4 Instagram Spots in Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

When visiting a new place one of the most important things for us are the memories that we take away afterwards. We don't want to see new destinations only through the lens on our camera. And although this is a post all about capturing photos for instagram it is more about the location in which you do this. We believe that every photo should have a special meaning or memory behind it and by capturing your instagram photos in the best locations you can look back at these memories for much longer. These don't have to be posing photos but natural photos of you in the moment, experiencing the new location.

Due to Milan's pretty buildings and sunny weather you will be able to find a perfect instagram, spot around every corner. And with all the Italian food you will be eating, your instagram is going to get rather full. However we have included the best places to capture those breath-taking instagram photos and experience the real Milan.

Duomo Cathedral . . .

The Duomo cathedral is Italy's largest cathedral and a must see sight when visiting Milan. Not only is the size of the cathedral rather impressive but it is also very beautiful. Built with brick and covered in white marble the building is any bloggers dream. The white marble cathedral is the perfect outfit back drop. Located within the centre of the city in front of a large square you are able to capture your photos as close or as far away as you wish. However be aware that the square does get rather busy! Especially when the weather is nice; the sky is blue and the cathedral is dazzling in the sunshine. Although you may not be the only one in your photo the photo will still look amazing with the cathedral in the background. Alternately you could arrive at the cathedral early, before opening time and capture your instagram photo as the sun rises when the square isn't so busy.

The cathedral is also open to the public to go inside if you would rather capture your instagram photos with the inside architecture rather than the outside.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele . . .

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is just a short walk across the road from the cathedral. With an arch entrance; a glass roof and every designer shop you could wish for the shopping centre is instagram heaven. The shopping centre is one of the worlds oldest and probably prettiest you will find. Due to the glass roof the shopping centre is filled with sunshine during the day and views of the stars at night.

As Milan is a big fashion city which holds Milan fashion week every year the city is often well visited for its designer shops and boutiques. If this is the reason for your visit then this is the shopping centre you need to come to. And if you are just visiting for a city break then you still need to come to the shopping centre - to see how beautiful it is and taste how yummy the gelato is.

Instagram wise you will find endless places to take your photos - whether you want photos inside with views of the shops and pretty architecture or outside so you can admire the size of the arch entrance. Whether it is a sunny day outside or not the shopping centre will still look flawless on your instagram. 
Arco Della Pace . . . 

Located at the end of Sempione park the arch sits as if an entrance to go inside the park. The arch represents the entrance into the city. Completed in 1838 the arch matches the other historical architecture within the city such as the Duomo cathedral. Surrounded by a square with large concrete steps you are able to sit and admire the arch while having a rest in such a peaceful and tranquil area. 

We found this to be a perfect instagram spot due to the tranquil location and size of the arch itself. Although there are barriers around the arch so you can not get too close the arch is still impressive from a distance. And you will be sure to want the whole arch within your photo. If you are lucky you may even be able to get a photo of a tram through the arch. Whether you are heading to the arch for sunrise, sunset or just in the middle of the day you will be amazed by the beauty of the arch. 
Darsena Del Naviglio . . . 

Unlike a lot of other city's, Milan does not have too many canals or rivers. Therefore you will have to head to the bottom of the city to see a canal during your visit. Located on the outskirts of the city you will find a cluster of peaceful canals to have a stroll; experience the real Milan and capture some perfect instagram photos. Due to the location of the canals you will find that it is not a very touristy area and a lot of the people are residents who speak only Italian. 

We found a quaint little bridge over one of the canals where we could take some instagram photos. However you will be sure to find lots of opportunities to capture your photos. Whether you want the canals in the background or the Italian buildings which line the water. We found the canals the perfect place to end our visit to the city by having a peaceful stroll in such a cultural setting. 
We would love to know where your favourite instagram spots are? Where did you take your instagram photos in Milan?

Love Chloe and Megan 

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