way around Camden.

Camden is home to Camden lock where you will be welcomed by canals full of barges and market stalls full of food. As you walk further from the canals you will also come across stalls filled with clothes, accessories, jewellery, rugs and anything else you can imagine. The quirky area has everything you will possibly need for a fun, exciting day out. You will always be sure to find something different and more exciting than before every time you visit. 

Camden is the perfect place to get lost for the day!

With 34 food stalls the decision of what to eat can be pretty hard, here's what we ate . . . 
Oli Baba's :: If you love halloumi then this the place for you! Halloumi seems to be the new biggest trend, everywhere you eat seems to have halloumi on the menu. But Oli Babas have taken it to the next level. Imagine you are eating halloumi but it's deep fried with more taste and has some mouthwatering toppings. The halloumi fries can be topped with: yogurt, pomegranate seeds, mint, sumac or pomegranate molasses. Not only do the fries look delicious but they also taste amazing. I would highly recommend trying them for yourself if you are in the area. Whether you are looking for lunch or a snack the fries are unlike anything you have ever tasted.
Fish & chips, calamari:: this is exactly as the name states it is fish, chips and calamari. Of course you do not have to have all three together. You can have either fish and chips or calamari and chips or just chips on their own. Each portion is served with a lemon slice, basal and chilli if you wish. 

We went for this due to our love for calamari. The addition of chilli and basal made the calamari and chips delicious! We found that the single portion was however quite large so decided to share. This was we could try out even more food stalls before getting full.
The market has every kind of food stall you could wish for. Whether you are heading to Camden for evening drinks; street food for lunch; a juice for breakfast or even a dessert after a meal out. 

After our street food lunch we decided to go for some dessert food. And what better choice than churros . . . 
Churros:: The little stall is located near the edge of the food stalls which makes it perfect to grab your dessert as you are leaving. Or to eat dessert food as you arrive. At the stall the churros are made fresh in front of you and complemented with your choice of sauce.

You are able to choose from caramel, belgium chocolate or nutella sauce. 

The hardest decision you will have to make is how many churros you want to eat. These may be the biggest churros i have ever had so be prepared if you are buying lots.

We went for 6 churros in total so we could have a couple each dipped in either caramel or belgium chocolate sauce. If they wasn't so delicious we would not have been able to manage them after being so full from the other stalls.
Iroll ice cream:: If you haven't already seen videos of iroll ice cream being made before where have you been? The ice cream which was influenced by the middle east is the new big thing. Prepared and made fresh in front of you the ice cream may be the best I have ever tasted. The ice cream is different to other ice cream due to how it is made. Instead of scooping it out of an already made container it is made on a freezer plate in front of you. The stall where we purchased the ice cream from sold the following flavours: strawberry & meringue, cookies & cream; baileys and toffee apple crumble. We went for the strawberry and meringue flavour. 

This was made fresh in front of us from fresh strawberries, meringue and some kind of condensed milk/cream. 

The man would place your fresh ingredients onto the freezer plate (in our case strawberries and meringue) and chop them up with his scraper/knife. He would then add the condensed milk/cream and mix them together until they are all combined. After spreading the ice cream across the plate he could roll the ice cream into perfect ice cream rolls to place in your ice cream pot. 

Due to how fresh the ice cream was it tasted amazing. Unlike normal ice cream it was not too sickly and did not melt straightaway. I still had mine when I got onto the tube. 

The ice cream was the perfect end to our foodie day to cleanse the palette. 
We would love to hear your thoughts on Camden food market and any recommendations for where we should try next?

Love Chloe and Megan

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