How To Get From Nice To Monaco


With Monaco being the second smallest country in the world getting into Monaco can be harder than other countries. There is no airport inside the country therefore the only way to get to Monaco without your own private transport is by using an alternative public transport. If you are travelling from Nice to Monaco then using public transport can be simple. Travelling from Nice to Monaco also enables you to see the pretty French Riviera and the stunning landscape.

Our Nice to Monaco guide should help you find the perfect transport to travel into the country. Transport which is easy to use; affordable and allows you to experience the stunning landscapes and views that France and Monaco have to offer.

Where to get the train from . . .

When travelling from Nice you are able to get the train from multiple stations. This makes the journey simple regardless of where you are travelling from in Nice. With only a few stations in the city you are able to jump on a train at any station to make your way to Monaco. Whether you are staying within Nice and need to get the train from near your hotel or whether you have flown into Nice to head straight to Monaco.

From Nice airport: If you have flown into Nice only because it is the closest airport to get to Monaco then you will want to head to the closest train station to the airport. Unfortunately Nice airport does not have a train station at the airport, therefore you will have to make your way to the closest train station. This is the Nice St Augustin station. Approximately half a mile away you can either walk to the station in about 15 minutes or grab a taxi which takes approximately 10 minutes depending on traffic.

Nice-Ville station: This is the main train station within Nice. Located within the centre of the city it is the easiest station to get to regardless of where you are staying in the city. The station also has frequent trains to go to Monaco throughout the day to suite your travel needs.  
On the train . . .

The train from Nice to Monaco is exactly like getting on a train anywhere else. You purchase your ticket as normal, although the ticket is slightly larger than you would expect. And with your ticket you hop onto the selected train to Monaco. You are able to sit wherever you wish on the train unless you have purchased a first class ticket - you can then sit in the first class area.

Along the way you will stop at a wide variety of stations, however you will know when you have arrived at Monte Carlo station. The station is inside, although with so many lights it is very bright.

Tip: Sit next to the window to see the gorgeous views of France and Monaco.
Once you have arrived in Monte Carlo you will be amazed at how pretty Monte Carlo train station is. Located within the hills as you come up and out of the station you will be welcomed by the most stunning views across Monaco, across the harbour and out to sea.
We would love to know how you got from Nice to Monaco? Did you go on the train?

Love Chloe and Megan

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