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Location: Barcelona, Spain

When visiting a new destination the first thing you need to work out is how you are going to get to your hotel and how you are planning to get around the city during your stay. Due to Barcelona being a city you will find that all the sights you may want to visit are rather spread around. This means a lot of traveling and working out routes to see different things.

However what if there was one type of transport which was easy and convenient and allowed you to travel to every sight you wanted to go and see?

Well if you are in Barcelona to see all the amazing sights then you need to hop on the tour bus. The bus stops at a wide variety of sights for you to go and explore. And with a bus coming along every 5 minutes you will also be able to get to the sights you want to see without waiting around for public transport. The bus is quick and easy and you also get to see the city as you travel around.

Lets explore . . .  

Times, prices & ticket options . . .

The bus only sells two types of tickets: one day or two day hop on/hop off tickets. This is perfect if you are only in the city for the weekend or a couple of days but want to see lots of different sights. Even if you are in the city for longer you really do not need a longer ticket as it can be quite tiring having two days of the tour to explore the city. Having the one or two day ticket allows you to hop on and off the bus whenever you wish during the day. The Barcelona bus turistic bus also has three different routes with lots of sights to see. With your ticket you can use all three of the routes to get to where you want to go.

With only two ticket options you only have two prices to choose from.

For the one day ticket it will cost you 29 euros and for the two day ticket it will cost you 39 euros. 

With only a 10 euro difference in the price if you are planning to visit quite a few sights it would be beneficial to buy the two day ticket to get around. Even if you are only planning to explore for the one day the bus is super easy to use to get to where you want to go, whether you want to go to the beach or to the stadium for a tour.

You can hop on the first bus at any stop within the city between 9am and 9.30am and ride the bus as you wish all day until 8pm during the summer. The buses are quite frequent, with one every 5-25 minutes. Often you can see the next bus behind you as you are on one.

How to use the bus . . .

The bus is super easy to figure out how to use. If you have been on a tour bus anywhere before then you will get the hang of the bus system straight away. You will find that the bus can be faster than other public transport due to the bus lanes all around the city.

You can purchase your tickets for the bus at any information point or on the bus when you get on.

Make sure you don't lose your ticket as you will need it every time you get onto the bus.

When you first hop on the bus from any stop you will be offered a map of where you the bus will be stopping and some headphones if you wish to listen to the tour as you drive around the city. The bus will stop at every stop pointed out on the map so that you can hop on and off at your own desire. Due to the bus being an open top bus you can sit either outside at the top or inside downstairs where there is air con.

Remember to keep a hold of your bus map so you know where the stops are to hop back on.

Where does the bus go . . .

With three routes for the bus the sights you are able to see are endless. The blue and red route take approximately 2 hours to travel around and the green route takes 40 minutes. Of course you won't be on the bus for that long if you are planning to hop off at some of the stops to explore.

You are able to start your bus tour at any of the stops.

We started our tour on the red route at the world trade centre stop which is located by the harbour. From here we was able to admire view along the harbour and the beach front as we made our way along to the stop where you can swap routes to ride the green line. Staying on the red route we was able to hop off to explore:

Barri Gothic: This is also known as the gothic quarter. Known for its quirky buildings and interesting side streets the area is perfect to hop off, explore and grab an ice cream. Due to the area being one of the oldest parts of the city you will find lots of historical buildings and monuments. The area is full of lots of hidden gems so you will be sure to find something you love.

Casa Batllo: Located within the centre of the city the redesigned building is one of Gaudis masterpieces. During the route you will drive past the buildings which stand out. However if you would like a closer look or to even go inside for yourself then you can hop off at the stop and go and explore. We found that the buildings were more breathtaking from just below where you could see the shape of the building and all the pretty colours. 
Continuing onto the blue route . . . 

Sagrada Familia: This may be the most well known structure within Barcelona. The church is the largest within the city. Although still currently undergoing construction the church is breathtaking. You are able to see the church from the bus however you will want to get off and admire the church for longer. You are also able to go inside the church but you will need tickets which sell out rather fast. 

You can also pre-book tickets to go inside the church: here

Park Guell: Located up the top of the city the park is a big tourist attraction due to its views and architecture. You are able to walk around the park to admire the architecture however certain areas of the park do require tickets. This is to visit the monumental zone which is home to some of Gaudis architecture. With the purchase of a ticket you will given a time and a date to enter the zone. 

You can also pre-book tickets to go into the park: here

Tramvia Blau Tibidabo: This stop on the bus is located right at the top of the city where you can hop on a tram to take you to Tibidabo amusement park which overlooks the city. Unfortunately when we was on the bus we was told that the amusement park was closed. So make sure you check if it is open before heading up there. 

You can find out more about the amusement park: here

FC Barcelona: How can you visit Barcelona without going inside the biggest football stadium in Europe? The football club offers tours if you are visiting on a non-match day where you get to explore inside the stadium and see the pitch up close. If you are a football fan then this is a must see - you will be amazed by how many trophies can be held in one stadium 
Switching to the red route . . . 

Placa D'espanya: This stop is where you need to get off it you want to see the prettiest fountain in Barcelona. This fountain is number 5 on our 5 Reasons you need to visit Barcelona post and it is no surprise why. Stunning during the day and breathtaking at night the fountain is a must see when you are in the city. You will be wowed by the size of the fountain and mesmerised by the music and light show at night. 

Teleferic De Montjuic: If you are looking for amazing views across the city and out to sea then you need to get off at this stop and hop onto the cable car. The cable car will take you up the mountain while offering the most breathtaking views across the city. With three stations to hop onto the cable car you can either walk a little or ride the whole way up to the top where you will be met by a castle at the top. 

You can read more about the cable car: here
We would love to know what you thought of Barcelona? How did you get around the city?

You can check out our 5 reasons you need to visit Barcelona: here

Love Chloe and Megan

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