The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Colosseum


Italy is well known for its amazing food, stunning architecture and breath-taking landscapes. The capital of Italy, Rome is home to many must see sights and stunning buildings to visit. Among these sights is the famous Colosseum. Known worldwide for its breath-taking architecture and fascinating history the Colosseum has to be top of your list of places to visit when taking a trip to Rome. Situated in the centre of the city the sight is easy to get to regardless of where you are staying or travelling from.

The Colosseum was built in 080AD as a amphitheatre which was used for performances, entertainments and events. With the majority of the Colosseums events being fights of gladiators or wild beasts the inside of the Colosseum is designed for such occasions. This consists of lots of concrete walls at different heights which would have been required to manoeuvre around. Today the interior of the Colosseum remains the same. This can be said for the outside as well apart from the cleaning which was carried out to restore the sight to look as it would when it was built.

You are able to go inside the Colosseum and experience would it would have been like back in the day for yourself.
Come and explore with us . . .
How to get to the Colosseum . . .

As you can see from our photographs the area which the Colosseum is located is very busy with traffic (of course this can be said for a lot of Rome). Although close roads are very helpful if you are planning to travel to the Colosseum by car it can also mean that the area can take longer to get to and parking can be difficult due to the congestion. Therefor it can be a better idea to use public transport which is not affected by busy roads and does not require needing to find a parking space.

Metro: The metro system in Rome is perfect if you need to get around and see all the sights that the city has to offer. With a station located just across from the Colosseum you are able to travel from wherever you are in the city to see the sight.

Walking: Luckily our hotel was only a short 10 minute walk from the Colosseum and with great paths to use it was fast and easy to get to. By walking we was able to overtake all of the cars sitting and waiting to get to the sight and not have to worry about where we was going to park.

Driving: If you are travelling to the Colosseum by car don't be put off by the traffic and congestion. You are able to drive quite close to the sight so it is a great idea if you don't want to walk far. However the only issue you may have is finding somewhere to park. There was spaces at the top of the road near the Colosseum however they were limited, this means more time travelling to find a space elsewhere.
Tip: Pre-book your tickets to go inside the Colosseum, this will save time and money.
Tip: Visiting early will avoid queues and it will not be as busy inside when you are exploring.
Inside the Colosseum . . .

Once you have gone through the process of purchasing, collecting or showing your tickets and you and your possessions have been through security it is time to go inside the Colosseum. At first the inside can seem like a maze, this is due to the magnitude of the building. However once you start exploring you will soon find your way around. If you first make your way out from inside into the open theatre you will be amazed by how big and breath-taking the Colosseum really is.

You are able to walk around the entire outside, except if it is set up for an event. However you are able to walk around on two levels to experience different views of the amphitheatre. This means that you will have to take the stairs inside which are very steep.
Tip: If you take the stairs to the second level you can experience views like above.
Have you ever been to the Colosseum? What would you recommend if we returned?

Love Chloe and Megan

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