The Milan City Guide

Location: Milan, Italy 

Milan is well known as a fashion city, with the city holding Milan fashion week every year. Due to this the city is famous for breath-taking and shocking outfit choices and astonishing new clothes releases by designer brands. Along with its fabulous fashion statements Milan is also known for its delicious Italian food and beautiful architecture. This made us even more excited to visit the city and experience Milan for ourselves. We had no idea what to expect, as this was our first time visiting Italy we was excited to taste real Italian food and experience a new country.

Although Milan is not the capital of Italy it is still a large city with lots to see and do. From authentic Italian food to try to sightseeing breath-taking architecture. Whether you are visiting for the fashion, the food, the architecture or just for a relaxing break you'll be sure to find what you are looking for.

As our visit was for a relaxing break we decided to be spontaneous with the sights we saw and the food we ate . . .
Getting to Milan . . .

Flying from London to Milan is super easy and fast. With flights from all London airports daily you are able to choose a flight of your choice to suit your required date and time. And with a flight time of just under 2 hours you will be in Italy within no time at all.

When booking your fights to Milan you will notice that the city has three airports. You are able to get a flight into any of the three airports from London. It doesn't matter which airport you are flying into as they are all located outside of the city and will require further transport into the centre. Each airport has similar travel times into the centre, therefore it does not matter which airport you have flights into.

Find your flights to Milan: here
Where to stay . . . 

Although Milan is a large city the public transport is very efficient and easy to use to get around. Therefor the location of your accommodation is not a big issue for your stay. It doesn't matter whether you are staying in the centre of the city with all the hustle and bustle or near the outskirts where you can experience a more authentic experience. The location of your accommodation depends on how long you are in the city and what you are planning to do while you are here. 

Milan is divided into 9 zones:

The zones are often referred to by their zone number or a list of the districts inside that zone. 
  • Centro Storico - This is the centre zone within the city where you will find the Duomo cathedral and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping centre along with other churches, museums, squares and historical monuments. With the smallest population of all the zones this central zone is comprised by mainly tourist attractions and sights to see rather than residential or visitor accommodation. 

  • Zone 2, Station Centrale, Gorla, Turro, Greco, Crescenza - Located north east of the centre this zone would be the one required to pass through to get to other Italian city's such as Venice. The zone is home to the major shopping street Corso Buenos Aires, Milano Centrale railway station and Naviglio Martesana canal. 

  • Zone 3, Citta Studi, Lambrate, Porta, Venezia - This is another north-eastern zone within the city. Within this zone you will find Lambro park and Maserati park. Both the parks are compromised of green areas for picnics and paths for strolling along. This zone within the city has a more relaxed feel to it due to the tranquil and relaxing areas.

  • Zone 4, Porta Vittoria, Forlanini - This zone is located south-east of the centre. Home to the Alessandrini park, Forlanini park and Lambro river. The zone is another perfect zone if you are visiting the city for relaxation.  

  • Zone 5, Vigentino, Chiaravalle, Gratosoglio - This is one of the biggest zones within the city, located at the south of the city. With sights such as the Bocconi university and Chiaravalle abbey, the zone is perfect if you are planning to explore and sight see while you are visiting the city.

  • Zone 6, Barona, Lorenteggio - This zone is located south-west of the centre. The zone is home to Porta Ticinese which is a large architectural arch. This is a formal city gate for Milan which today still stands on the outskirts of the city. Photographed below when we came across the arch we was unaware what it was but was amazed by its size and beauty. Located in quite a residential area the arch is unexpected.

  • Zone 7, Baggio, De Angeli, San Siro - The most western zone of them all and the largest. This is the zone which has the San Siro football stadium. The stadium is home to the footballs teams AC Milan and Inter Milan. Although this is the biggest zone apart from the stadium there are few other tourist attractions to see.

  • Zone 8, Fiera, Gallaratese, Quarto Oggiaro - This zone is located north-west of the centre. Due to being one of the biggest zones you will find lots to see and do, including 6 parks; 9 metro stations and 3 railway stations. The large number of stations within the zone make it easy accessible to visit different districts within the zone.

  • Zone 9, Porta Garibaldi, Niguarda - The last zone within the city. Located north of the centre this zone is home to lots of exciting buildings and sights to see. The zone feels more modern than other zones due to its tall buildings which are mainly built of glass and metal.

What to eat . . .

Of course being in Italy you will definitely not be stuck on where to eat and what to eat. After all Italy is well known for its delicious Italian food. Whether you are looking for pizza, pasta or gelato you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Around every corner is a gelato shop with unimaginable new flavours; a pizza restaurant with the biggest pizzas you have ever seen and the most amazing smelling pasta dishes.

Due to our visit being in August the weather was very sunny and warm for the majority of our trip. This meant we could try gelato from a few different places during our trip:

  • Savini - This is the restaurant inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Next to the restaurant you will find the little gelato shop with its wide variety of gelato flavours. From pistachio to grape flavour you will be sure to find your favourite or a new exciting flavour to try out. You can have your gelato in either a little pot or a cone. We went for the little pot which came with a wafer; we chose pistachio and vanilla flavours.

  • Amorino - Also located within the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping centre this is the gelato shop which sells flower shaped gelatos in cones. With a variety of bright coloured flavours you are able to create a flower of your choice. With such a pretty gelato you are also in the perfect location to take your photos in front of the Duomo cathedral.

How to get around . . .

Getting around the city can be simple and easy if you know where you are heading. With the main tourist sights located within walking distance from each other the only time you will need to use transport if you are sightseeing would be initially get to and from the centre. If you however need to get around the city and don't fancy the walk then there are lots of transport options to choose from:

  • Metro - The metro map is very simple to read and follow. All you need to know is which stop you need to get off at and then you can work out which line you will need to get there. You are able to purchase day tickets for the metro which makes it easy to hop on and off at your own free will.

  • Tram - This is a great transport option if you want to get closer to your destination than you would if you was using the metro. This is due to the fact that the tram has more stops down smaller streets where you wouldn't find a metro. However the maps can be confusing to read so make sure you know what you are doing before hopping on.

Sights to see . . .

If you visiting Milan to explore and sight see then you are in luck because the city has lots of pretty architecture buildings and sights. Along with all the Italian looking bright coloured buildings you will find historical buildings and monuments which were built to represent the past of the city.

  • Duomo cathedral - Previously discussed in our 4 Instagram Spots in Milan post we outlined how breath-taking and astonishing the cathedral is upon first impressions. From the outside you are able to admire the size and beauty of the building and can continue to do this if you choose to purchase a ticket and venture inside.

  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - This famous shopping centre is full of every designer shop you could wish for and a couple of amazing gelato parlours to grab a delicious treat (you can read about these in our what to eat section above).

  • Porta Ticinese - This was previously one of the gates into the city. Photographed below you can easily see why this was a welcoming gate. Due to the magnitude and beauty of the gate it is a breath-taking sight to see. The location which is also on the outskirts from the centre is peaceful and tranquil.

  • Arco Della Pace - This arch is another gate into the city, located at the edge of Sempione park again the arch sits in a peaceful location. The arch also matches the architecture of the Duomo cathedral.

We would love to know what your favourite thing about Milan is? What would you recommend seeing next time we visit?

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Love Chloe and Megan

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4 Instagram Spots in Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

When visiting a new place one of the most important things for us are the memories that we take away afterwards. We don't want to see new destinations only through the lens on our camera. And although this is a post all about capturing photos for instagram it is more about the location in which you do this. We believe that every photo should have a special meaning or memory behind it and by capturing your instagram photos in the best locations you can look back at these memories for much longer. These don't have to be posing photos but natural photos of you in the moment, experiencing the new location.

Due to Milan's pretty buildings and sunny weather you will be able to find a perfect instagram, spot around every corner. And with all the Italian food you will be eating, your instagram is going to get rather full. However we have included the best places to capture those breath-taking instagram photos and experience the real Milan.

Duomo Cathedral . . .

The Duomo cathedral is Italy's largest cathedral and a must see sight when visiting Milan. Not only is the size of the cathedral rather impressive but it is also very beautiful. Built with brick and covered in white marble the building is any bloggers dream. The white marble cathedral is the perfect outfit back drop. Located within the centre of the city in front of a large square you are able to capture your photos as close or as far away as you wish. However be aware that the square does get rather busy! Especially when the weather is nice; the sky is blue and the cathedral is dazzling in the sunshine. Although you may not be the only one in your photo the photo will still look amazing with the cathedral in the background. Alternately you could arrive at the cathedral early, before opening time and capture your instagram photo as the sun rises when the square isn't so busy.

The cathedral is also open to the public to go inside if you would rather capture your instagram photos with the inside architecture rather than the outside.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele . . .

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is just a short walk across the road from the cathedral. With an arch entrance; a glass roof and every designer shop you could wish for the shopping centre is instagram heaven. The shopping centre is one of the worlds oldest and probably prettiest you will find. Due to the glass roof the shopping centre is filled with sunshine during the day and views of the stars at night.

As Milan is a big fashion city which holds Milan fashion week every year the city is often well visited for its designer shops and boutiques. If this is the reason for your visit then this is the shopping centre you need to come to. And if you are just visiting for a city break then you still need to come to the shopping centre - to see how beautiful it is and taste how yummy the gelato is.

Instagram wise you will find endless places to take your photos - whether you want photos inside with views of the shops and pretty architecture or outside so you can admire the size of the arch entrance. Whether it is a sunny day outside or not the shopping centre will still look flawless on your instagram. 
Arco Della Pace . . . 

Located at the end of Sempione park the arch sits as if an entrance to go inside the park. The arch represents the entrance into the city. Completed in 1838 the arch matches the other historical architecture within the city such as the Duomo cathedral. Surrounded by a square with large concrete steps you are able to sit and admire the arch while having a rest in such a peaceful and tranquil area. 

We found this to be a perfect instagram spot due to the tranquil location and size of the arch itself. Although there are barriers around the arch so you can not get too close the arch is still impressive from a distance. And you will be sure to want the whole arch within your photo. If you are lucky you may even be able to get a photo of a tram through the arch. Whether you are heading to the arch for sunrise, sunset or just in the middle of the day you will be amazed by the beauty of the arch. 
Darsena Del Naviglio . . . 

Unlike a lot of other city's, Milan does not have too many canals or rivers. Therefore you will have to head to the bottom of the city to see a canal during your visit. Located on the outskirts of the city you will find a cluster of peaceful canals to have a stroll; experience the real Milan and capture some perfect instagram photos. Due to the location of the canals you will find that it is not a very touristy area and a lot of the people are residents who speak only Italian. 

We found a quaint little bridge over one of the canals where we could take some instagram photos. However you will be sure to find lots of opportunities to capture your photos. Whether you want the canals in the background or the Italian buildings which line the water. We found the canals the perfect place to end our visit to the city by having a peaceful stroll in such a cultural setting. 
We would love to know where your favourite instagram spots are? Where did you take your instagram photos in Milan?

Love Chloe and Megan 

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The Barcelona City Guide

Location: Barcelona, Spain

If you have been to Barcelona before then you know what an amazing city it is and if you haven't been to Barcelona before then you need to go! Anyone who visits the city falls in love. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an adventurous sightseeing holiday Barcelona has what you are looking for. The city has so many amazing sights to see that you will always have something fun to do. And if you came for a relaxing break the city also has a gorgeous beach and lots of pretty parks. 

The city is great to visit due to its beach location. You are able to do all kinds of city things such as shopping and sightseeing and relax at the end of the day at the beach. The city's location also makes it great whether you are visiting in the summer for the beach or during another season for the city. 
Getting to Barcelona . . . 

Getting to Barcelona from London is super easy. Every London airport has flights to Barcelona and with a flight time of only 1 hour 55 minutes it is quick and easy to get to. You will be able to find dates and times to suite your needs due to the vast number of flights to Barcelona. 

When booking your flight however make sure you check which airport you are flying into. Although Barcelona only has the one Barcelona Prat airport there are flights which fly into two airports outside of the city. The Girona and Reus airports are approximately 120km from Barcelona and take around an hour to get into the city. However London do have flights to these airports so when you search for flights to Barcelona make sure you check where you are flying into. 

You can find flights to Barcelona: here
Where to stay . . . 

I think where you stay in Barcelona depends on what you are planning to do in the city and how long you are here for. If you are not spending much time in the city and want to see a few things then it would be recommended by find accommodation near your sights of interest. Although the transport around Barcelona is good it can still take some time to get to certain places due to how busy it gets. 

The city is made up of different areas. Finding the right area for you is key to having the best stay. You have . . . 

Ciutat Vella: This is the area right in the middle of the city. Due to being the oldest part of the city you will find some of the oldest and most interesting architecture. Although Ciutat Vella is an area in itself it is made up of four neighbourhoods: La Barceloneta, El Gothic, El Ravel and Sant Pere. Out of these the most well known neighbourhood is the El Gothic which is famous for its little streets which are only accessible on foot and quirky buildings with little shops in. Here you will find everything you will possibly need from clothes shops, to ice cream parlours to restaurants for dinner. 

Eixample: This is above the Ciutat Vella area located within the middle of the city. This area is home to famous architectural buildings such as: Casa Battlo, Casa Mila and Sagrada Familia. Walking from the Ciutat Vella area you will notice little difference in the buildings appearance. However you will notice that the majority of the streets are wider with access for cars and the area is a lot busier to walk around.

Sant Montjuic: Although this may be one of the biggest districts within the city it can often be the least visited by tourists due to its outskirts location. However its location can also be perfect if you would prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still be in walking distance from the beach and the centre. Within the Sants Montjuic district you will find the Font Montjuic Fountain which puts on a breathtaking music and light show at night and the Teleferic De Montjuic cable car which is a 750 metre long cable car which takes you to the top of Montjuic mountain to admire views across the city and out to sea.
Les Corts: This district is located on the outskirts of the city inland. The district is approximately a 15 minute metro journey from the city centre. This district is well known as the financial business district which is home to many restaurants and hotels. You will be sure to find a hotel you will love within the district if you don't mind being located away from the centres hustle and bustle. 

Sarria Sant Gervasi: This is the largest district of them all within Barcelona. Located north west of the city it is mainly residential due to its outskirt laid back location. You will find that the area is rather hilly due to its surrounding location of the city centre. Due to its location and residential majority the area is perfect if you are a returning tourist to the city and are looking for an authentic and peaceful visit. If you want the real Barcelona experience then you need to go where the residents are to get a feel for the place. 

Gracia: Like many of the other districts within Barcelona the area is home to many architectural buildings and monuments such as: the clock tower in Placa de la Vila, Gaudis Casa Vicens and on the outskirts Park Guell. You will notice when in the area that it is home to many artists among the small community. Within the area you will find the most foreign restaurants within Barcelona. This may be the perfect area for you to stay if you are looking for a quirky area full of sights to explore during the day and trendy terrace cafes to eat and drink at night. It may also be the perfect location - walking distance from the centre yet still far enough out of the hustle and bustle of the tourist hot spots. 

Horta Guinardo: This is one of the least known districts within the area due to its north east location which is on the outskirts of the city. The area is mainly residential with a quiet, suburban vibe. Surrounded by hills and mountains the area is home to some natural attractions and pretty scenery. Although the district is appealing to visit due to its laid back and stunning location it can be hard to get to due to the metro stopping before you reach the district. You can however get a free bus which will take you to the university which is located at the top of one of the hills within the district.  

Nou Barris: Located north of the city the area is known for its many green spaces: Parc de la Guineueta, Parc del Turo de la Peira and Parc Central de Nou Barris. Although located outside of the centre the area is perfect for a day of shopping with breathtaking views across the city from certain areas within the district. 
Getting around . . . 

With so many sights to see in the city and them each being rather spread around making sure you see everything during your trip can depend on the transport you use to get to every destination. Being a city the roads can get rather busy and it can take a while to get anywhere. However you can make traveling to each destination more exciting by choosing the best kind of transport. We found that by traveling to the destinations in a variety of interesting types of transport we was able to see more sights along the way!

Teleferic Cable Car: This may only be a helpful transport option if you would like to reach the  top of Montjuic Mountain to see the castle and the views. Other than being a mode of transport the cable car is more like an experience to see the city from above. Located in the Sant Montjuic area the cable car is perfect to explore the area which is home to the Olympic stadiums. With three stations to hop onto the cable car you are able to walk some of the mountain before hopping on the cable car. 

You can learn more about the cable car and where you purchase your tickets: here

Barcelona Bus Turistic: Previously discussed in our How to get around on a Barcelona tourist bus post the bus was our main mode of transport when exploring the city. Taking us to all of the sights that we wanted to see within the city the bus was perfect to sightsee on the way. Due to the height of the bus we was able to see sights and buildings which we would not notice from ground level. 

You can read about how we got around the city using the tourist bus: here

Metro: Although we only used the metro as transport to and from the airport the metro does have lines all across the city which makes it perfect to get to where you want to go. And with the purchase of multi journey tickets you are able to travel for a reasonable price. However the metro lines can be a little confusing as they run all over the city in all kinds of directions. As long as you know where you are heading and the lines which you will need to get to your destination then the metro should be quick and easy. The only let down with this type of transport is the lack of views out of the windows. 
Sights to see . . . 

Barcelona is home to many breathtaking buildings and sights to explore. Whether you are traveling to the city for a relaxing break; a sightseeing visit or a foodie visit the city has everything you will need. Being such a large city the sights to see are endless, even if you are staying in the city for a while. Therefor you want to see the best sights if you can not see them all during the one trip.  

Sagrada Familia: Probably the most famous building within the city, the church which is located within the centre is a must see sight to visit. Whether you are planning to purchase tickets to go inside the church or just want to visit the church to admire the architecture from the outside. Although the church is still currently under construction it is still breath-taking. If you are planning to purchase tickets to go inside though make sure you pre-book your tickets as the church is a big tourist attraction which sells out rather fast.

You can pre-book tickets to go inside Sagrada Familia: here

Font Montjuic Fountain: This may be one of the prettiest sights to see within the city. Among many stunning buildings the fountain can be a peaceful sight to visit and relax. Although during the evening the fountain can get very crowded with people gathering to see the light and music show which starts at 9pm most nights.

You can read more about the fountains: here
We would love to know what other sights you explored while in Barcelona? What would you recommend we do next time we visit?

You can see our other Barcelona posts here:

Love Chloe and Megan 

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How to get around on a Barcelona tourist bus

Location: Barcelona, Spain

When visiting a new destination the first thing you need to work out is how you are going to get to your hotel and how you are planning to get around the city during your stay. Due to Barcelona being a city you will find that all the sights you may want to visit are rather spread around. This means a lot of traveling and working out routes to see different things.

However what if there was one type of transport which was easy and convenient and allowed you to travel to every sight you wanted to go and see?

Well if you are in Barcelona to see all the amazing sights then you need to hop on the tour bus. The bus stops at a wide variety of sights for you to go and explore. And with a bus coming along every 5 minutes you will also be able to get to the sights you want to see without waiting around for public transport. The bus is quick and easy and you also get to see the city as you travel around.

Lets explore . . .  

Times, prices & ticket options . . .

The bus only sells two types of tickets: one day or two day hop on/hop off tickets. This is perfect if you are only in the city for the weekend or a couple of days but want to see lots of different sights. Even if you are in the city for longer you really do not need a longer ticket as it can be quite tiring having two days of the tour to explore the city. Having the one or two day ticket allows you to hop on and off the bus whenever you wish during the day. The Barcelona bus turistic bus also has three different routes with lots of sights to see. With your ticket you can use all three of the routes to get to where you want to go.

With only two ticket options you only have two prices to choose from.

For the one day ticket it will cost you 29 euros and for the two day ticket it will cost you 39 euros. 

With only a 10 euro difference in the price if you are planning to visit quite a few sights it would be beneficial to buy the two day ticket to get around. Even if you are only planning to explore for the one day the bus is super easy to use to get to where you want to go, whether you want to go to the beach or to the stadium for a tour.

You can hop on the first bus at any stop within the city between 9am and 9.30am and ride the bus as you wish all day until 8pm during the summer. The buses are quite frequent, with one every 5-25 minutes. Often you can see the next bus behind you as you are on one.

How to use the bus . . .

The bus is super easy to figure out how to use. If you have been on a tour bus anywhere before then you will get the hang of the bus system straight away. You will find that the bus can be faster than other public transport due to the bus lanes all around the city.

You can purchase your tickets for the bus at any information point or on the bus when you get on.

Make sure you don't lose your ticket as you will need it every time you get onto the bus.

When you first hop on the bus from any stop you will be offered a map of where you the bus will be stopping and some headphones if you wish to listen to the tour as you drive around the city. The bus will stop at every stop pointed out on the map so that you can hop on and off at your own desire. Due to the bus being an open top bus you can sit either outside at the top or inside downstairs where there is air con.

Remember to keep a hold of your bus map so you know where the stops are to hop back on.

Where does the bus go . . .

With three routes for the bus the sights you are able to see are endless. The blue and red route take approximately 2 hours to travel around and the green route takes 40 minutes. Of course you won't be on the bus for that long if you are planning to hop off at some of the stops to explore.

You are able to start your bus tour at any of the stops.

We started our tour on the red route at the world trade centre stop which is located by the harbour. From here we was able to admire view along the harbour and the beach front as we made our way along to the stop where you can swap routes to ride the green line. Staying on the red route we was able to hop off to explore:

Barri Gothic: This is also known as the gothic quarter. Known for its quirky buildings and interesting side streets the area is perfect to hop off, explore and grab an ice cream. Due to the area being one of the oldest parts of the city you will find lots of historical buildings and monuments. The area is full of lots of hidden gems so you will be sure to find something you love.

Casa Batllo: Located within the centre of the city the redesigned building is one of Gaudis masterpieces. During the route you will drive past the buildings which stand out. However if you would like a closer look or to even go inside for yourself then you can hop off at the stop and go and explore. We found that the buildings were more breathtaking from just below where you could see the shape of the building and all the pretty colours. 
Continuing onto the blue route . . . 

Sagrada Familia: This may be the most well known structure within Barcelona. The church is the largest within the city. Although still currently undergoing construction the church is breathtaking. You are able to see the church from the bus however you will want to get off and admire the church for longer. You are also able to go inside the church but you will need tickets which sell out rather fast. 

You can also pre-book tickets to go inside the church: here

Park Guell: Located up the top of the city the park is a big tourist attraction due to its views and architecture. You are able to walk around the park to admire the architecture however certain areas of the park do require tickets. This is to visit the monumental zone which is home to some of Gaudis architecture. With the purchase of a ticket you will given a time and a date to enter the zone. 

You can also pre-book tickets to go into the park: here

Tramvia Blau Tibidabo: This stop on the bus is located right at the top of the city where you can hop on a tram to take you to Tibidabo amusement park which overlooks the city. Unfortunately when we was on the bus we was told that the amusement park was closed. So make sure you check if it is open before heading up there. 

You can find out more about the amusement park: here

FC Barcelona: How can you visit Barcelona without going inside the biggest football stadium in Europe? The football club offers tours if you are visiting on a non-match day where you get to explore inside the stadium and see the pitch up close. If you are a football fan then this is a must see - you will be amazed by how many trophies can be held in one stadium 
Switching to the red route . . . 

Placa D'espanya: This stop is where you need to get off it you want to see the prettiest fountain in Barcelona. This fountain is number 5 on our 5 Reasons you need to visit Barcelona post and it is no surprise why. Stunning during the day and breathtaking at night the fountain is a must see when you are in the city. You will be wowed by the size of the fountain and mesmerised by the music and light show at night. 

Teleferic De Montjuic: If you are looking for amazing views across the city and out to sea then you need to get off at this stop and hop onto the cable car. The cable car will take you up the mountain while offering the most breathtaking views across the city. With three stations to hop onto the cable car you can either walk a little or ride the whole way up to the top where you will be met by a castle at the top. 

You can read more about the cable car: here
We would love to know what you thought of Barcelona? How did you get around the city?

You can check out our 5 reasons you need to visit Barcelona: here

Love Chloe and Megan

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